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Cameron Douglas—Actor, Addict, Snitch…

In a NY Times (May 21st) article, Michael Douglas’s son Cameron (33) is cited as a cause-célèbre in “Doctors Seek New Approach for Jailed Addicts.”


The only reason that this site follows celebrity prisoners is if a gross injustice is apparent, or there’s an abiding lesson for the rest of us. The original article on this site re Cameron Douglas appeared on June 4th, 2010.  I was more generous on that occasion…

Cameron Douglas has had a materially privileged life with his father being the actor Michael Douglas, his grandfather Kirk Douglas and his step-mother Catherine Zeta-Jones. Cameron himself has appeared in at least 5 films.

Busted by the DEA in 2009 dealing a half-pound of meth out of his luxury Manhattan apartment, he “cooperated” by snitching out his friends in return for a 5-yr sentence.

He could have got up to life, but such draconian sentences are usually reserved for blacks, Hispanics and poor whites.


While he was on house arrest for that case and working with the police and prosecution, he was busted again. He snitched out his girlfriend for smuggling heroin to him in an electric toothbrush. Gee, who wouldn’t like this punk for a friend?

He was serving his time at the Metropolitan Correctional Complex (MCC) in NYC when he was further rewarded for his continuing testimony by being sent to the Lewisburg Federal Prison Camp, PA.

I was at USP Lewisburg myself (the high-security prison) on three occasions while in-transit during my 25-yr sentence (for having had the audacity to go to trial).

The camp is a small minimum-security building outside the walls. There’s no fence.  I recall once being on the caged prison bus–all of us in chains from waist to hands and legs–when it stopped at the camp to let off one of the prisoners.

His chains were removed as we all watched and he was directed to an office inside. All quite civilized as we drove off to pass thru the walls into the main prison complex.  Nice time, if you can get it…you just have to sell your character…and your soul.

In October of 2011, Cameron was busted again, this time with heroin, coke and Suboxone in his camp room. In return for his “cooperation” in that matter the judge sentenced him to an additional 4 ½ yrs instead of 20.

In any event, the writer of the NY Time’s article cited above, Jesse McKinley, speaks to a number of prominent doctors and advocacy groups who have joined in a legal campaign to argue for drug treatment over incarceration.

If a celebrity case actually advances the cause of criminal justice reform for all prisoners—especially regarding the addicted and mentally ill—I for one will applaud the action.

In terms of Cameron Douglas and his example re prisoner solidarity and social consciousness, I would not be all that upset to see him behind the walls selling his ass for candy bars–literally.

While Judge Richard M. Berman castigated the gov’t for being unable to control drugs in the prisons (Hey, judge, they ALL have drugs…how do you think the guards make their extra income?), he recommended that Cameron not do his time at the Lewisburg Camp or the MCC.

search-locate of the federal Bureau of Prisons indicates that Cameron is currently at Loretto FCI, PA, a low-security prison facility.

(Click image to enlarge…)

A new national database set up by the University of Michigan and the Center on Wrongful Convictions at Northwestern University law schools (IL) documents thousands of false convictions.  These results are driven by the conservative snitch culture.

As society becomes more and more corporatist conservative, prisons and prisoners are the canaries in the mine of the authoritarian, disciplinary self-serving values that substitute for progressive social morality.

When I first served time in prison (1964-65), it was virtually unheard of for rats to exist openly in population. Today, snitches are the foundation of the punitive, retributional conservative criminal justice system.

Over 95% of all convictions in the US are the result of plea bargains in one form or another. Police and detective work–unlike TV dramas–are largely driven by criminal snitches. Courts and judges are reduced to checkouts in bargain basement roles.

In hypocritical conservative-speak, plea bargains are the result of “acceptance of responsibility” and/or “cooperation.”  Of one is innocent and/or pleads “not guilty,” they are, ipso facto, NOT accepting responsibility.

If one refuses to rat out his co-conspirators (or invent some if he doesn’t have any), then s/he fails to cooperate, is therefore unremorseful, and is going to get the full weight of draconian justice on their heads…that is, beaucoup time.

I wonder if his father in the persona of Gordon Gekko realizes the greed/profit drive and social foundation of drug prohibition in his son’s “choices…”?

Dr. Publico

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