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Corps, Gov’t, Police & Provos…

When was the last time you heard of a terrorist conspiracy case that did not include a police agent or a paid “confidential informant” (CI), and wasn’t the result of a “sting operation”?

The latest such FBI-police op in the news is that of the so-called Cleveland Six (which also conveniently targets that city’s Occupy movement). No doubt their intent.

Faux News and the rest of the corporate media in the US gleefully lost no time depicting the FBI as thwarting a terrorist group from blowing up a bridge over a Cleveland park.

I suppose we should thank the kops for having learned the lesson of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

One, the Cleveland police and their agent/CI choose a relatively benign target (who knows when these undercover ops might spiral out of control once you set them in motion). Two, the police supplied the youth they entrapped with fake explosives.

No doubt the authorities realize that the war on terror and criminal justice in America has progressed to the point that they don’t actually need real terrorists or actual criminal acts to proceed.

Conservative "Reason"...

One might also note that the military is used to advance the goals of corporate empire in the War on Terrorism, and the criminal justice system to advance control over domestic dissent…so far. 

In fact, conspiracy law in the US—unique throughout the world—doesn’t require any actual crime or predicate criminal action at all…nor any evidence for that matter, “testimony” suffices (as in my own trial).

Another significant aspect of these cases is that their vast numbers end up being dropped, exonerated, or won on appeal. But of course, any such follow-up is mostly ignored by the media.

For the corporate media, cop perverts, prosecutors, judges, and the gov’t, it’s irrelevant. Their personal profit, control of the target population, and the propaganda conveyed to citizens at large, has been largely accomplished whatever the end result.

In terms of actual criminal behavior engendered by these “justice” forces, they’ve written themselves immunity from prosecution—like Wall Street thru deregulation and political “contributions.”

At the end of the day they get to enjoy their rewards and sleep quite well (usually with the daughters of the working class…or their own).

Speaking of which, something else in the tabloid-entertainment media that I notice more of recently (or has it always been there?), is the objective personification of mental disorders that are being projected by these elite.

Academically trained as a doctor of psychology (PsyD), I can’t help but notice that the pathological symptomology of the wealthy and ruling elite is coming out to us on TV and in the movies in the choices they make to produce and promote certain dramas.

For instance, “Monk,” a severely obsessive-compulsive cop who’s disorder (OCD) is portrayed functionally as a genius investigator.

Or “Touch,” that of an OCD-autistic child with a father taking his driven patience to a caricaturist level of childcare-correctedness. And saving far and disparate regions of the world community in the process.

Or “Fringe,” a gov’t/corporate agency fighting multi-dimensional super-criminals while their mass populations suffer as power-impotent victims.

What is the objective (if not conscious) lessons to be learned here for the masses of the viewing audience…aside from living their lives of quiet desperation thru vicarious identification with justice, wealth and power (having none of their own)?

Are the 1% trying to convey that their madness is actually quite reasonable…even superior? Am I reading too much into it?

Are we in fact witnessing (few consciously) the veritable creation of a mass cultural meme leading to total thought and behavioral control? (Or at least superior elite control?)

Perhaps a Frankenstein creation of this part Murdoch, that part Rove, another part Coulter, and yet another of Romney?  The face?

(Or Obama, for that matter, assuming they can keep him anchored to holding the corporate lantern on the White House lawn?)

Or, Hey! Maybe it’s just me!

Dr. Publico

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  1. This is a true wake-up essay for people who worship police.

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