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Romney, Ryan & Electoral IQ…

The right-racist-hate machine today rules (at least) the 29 Republican states.  Obama will almost certainly “lose” the coming election.

He only won in ‘08 in the first place with a voting landslide. He’s long abandoned that political base…probably listening too carefully to his neo-liberal Democratic forbear, Big Bubba Clinton.  The fact that he was never more than a jumped-up populist in the first place is no consolation.

On the other hand, Romney-Ryan’s history and intention to loot and impoverishment gov’t and abandon the masses to total servitude for the god of personal profit, is perfectly documented. They openly campaign on a “business model” of gov’t, so one can hardly fault them for total electoral dishonesty. (Even Hitler was quite honest in his intentions…if only more people were listening and believed.)

(However, standing by while the corporatist-fascists assume state-power is certainly not a progressive option, as might be deduced from Stalinist and infantile leftists who pulled the same stunt in ’33 back in Germany…)

Given the nature of some 10-to-12% of the general population having the socio-pathology of ultra-right authoritarianism, the central organizational form of these inchoate fascists is currently the Republican Party.

Looking for how people could do that? For how “good Germans” could come to support Nazism?  For those who support a manifestation of the corporatist-fascist agenda today, it’s easy: Look in the mirror.

It’s no accident that the privatization of imprisonment and the fastest-growing job market in the US (prisoner employment) is the precise template for the future of their America, Inc.

We celebrate Columbus as the discoverer of the New World. Of course, there were some 90 million souls already here (not that they lasted much longer).

The Christian Church and its aristocratic partners sanctioned the rape and murder of the native “heathen” populations by capital profiteers.  Interesting how religious beliefs track the self-interest of elite criminals.  Even Wall Street goes to church…

Having been a cellmate to Peter MacDonald, formerly a Marine Navajo Code Talker in World War-II and 20-yr chief of the Navajo Nation, I spent an intensive period studying America’s early history.

The earliest European “colonists” in North America were the indentured slaves of English aristocracy’s capital-profiteering partners. That was the foundation to the nation and corporatism seeks its return.

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Debtors to the wealthy class were then—as today—imprisoned as criminals. Shipped to these shores as indentured slaves, they toiled on tobacco plantations, an early European cash-crop, at an initial 85% annual mortality rate.

African slaves were only brought to these shores later, in 1619. Eventually, some 55 million being enslaved.  Such an investment was simply too costly at first. “Criminal” prisoners were cheap, as they are today.

They could be worked to death and there were always more replacements for the price of the trip from English debtor’s prisons (many of whom died enroute).

True, they had a due-date on them: Seven years of plantation servitude and another seven as share-croppers. Of course, any violation of the terms of their arbitrary servitude would start them all over at the beginning.

The Indians couldn’t be enslaved on their own land. They knew how to survive in natural conditions and would simply run off at the first opportunity. So the ruling colonists declared them savages, stole their land, and murdered them…or imprisoned them westward into concentration camps (reservations).

Australia as a similar prisoner colony didn’t commence until 1776, when the American colonies rebelled. (Oh, they didn’t teach you that in school?)

Virtually all of the ideals of American democracy—at least our historically sanitized version—have been twisted from a decent and empathetic morality of We the People…into a “screw ‘em, I got mine” ideology, and it’s justified by blaming the victims for their own condition.

After America’s bloodiest conflict ever–the Civil War–the South reassumed political control within a dozen years (1877) and established the Black Codes and Jim Crow to establish criminalization and convict leasing as the new servitude.

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How goes the prisons, goes the rest of the nation. Given 20+ years in this nation’s prisons, I’m convinced that they are a perfect microcosm of tomorrow’s America, and that’s becoming more true every day.

There are an official 2.4 million prisoners in America; the largest sustained gulag in the history of the world. Only some 3-to-15% are actual predatory criminals.

Two of the fastest growing factions include immigration detainees, which has become a private prison enterprise…a $5 billion-a-yr industry (paid for by gov’t contract to private profiteers).

The other is that an estimated 600,000 prisoners nationally are today performing the labor of “free-world” workers at practically no “wage” and zero benefits. Who says employment in the US isn’t on the rise?

Recycling prisoners is preferred over reforming them. Good business…the model that Romney & Company envision for America.

Is there a difference between Obama and Romney? Between a glass half full and no glass at all? Take your time…the Germans did…

Dr. Publico

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