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Revisionist Zionism & Nukes…

There’s an interesting article in Spiegel-OnLine that you won’t generally find in the corporate media on Israel’s Operation Samson nuclear weapons sub program.

Disclosure: When Israel turned 21 in 1969 I was a journalist working in that nation as a guest of the Jewish Agency.

Having been a civil rights activist (1959-65), I was surprised to find much of the Black Codes and Jim Crow treatment and mentality of the Old South used against Palestinians in Israel and the Occupied Territories.

None of my previous experiences in the Jewish communities in NYC (South Bronx), Long Island, in the 101st Airborne and as a revolutionary socialist since, prepared me for Revisionist Zionism.

It’s  estimated that Jewish-Americans today comprise some 25% of the colonial-settlers on Palestinian land. This particular population is among the most racist. To them, as they often refer, Palestinians (and other Arab populations) are “sand niggers.”

If Obama was not in fact a neo-liberal serving corporatism and its AIPAC allies, he’d have the State Department threaten these dual-citizen terrorists with the loss of US citizenship for their continuing violations of stated US policy and international law. They’re no different–terror-wise– than those who join w/Al Qaeda and ISIS.

(Click on image to enlarge...)

(Click on image to enlarge…)

Basically, the racist mantra (especially espoused by both the American-educated Golda Meir and Bibi Netanyahu) was that there’s no such thing as “Palestinians.” Employing this Zionist mythology, they’re “Arabs” that wandered into the absent lands after the Romans expelled most Jews into the Diaspora some 2,000 years ago.

Milwaukee Golda would be surprised that modern science DNA profiling actually documents an ancient link of Hebrew and Palestinian lineage. But then I suspect that she fully understood the propaganda value of her racist claims.

One of the conscious strategies that I learned about right-Zionism is the use of “making facts” in their continuing quest to create Eretz Yisrael, a goal of political Zionism since the 1890s.

BibiButch-001Today there are 11.5 million Palestinians in the world. One point four million live in Israel proper, and 4.3 million in Gaza and the West Bank (45% of the latter are in refugee camps).

UNRWA registers 5 million Palestinians as refugees in 58 camps: 10 in Jordan, 9 in Syria, 12 in Lebanon, 19 on the West Bank, and 8 in Gaza.

Bibi Netanyahu, the current leader of the apartheid state of Israel stated, “…I am committed to upholding the law and I am committed to upholding the settlement enterprise, and I tell you there is no contradiction between the two….”

Actually, he’s correct. Betar-fascist Revisionist Zionists (of which Bibi is a direct descendant), have always sought to colonize Palestine and expel the native population. Today, they rule Israel.

Der Spiegel:  Since my journalism work in the Levant, I’ve believed that if there is a single flashpoint in the world from which World War-III would jump off, Israel is that point.

The article in Spiegel-OnLine further makes that case. Elements of the Israeli military command have given the German publication access to part of its nuclear weapons sub program, even as the gov’t continues to deny such an existence.

The article documents a trove of research on the subject. Official gov’t denials exist solely for their sayanim supporters internationally; it’s purely a fly in the ointment for their propaganda denials.

Israel partnered with Thyssen-Krupp to build three Dolphin-Class subs with special modifications (650mm tubes) in order to accommodate their Popeye Turbo SLCM missiles with nuclear warheads. Three more subs have been ordered for delivery in 2013, ’14 and ’17.

The idea, they claim, is to have at least 2-or-more on-station throughout Middle East waters at all times. They successfully “blackmailed” the Germans into paying to build the subs as continuing “reparations” for the victims of the Holocaust.

Nuclear equipped...

Nuclear equipped…

This is especially ironic given that Revisionist Zionists were themselves fascists and operated against the “assimilation” of Jews in Europe and America.

Given German involvement, Hanan Alon of the Israeli Defense Ministry, threatened Bonn with international media exposure, “that the words gas and Germany don’t sound very good together.”  Within two weeks, the Germans coughed up 1.2 billion Deutschmarks.

The subs have a range of just over 5,000 miles, and the missile’s range is another 1,000 miles. There is nowhere in the Middle East or southern Europe that they can’t reach.

They can dive to the depths required, stay under for at least 18 days at a time, and travel underwater at speeds greater than 20 knots.

DolphinThis effectively gives Israel a floating nuke platform for either preemptive or retaliatory strike capability, both of which they’ve mastered since 1948. (Their original naval officers were trained by Mussolini and today are also trained at Annapolis.)

While the US formally acknowledges the Palestinian territory as that established prior to Israel’s preemptive June ’67 attack, and which is internationally so recognized by the UN, it continues to play political lapdog to Israel, vetoing all opposition in the Security Council to measures issued by the apartheid state.

To believe Israel’s own current propaganda, they fully intend to continue “making facts” and they have both the means and the will to do so…

Dr. Publico (Nick Medvecky, PsyD), June 2012…

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