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Back to Basics: Sociopathology 101…

…or, Business & Gov’t: Profit vs. Service.

The current mantra of obsessive profiteers is: The business of gov’t is business. This is a pernicious concept. It’s borne from private greed and conservative think-speak.

Conservative view…

It’s estimated that 1% of any given population are clinical sociopaths (or psychopath…same thing, different focus). That makes some 3,150,000 in the US out of a total population of 315 million.

Some 150,000 sociopaths are locked up in the American Gulag at any given moment (out of a total prisons’ population of some 2 ½ million, sociopaths comprise the true predatory criminal base).

That still leaves more than 3 million running around loose in America. Some refer to them as the 1%.

While the US is the most extreme and hypocritical example, this reality is not unique to America. It applies throughout the world. Out of some 7 billion people, that comes to about 70,000,000 sociopaths all toll.

In America, of course, they simply have a greater opportunity to enter positions of authority and prey upon others.

While 99% of the people are relatively normal, in times of severe stress sociopaths tend to advance like a pandemic in a variety of areas of human socialization, including business, politics and criminal justice.

They’re obsessive, compulsive, fixated on infantile individualism, and perfectly immune to science and history. Extreme religiosity suits them perfectly: Anything they choose to believe is sanctioned by their “faith” and thus immune to reason.

Some can even be found on the left. However, advancement is far more limited, so they usually attempt ultra-leftism until, facing their own tail, they round-about entirely to the right.

Gov. Christie (R-NJ) at the RNC…

Given the theoretical construct of this article (conservative sociopathology) one can better understand the recent speech of Lyin’ Ryan at the RNC.  Factual lies are inconsequential to such an audience.

What’s important to them is that he legitimizes their pathology and winks at the coming role that he expects them to “take”: The election by any means necessary. For more than 100 years, earlier versions of the Tea Party (KKK, etc.) performed the same task throughout the South.

Today, they’ve spread to Republican control of 29 states. Conscious cadre of these political sociopaths have been crafting their power for some 50 years now (in this cycle).

Lying is routine and for conservatives perfectly honorable because, being sociopathic, they believe that ALL social discourse is “technical” (never having developed social empathy, consciousness of principles and basic human rights).

Had they paid attention in American Gov’t (usually PolySci 101), they would have found that there are no gods in the US Constitution or its Bill of Rights.

In fact, just in case that’s a bit too subtle for conservative and fundamentalist chowderheads, our Deist forefathers (NOT Christian) specified in the very First Amendment (1791) that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion….

For those otherwise inclined, they’re perfectly free to exercise whatever beliefs they wish (without imposing them on others).

Had they paid attention in class, they would have realized that most of the colonies–listening to their citizens–refused to ratify the Constitution until an enumerated Bill of Rights was added (initially, some forefathers believed that it wasn’t necessary to specify the obvious. History demonstrates that it clearly is!).

The chief rule of profiteers is profit. That is not the goal or role of gov’t. The US Constitution recognized a revolutionary concept in human history: We the People…as the ultimate ruling authority in our own destiny…not the greed and predation of private profiteers.

This has been a thorn in the side of conservative libertarian business (the total license of individuals to make a profit versus any social responsibility).

In the name of We the People, the Constitution’s social compact included establishing Justice, a Common Defense, and to promote the General Welfare of us all.  (Whoa, I betcha they missed that last one!)

Over the past 220+ years the only way the Constitution was actually enforced often required profound protest and struggle, even the bloodiest conflict we have ever engaged in, the US Civil War, is one of those examples.

Another example is that European aristocracy and the Church perceived Native Americans as child-like heathens (when not savages) who needed to be controlled and baptized, when we weren’t stealing the land.

The natives themselves had no concept of private property.  The land was held in common to all. By the time the Constitutioncame along, they were already well on their way to oblivion.

Lenapé Woman…

One day some 386 years ago (ca. 1626 CE), a group of Lanapé returned from a hunting trip to Manna-hata (Island of Many Hills) with a wild story.

Calling upon the Chief Counsel of Elder Women (most of the tribes had them), they gathered their immediate tribal family together for a feast and celebration to distribute their game and gifts, as was the custom.

They had met with a group of white men from across the Great Salt Sea who were also hunting, albeit the whites were gathering much more game for their furs and throwing away most of the meat. No matter, thought the natives, there was more than enough for all despite the shameful waste.

All the Natives were amazed and staggered by the variety of gifts. (Historically noted as worth 60 guilders, or about $1,000 in today’s money.)

After being told that the gifts were for the usual appreciation of the hunt, the white men only asked that one of the warriors put his mark on a piece of their paper in eternal friendship, and the right to hunt and live on the land.

Some of the elders asked, “Why would the white men do this…for the right to what we all have in common?”

Still perplexed, the elders were soon caught up in the excitement of distributing the game and gifts. One could be heard musing, “I wonder what they’ll ‘buy’ next? The waters? The sky? The Great Spirit?” They all laughed at the joke.

The feast and celebration lasted far into the night. What wonderful and beneficent people these new neighbors were, they all agreed.

Of course, they could hardly have known that the Wall those colonizers were building around that early settlement would become the site and symbol of world financial power.

Another group that experienced the creation of America were the Africans. By 1860, there were 4 million African slaves in the South (8 million whites). The North had abandoned the practice…if not wholly the attitude.

While the Civil War (1861-65) outlawed slavery, by 1877 the South had largely reimposed involuntary servitude thru the criminalization of the former slaves by the Black Codes, and racist apartheid thru Jim Crow. That persisted for another 100 years. Many aspects of that struggle continues today.

Women’s quest for equal rights also continues. They only won the right to vote in 1920 after many years of protest and being beat, maimed, imprisoned and killed. They still haven’t achieved a Constitutional Amendment granting them the same liberties and rights as males.

Practically all rights and freedoms have only been won and maintained thru mass struggle and codification into the US Constitution.  Conservatives today are back again for another try at subverting that document and achieving the total rule of profiteering, sociopathic wing-nuts.

You can read all about it in any American Gov’t textbook (except those under the control of Republican legislatures).

Some of the authentic history is still legal in America…but don’t wait too long…

Dr. Publico

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