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CIA: Conservative, Inept, Air-heads…

In the summer of ‘66, leaving UC Berkeley, Frank J. Rafalko applied to the CIA to become a spy. He spent the next 32 years staying in-the-box with an adagio performance of the requisite noblesse oblige before the altar of gov’t service.

Rafalko is the author of a 4-volume series on the history of counter-intelligence in America. In 2011 he published, MH/CHAOS, The CIA’s Campaign Against the Radical New Left and the Black Panthers (Naval Institute Press). Save your money, they aren’t worth the postage.

Rafalko served back in the 1960s and ‘70s on the Counter Intelligence (CI) staff’s Special Operations Group (SOG). His early specialty included the CIA’s MHCHAOS program. (MH is a designation for worldwide.)

His stated motive is to “provide a different perspective” on the agency’s role in that program, which had been exposed and condemned by the Rockefeller Commission for operating outside of its charter into domestic spying. He then proceeds to fill some 328 pages with vapid nonsense.

Perhaps the Agency’s new motto (which currently is John 8:32, “…Ye shall know the truth and it shall set you free”) should be, “If you can’t convince ‘em, confuse ‘em.” Or better yet: Israel’s Mossad motto: “By way of deception…

CIA agents almost never do their own dirty work, but they are good at instigating others, the military, mafia, lumpen criminals, and gusano fascists into assassinations, coups, and mass murder as with Operations Phoenix, Condor, Mongoose, etc.

They also have a history of employing private contractors to deal drugs, arms and other illicit contraband in order to raise funds for otherwise illegal, prohibited operations  (or vice versa).

I only discovered my own connection to Operation: Chaos when I received my FOIA packet from the CIA in 1976. The pages I got were heavily redacted (practically blank) of one of my trips to Beirut just before the 1970 Black September War.

I had helped organize a group of left journalists to attend the Second World Conference on Palestine in Amman, Jordan, and to tour the Middle East, including Israel, covering the political situation first-hand.

Guerilla training Jordanian Mtns…

I resigned from the group after arriving in Beirut when the sponsoring organization (Al Fatah) forbade any members from also traveling to Israel.

I advocated that as American activists/journalists we had a duty to witness and be able to speak to both sides of the issue. I argued that we were not combatants.

I was denounced by one of the group (Rufus Griffin, later a judge in Detroit) as a “Zionist pig.” He also shouted the same accusation at the conference in Amman (where I was sponsored by other Palestinian groups) in a hall of some 2,000 delegates.

That came within a hair of my being arrested or worse by Al Fatah’s military police, Al Assifa.

At the time, I assumed it was simply the result of ultra-left foolishness. But years later, having the CIA report and the Operation: Chaos designation—it may well have been one of the CIA’s dirty-tricks ops. There were other close calls.

Turning my attention to analyzing the “analysts,” it’s clear that a big part of the problem is the fact that CIA operatives can’t report real intelligence if it goes against their conservative self-view or tends to justify the motivations of those on which they report. Catch-22.

Take the well-known example of Ambassador Joseph Wilson and his CIA wife, Valerie Plame. If the information contradicts the official line of the ruling political authority, then the whistle-blowers are ignored…or even destroyed.

Rafalko certainly makes clear his own conservative bias of viewing all “radical” activity (including civil rights) as a “challenge to time-honored authority and a lack of political deference to the nation’s leadership…as foreign inspired” (pg.4). What? Americans can’t think for themselves?

To read him, he believes that the SDS, left radicals, the Panthers, demonstrations, college protests, etc., were all the work of Soviet, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Cuban financing, training and intelligence services.

The antiwar movement, for instance, needs “guerilla training and direction by communist agents”? Just how silly can one get? Well, here’s a report I’ll give them free-of-charge:

Hundreds of thousands of military veterans were returning from Vietnam. Many joined the movement. I was a founder of the earlier version, the Veterans Against the War (VAW) in Detroit in 1967.

By May of 1970, the Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW), which assumed point for all antiwar demos after 1967, had more than 50,000 members. More than 65% of these men were combat veterans (far more than were the combat % in Vietnam). In fact, we received our military training from Uncle Sam!

Robt. F. Williams (1925-1996)…

Another section of Rafalko’s “history” deals with Robert Franklin Williams. Williams was the grandson of a slave, a World War-II Army vet and also served in the Marine Corp. In the 1950s he was president of the Monroe, NC, chapter of the NAACP.

He advocated the armed self-defense of the black community at a time when a 50-car caravan of the Klan (speaking of terrorist organizations) led by several police cars rode through the black community, shooting up homes.

Local prosecutors then charged Williams with various offenses. He fled to Canada, Cuba, and then China before returning to the US thru Detroit, Michigan in 1969, where he received asylum from North Carolina before all the bogus charges were eventually withdrawn.

While in Cuba (1962-66), the gov’t gave him a voice on Cuban Radio. Rafalko noted that Williams’ family received free scholarships and medical care (pg. 169). He should have added: Along with everyone else in Cuba.

Abdallah Schleifer was a friend of Williams in Havana and was the editor his book, Negroes with Guns. Abdallah–who is formerly Marc Schleifer (1935) from NYC–was my central contact and mentor of all things Muslim and Arabic during my tours in the Middle East.

He explained to me that Williams urged American blacks and those in the armed forces to rebel against their authorities on his Radio Free Dixie broadcast during the Cuban Missile crisis. To avoid further provoking the US, Cuba suspended Williams from the air.

Williams subsequently moved to China where he was profoundly impressed with a totally non-white culture. From there, he published The Crusader for US and Vietnam distribution, primarily to black citizens and soldiers.

Abdallah Schleifer, Beirut 1973…

Abdallah Schleifer is recognized by all correspondents as far and away the most knowledgeable and experienced journalist in the Middle East. Former Bureau Chief of NBC in Cairo, he’s also a professor emeritus of Radio & Television Journalism from Cairo University.

Rafalko makes no mention in his book of the dozen-or-so assassination attempts by the CIA employing Mafia contractors against Castro, invasion and terrorism routinely employed, sabotage and blockade of its industry and people now for over 50 years, even the blowing up of a civilian airliner.

Our guys are all “freedom fighters,” theirs, of course, are all terrorists. That might serve some ignorant Tea Party, militia, KKK and thuggish Kops, but an “intelligence” service??

The reality is: Gov’t controllers get only what they want to hear, and “successful” agents know that.

On second hand, BUY the book. It’s a litany of patent propaganda so infantile that it tells one more about the conservative and official version of the CIA than any fiction writer can possibly address…

Dr. Publico

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