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For What It’s Worth…

Something’s happening here…” The ultra-right doesn’t care how they secure political power—vote, don’t vote, or sing homages to the f***in’ fairies—just so long as they achieve power…

When ultra-right conservatives lie, cheat and steal at every level of their social and political lives, they do so because they utterly and completely believe that that’s what everyone else is doing. It’s all they know; it’s all they were taught in their formative youth.

Romney and Ryan’s patent lies in quest of their political objectives are to them simply tactics, which they believe everyone is engaged in. It doesn’t faze them for a moment that they’re performing an immoral action.

But they do fully perceive that what they’re doing is war…class war.  They have no illusions about where that conflict is headed…

Those who increasingly control the electoral process twist it to enhance their quest for profit, privilege and power. But this isn’t simply a political game with eenie-meenie against miney-mo.

This time the stakes are higher than they’ve been since the last Depression.

The massive fraud that existed in Florida in 2000, and Florida and Ohio in 2004, were only the first overt shots in this governmental coup. The coming “election” may well be the last relatively free one we’ll see.

Exaggeration? Well, we’re going to soon find out. All of the elements for such a coup are well in place.  Paul Weyrich, Louis Powell et al. have been working on it since the ’60s.

And just in case certain masses of the American public—assuming they’ll even figure out what’s happening—decide to pull off a Tunisian or Arab Spring, this nation’s police forces have long been well paramilitarized precisely for that eventuality.

Their reaction will be instant and bloody. Few Americans have experienced what the empire routinely dishes out to others.

There is only one circumstance where the general status quo and Obama can be retained for another 4 years: With an overwhelming landslide of voters as he had in 2008.

I don’t believe that will occur again. He’s muddied the political waters too much with his right-center “bail-out” of Wall Street, persistent compromises in the face of Republican threats, and excessive state-security legislation.

A far cry from the right-corporatist rule that Romney-Ryan represent, but enough to confuse the general public (and even many who should know better).

The 29 Republican states and their myriad strategies to deny the vote to Democratically inclined citizens, along with their blatant control of the electoral counting process (with the Republican controlled House and US Supreme Court standing as a conservative reserve) will determine who “wins.” End of story.

In the more immediate sense, Romney & Company see many of the “47%” as the modern equivalent of Hitler’s Jews, or Jim Crow’s blacks…as scapegoats for the racist, conservative base corporatism requires in their current stage for political power.

Hitler had much the same situation. Once he was appointed Chancellor (never elected), he quickly secured social power.  Of course, “It can’t happen here…”

He resolved his own problem with split-corporatist fascism and street-thugs by having his SS wing destroy the SA once power was achieved. Which side of the ultra-right vs. moderate corporatist wings win in America remains to be seen. Of course by then, all the White Roses in the world won’t avail us freedom.

They won’t even have to form “Warsaw ghettos,” they already exist.  Some may believe that such images for the US are crazy. They fail to comprehend that the insanity is the corporatist/ultra-right’s attempts to assume total power. As a viable ideology and economic system it can never succeed, therefore they require scapegoats to direct frustrations at.

There have always been two major ideologies tugging at America.

The liberal progressive one, represented in the Preamble to the US Constitution by the expression to “promote the General Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,” which respects the rights of others and empathizes with their many-varied conditions.

Then there’s the corporatist conservative reactionary one that promotes individual private enterprise and property above all other “rights.” Needless to add, this latter tends to attract the more authoritative and sociopathic pathologies.

The juncture that we’re at at this moment in history is the corporatist destruction of liberal legislation and consciousness in America…or at least any political power that such may hold. It’s a bold and probably self-destructive quest; half the pie is not enough, they want it all.

While we can always expect to find social predators amongst us, we should never tolerate their becoming public officials in any form, whether police, judges, military officers, corporate executives, or political leaders.

It’s ironic that a conservative, Republican top military officer, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, precisely warned America of this phenomenon in his last speech before leaving office in 1961.

Sociopaths seek the corporatist-conservative platform that’s most transformative of their pathologies, where they would otherwise be incapacitated in asylums or prisons as the mentally disordered or criminal psychopaths.

Today they’re closer to total rule in America than perhaps ever before. We need not travel overseas to find the problem. We have met the enemy and he is us.

When the Constitution was ratified in Philadelphia back in 1787 and old Ben Franklin stepped out into the street to the curious crowd, a lady asked him, “Well Doctor what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” Franklin answered, “A republic, madam, if you can keep it.”

The 1% in the Revolution started off with electoral control only by white, propertied men. Gradually over the years, progressive rights and changes were enacted. These were always accomplished at the great cost of blood and sacrifice…a sacrifice that some today would blithely disown or take for granted.

I’m not so sanguine about such rights and beliefs. Today, these rights that we take for granted are again under attack by and for the 1%. Every generation-or-so is thus tested. No generation has ever scored a total victory on their own…

Today it’s our turn…perhaps like it’s never been before. Do we go backward or forward? Do we surrender transitional rights and beliefs thus giving the barbarians at the gate an undeserved victory?

Or do we gather all of the golden eggs earned at such great sacrifice by our forbearing brothers and sisters and press for a few of our own.

On Tuesday, November 6th, I will vote for Obama in order to nullify one more immediate sociopathic vote. On Wednesday, I’ll resume my resistance with whatever measure of freedom I may have left…

The world may soon not even have this alternative…

Dr. Publico

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  1. Hans Post AEM says:

    I can only say: How very true this is! It also proves: “That those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it”. I didn’t exspect that I would have to experience this again in my long life! Have a look on the left under: Post Hans.

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