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We The People vs. Corporatism…

Class War! There’s no delicate way to put it. Nor is there any single way to fight it.  This is far more than a routine political election.  All who sit or play on the sidelines are on the wrong side of history.  It’s not Obama’s ass on the line…it’s ours!

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(Disclosure: I’m convinced that (1) the Republican Party has become a total creature of the corporate elite.  (2) A growing mass of the US population has been abandoned by Democratic Party leadership, which primarily serves corporate interests.

(The Dems (3) are at least an open party with many disparate elements, and (4) I believe that an opportunity exists for progressive and socialist cadre to become a conscious faction of the only mass party in the US that is available to the average American in order to reach and represent the abandoned mass not otherwise available to those outside the two-party system.)

Where else does a venue exist for the mass dissemination of revolutionary ideals? One side is compromised and the other is stone evil.  This is not the time to avoid direct confrontation.  There may well not be a second chance.  Corporatists plan on winning total class war before The People have a clue.

Class war was declared in 1964 by certain cadre in support of outright corporatist-fascism. I don’t use the term lightly. Their strategy included the capture of the Republican Party.  They’ve succeeded. This election is the culmination of their strategy.

The current Josef Goebbels is Karl Rove, ALEC & Company.  Once they hold political power, state power is a short hop away; what’s to stop them?

The opening salvos were commenced in 1980 when GE succeeded in putting their hand-picked operative, Ronald Reagan, in the White House. (Reagan’s FBI informant nomenclature was T-10.)

Bush the Lesser, operating under the puppet-masters, Cheney & Rove, deliberately relaxed (ignored) security in the face of terror thus allowing 9/11 as the Reichstag Fire opportunity to open hot wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Whether they believed that 9/11 could be the result of their treason is irrelevant.  Any “terror-attack” excuse would have sufficed.

On the home front, the Patriot Act paved the way for the total para-militarization of the nation’s police, the growing creation of controls over all citizen air travel (to start with), and the obersturmführer agency called Homeland Security, which has power over all other agencies of gov’t including local when they so deem it necessary.

By 2008, with the carpeting of two hot wars, international rendition and torture centers, and ten years of the exportation of US manufacturing overseas, the top finance and banking corps looted Wall Street and other centers.

The new president, Barack Obama, dutifully assumed the chief executive role of corporate lawn jockey, bailed out the very thieves that looted the nation practically bankrupting the US Treasury, and passed a number of security measures to keep the masses in line…all while juggling certain reforms for We the People.

And now, in five more weeks we are being asked again to choose between that compromise or the far more direct red carpet to corporatist-fascism.  The first is a gun to your head versus the second, the trigger being pulled.  There are no bystanders…

We’re so inured to voting for the lesser evil, that many don’t vote at all or vote for 3rd party candidates thus obviating their relevance to the general election.  The fact is, the planet Earth and its denizens are in a state of permanent physical and social revolution, one where the answers are a complex compendium of uneven and combined development.

No one can predict the final outcome. However, refusing to deal with the realities that confront us only serves the greater enemy.

For the first quarter of my life I grew up and experienced nine years of education, two years of the 101st Airborne Division, liberal intervention in the Old South’s Jim Crow, and a year on a rock-quarry chain-gang.

I guess I kind of gravitate to the barracade of central action.  By the 2nd quarter I was a class conscious warrior and a revolutionary socialist.

Along the way, I also attended to a university education, became a pilot (couldn’t see the point in jumping out of perfectly good airplanes) and traveled throughout the Carib, Central & South America, East Africa and the Middle East, first as a journalist and later as a Criminal Defense Investigator (CDI)…and always as a political activist.

When the call and opportunity came to engage in “underground fund-raising” in the Movement, I didn’t hesitate. Of course, this placed me directly in the sights of the gov’t.  (My failure to “cooperate” earned me a 25yr sentence.)

My third-quarter was practically all experienced in the American Gulag. My real education. Want to get a line on our mass future? Go to prison.  It’ll scour all that idyllic gild away.

When I started my time in 1990, there were some 770,000 prisoners in the US altogether. By the time I got out in 2011, the total number of prisoners in the US had climbed to more than 2.4 million. The vast majority were in for drugs and other political and consensual “crimes.”

In a dozen different federal prisons, along with full-time jobs and assorted disruptions and diversions (4 riots, transfers, lock-downs and beat-downs), I managed to secure an accredited (CA and USG) doctorate in psychology (PsyD).

Now at 70 in the final quarter of my life (if that much), I get a final opportunity to use all this experience and education for some good. Of course, prison itself is a hell of an education in social and political reality.

There is far more than a difference between eenie meenie and minee mo in this election.  While the corporate media and others–including a number of ultra nihilists–focus on the hand in the hat, few seem to realize that we’re losing the war.

The “election” is already mostly over.  There’s a concrete reason why Romney & Company are ignoring a significant part of the electorate.  With the pick of Ryan and a direct appeal to the lumpen racists, nativists and fundamentalists, they’re counting on The Fix to turn back the tide.

They’re counting on 29 Republican states and the 10 million vote disfranchisement laws (along with outright count-fraud) to win the election.  The previous electoral frauds of Florida (2000) and Florida and Ohio (2004) were only prelude examples for their current schemes.

A socially responsible revolutionist fights for both the progressive reforms for which others have sacrificed, as well as struggling for those that seem just beyond our grasp today.

Dwelling beyond the rainbow is only for the Land of Oz…  Given the mass being ignored by the two major parties, an alternative exists to begin building toward a real choice.

It may well be one of those ironies of history that the ultra-right showed the way…

Dr. Publico

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