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Prometheus–US vs. Cuba…

When I was 17 (1959), Cuba won its Independence. Cuba was a nation under a brutal dictatorship allied to the US and abetted by corporate and Mafia influence.

I had joined the Army in 1959 and was serving in the 101st Airborne Division. We were designated and trained as the STRAC-I unit of the US military for instant air transport to anywhere in the world.

American corporations owned 75% of the fertile land and the Mafia maintained Havana and other areas as an off-island sex-tourist and gambling mecca (in fact, Las Vegas didn’t really take off until Cuba was closed by the US Gov’t).

Fidel Castro was an attorney and the son of a major sugar plantation owner from Spain. “Che” Guevara was a physician from Argentina. Camilo Cienfuegos came from an anarchist family that had fled the Spanish Civil War.

Juan Almeida came from the Havana black ghetto (and became Cuban Army Commander after the Revolution). All of these, including Celia Sanchez and others, became major commanders during the guerilla war in Cuba.

When the Cuban Revolution was stymied in carrying out its promises for equitable land distribution and other reforms, the revolutionary barbudos seized these unused lands and distributed them to poor farmers.

Cuba contracted eventual payment to the corporations, but such would be understandably slow, given that the pro-American dictator, Fulgencio Batista, had looted the $330 million treasury when he fled Cuba on three air cargo transports.

Given the no-compromise position of US corporations (sound familiar?), Cuba’s initial embrace of Russian support for economic survival was at least as much self-defense as it became ideological.

Luis Posada Carriles

In addition to attempted invasions and assassinations against the state of Cuba, one of the major psychopaths that the US employed in its war of terror was Luis Posada Carriles.

Prior to the revolution in Cuba, Posada was a functionary of the Firestone Corporation. Fleeing to the US, Posada became a CIA operative recruiting Miami gusano Cubans for the Bay of Pigs invasion, which was crushed by a revolutionary Cuba.

Posada then joined the US Army where he became an officer trained in sabotage and explosives. Returning to the CIA (if he ever left), he became engaged in drug and other ops and developed close ties with the US criminal underground and Mafia. These became “intelligence” partners to finance a variety of domestic and international terrorist actions against Cuba and other nations.

Posada later traveled to Venezuela where he became a chief of operations in their secret police and a major source of cocaine to the US.

In 1976, Posada masterminded the civilian Cuban airliner bombing over Barbados murdering all 78 passengers.

By the early 1980s, Posada became deputy to the senior CIA operative (Felix Rodriguez, who was also instrumental in murdering Che) in the US contra actions in Central America. His primary task was “fund-raising.”

Juan Almeida

Posada later resumed terror attacks against Cuba, bombing tourist nightclubs and hotels. Running afoul of other American authorities, the CIA saw to it that their “deniable” asset was only tried in federal district court (El Paso, TX) for perjury related to immigration fraud.

Posada was acquitted in April 2011, and today lives as a gusano hero in Miami. A number of nations have demanded his extradition to be tried for a variety of crimes…including mass murder.  The US refuses.  As with Osama bin Laden–also a former CIA recruit–any such trial would prove quite embarrassing.

Given the continuing terror actions against Cuba, five volunteers from their Intelligence Service entered the US in order to infiltrate the CIA-gusano terror groups in Miami.

Their mission was to provide intel on terror ops only. The Cuban gov’t notified the FBI of the terror activities uncovered by their agents and turned over all of the material.

True to form, the FBI ignored the Miami-Cuban terror-connection and used the info to track down the Cuban operatives. The five Cubans were subsequently tried and convicted of various “espionage” charges and given sentences ranging from 15 years to life.

One of the Five, Rene Gonzales (55), completed his 15-yr sentence last October. He is required to live on probation in Florida for the next three years under Supervised Release.

Rene applied for and received a two-week compassion-visit to Cuba to visit his dying brother from US District Judge Joan Lenard. The US Justice Department opposed the action. Rene arrived in Havana last Friday and is due to return to the US on May 18th, 2012.

Wolf Blitzer of the CNN-Time Warner Corporation pressed a Cuban spokesperson, Josefina Vidal, for a link-up between Rene’s case and that of Alan Gross, convicted in 2011 and serving a 15-yr espionage sentence in Cuba.

In a video broadcast, Blitzer pressed Ms. Vidal to have the Cuban gov’t give Gross a pass to the US to visit his dying mother. Ms. Vidal correctly countered all of Blitzer’s sarcasm and false claims.

Alan Philip Gross(62) of Potomac, MD, is a long-time US AID worker. US AID is known for being used as a front by the CIA from time to time. They’ve received up to $45 million a year to finance propaganda against Cuba.

"Che" Guevara

To separate the competing roles, a private contractor, Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI), a US AID front group, received an $8.6 million contract to “assist ‘civil society organizations’ to better communication through technology.” (Cubans already have free access to the Internet.) Gross worked for the DAI.

Entering Cuba on a tourist visa a number of times, he brought in special satellite communications and other gear to approach and recruit “informants” in the Cuban-Jewish community and other groups in order to supply them with an “independent” means of communications.

Following US Justice Department logic, Mr. Gross should complete his 15-yr sentence before any compassionate-visitation is considered (as is the case in the US). In fact, the US Gov’t continues to deny entry into the US even for visitations by two of the wives of the Cuban Five.

In any event, there is no nexus between the Cuban Five and the Gross affair. Gerardo, Antonio, Ramon, Fernando and Rene are patriotic Cubans in service to international justice.

Alan Phillip Gross is a paid operative in service to corporatist terrorism.

Dr. Publico

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