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Austerity, Marraige & That Old Time Hate…

I guess I’m jaded… I spent enough time in the Old South (1959-65), including a hell-hole rock-quarry, chain-gang, to give me a bitter taste as to who and what they are: rabid racist dogs (at least many of those who own and police the place).

After another eight years in the “new” South (2001-09), it was clear to me that one need not scratch the surface far to find that ol’ redneck clay still there.

Given the news these days, I’m reminded of the saying by Mark Twain, “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”

The two main items that brought this to mind are the so-called austerity program by corporate privateers and their political lackeys, and the vote in North Carolina calling for a Constitutional Amendment to validate only marraiges between a man and a woman.

The criminals loot the economy of America and Europe and then expect an “austerity” program that has the victims pay for it.

Understandably, the ruling elite must take that position. To do otherwise—to fail to have the public treasuries pay for their theft—would thereby expose capitalism itself as the ultimate Ponzi scheme.

Fortunately for the Europeans, the French and Greek voters are getting wise. Of course, ultimately that only works if they bag capitalism—using the conservative metaphor—beat it down small enough into a bathtub and drown it.

The willful ignorance of 61% of the North Carolina voters is even more pathetic. They’re actually undermining the very thing they wish to defend—the institution of marriage itself.

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(Actually, I’m somewhat surprised. While the corporate news may call it a “landslide” victory, I find it remarkable that 39%–plus whatever the racist rhubarbs stole—to be quite surprising!)

According to the recent census, for the first time in US history a majority of American households are NOT married…only 48% are.

After all, just what IS marriage? If you listen to the modern corporatist Pharisees of the state religions, it’s the sanctification by their God of the union between a man and a woman.

But just in case you slipped thru the religious crappola, the state will grant you one of its own by a judge or a licensed official. Either way, the sanction is a ménage à trois, not a simple union.

I note that during my more recent incarceration–federal prison, 1990-2011–that if one removed the special privileges (neat little hats, hair styles, special diets, days off work, etc.) of the various religious groups, I’d guess that their membership would plunge over 90%.

I was even amused to have read that one entrepreneurial prisoner (see: I don’t oppose ALL private enterprise!) at the Atlanta Pen back in 1970, founded a new religion called CONS—Church of the New Song (I suppose as an alternative to that same old song and dance…).

Their Holy Sacrament was a Porterhouse steak and Harvey’s Bristol Cream. Don’t laugh. If you’re gonna aspire to being a holy drunken carnivore, it beats being a cannibal.

Of course, the courts eventually shot it down. One judge described the convict church in terms of “stinking in the road.” Interesting, you ever notice? It’s always the other guy’s pile of shit that stinks.

Here’s the skinny: Once upon a time, women (mothers) ran things. The dudes were mostly out goofing off (hunting big game, other women, whatever).

Women raised the kids pretty much on their own (90+% of the diet supplied by herbs, grain, fruit, veggies, small trapped or netted animals, etc.). They even created religion (earth spirits, fertility totems and goddesses). Even most of the cave art was by women.

Eventually, larger tribal units, housing, agriculture, etc., made an easier home life attractive to the males (who elected themselves leaders), settled in, and let their female chattel still pretty much do all the work.  Men of course created their own gods (sky gods, naturally, the earth ones being all female).

As societies grew, male rules and laws were created to keep the producing population, especially women, in “their place.” These laws included the sanction of women-as-property (“wives”) by both the state and its partner the church.

As you look around you, you’ll see that not much has changed.  Controlling sex—procreative and recreational—was a top priority in order to control women and the population as a whole.

Clearly, it still is for conservative misogynists and those whose individual pathology is fixated on profit, privilege, property and power.

Alice Paul, Suffragist...

Another one of those ironies I might note is that even as the 30th state has voted for hetero-partners-only marriages, the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), originally proposed back in 1923, is only now up to 35 states (38 needed for an Amendment).

Conservative America, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave (if you have a swinging dick), still hasn’t recognized the Constitutional rights of women (over half the population).

I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for a national sanction of gay marriages. In fact, common-law unions should already be wholly recognized for all matters before the law.

You want to get married, fine. But there shouldn’t be any lawful or civil sanctions on the rest of us.

In other words, why don’t we just sweep the state and the church out of the national bedroom altogether?  Come to think of it, the corporatists and their security state apparatchiks can join them.

Dr. Publico.

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