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Jasmine Thar, Southern Justice…

Ahh, how do fundamentalist Christians, the Klan and its modern equivalent, the Tea-Party, yearn for the old days…

Jasmine Thar, 16...

Jasmine Thar and Trayvon Martin just don’t have that same punch as it used to be when the local newspaper would openly advertise a Sunday after-church barbeque and lynching.

The families would all get together, pack a lunch, and go down to the local park. “The niggers knew their place back then!”

If by chance there was no hapless suspect available provided by the local Klan-affiliate police, any ol’ nigger would do. “Hell, today you gotta have a law or grin about how it was all a accident…ain’t like the old days.”

Jasmine Thar was a sweet 16-yr-old sophomore dreaming of a life in front of her. She was shot dead by the neighbor of a family she was visiting in Chadbourne, North Carolina, last December, two days before Christmas.

Jasmine and her godmother, Treka (42) and a friend, Jah-Mesha (17), were walking to Treka’s car to go shopping for the holidays. They were all three hit by a single, high-powered, 30-06 caliber bullet. Jasmine was killed.

Remington Model 700...

The southern media reported that it was fired by James Anthony Blackwell (23), a white neighbor. The news reported that Blackwell told the police that he was simply taking the rifle out of its case when it accidentally went off.

The southern news took pains to report that the model of rifle had been the subject of several lawsuits regarding a “defective trigger.”

While the police at the scene did note a variety of Klan and militia paraphernalia along with a displayed Confederate flag they apparently performed no formal investigation.

They took Blackwell to the station for a statement, but he was soon released and has never been charged with anything.

What caught my military-investigator’s eye (expert, 101st Airborne) was the fact that this was no ordinary good-ol’-boy varmint-gun. It was a Remington Model 700. If I were looking for a military-grade, high-powered, sniper-type rifle, this would be at the top of my list.

From an investigator’s standpoint, given a 3-in-1 line-shot from across the street at 11am thru a front window, I’d be checking out the line-of-sight. Was the shooter standing near the window, perhaps sighting down the weapon with his hand on the trigger (assuming it wasn’t deliberate murder)?

Was he a play-acting goofball? Reckless homicide? What’s his group affiliates? Prior history? Configuration and maintenance of the weapon? Hell, was there ANY investigation at all?!?

Forget the cops. First of all, most of them are from that community and could care less about a white man killing a black person. Second, by and large, they are not investigators. Virtually all of their case-work is made by the prosecutor’s office in conjunction with plea-deals and snitches shopping for a free ride.

Or again, as with Trayvon, reverse the roles. Guess who’s ass would be in jail and bound for prison quicker than Jim Crow can jump?

Believe me, scratch the surface and not a whole lot has changed. I spent the years or 1959-thru-1965 in the Old South. Had more than my share of the Klan, chain-gangs, and their state-porcine partners throughout TN, MS, AL, GA and Florida.

Nope. Ain’t a whole lot changed at all…

Dr. Publico

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  1. Wayne Bursch says:

    Wow, could a person be any more racist than you? I doubt it. Sincerely.

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