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Zionism, Fascism & Settler-Colonialism…

The current state of Political Zionism and the roots of the World Zionist Organization (WZO) was founded in 1897 by Theodor Herzl in Basel, Switzerland.

Their primary goal in answer to persistent and vicious anti-Semitism was Jewish separatism and the creation of a nation state, Eretz Yisrael.

In opposition to majoritarian Jewish assimilation and Russian socialism, they first tried to ally with Kaiser Germany and the Ottoman Empire in World War-I.  The Turks partially cooperated with emigration to Palestine.

When the British offered the Balfour Declaration, recognizing the establishment of a Jewish homeland in return for support against Germany, the WZO embraced the Aglo-American cause.

Leading up to World War-II, significant factions of the Zionist movement, already to the right of most Jews, embraced early fascism, fielded black-shirted Betar-fascist youth groups, and sought the support of Mussolini in Italy.

Naturally, there was some logic to this “Revisionist” tendency given that anti-Semitism and Zionist separatist-superiority found common ground…for the opposite reasons, of course. This is often the case with reactionary racism.

The central chosen enemy for the Zionists often remained socialist and assimilationist Jewish groups. Ironically, this historical period of the WZO in Weimar Germany can accurately claim to have been an aid to the Nazis in their climb to power.

Revisionist Zionists fought fascists when they had no other choice. Certainly, as the reality of the Holocaust was driven home, even many Revisionists found themselves in direct opposition to fascism.

Revisionists remained in tacit collaboration with the Nazis in negotiations and treaties in return for preferred support of mostly wealthy and young Zionists to Palestine.

Collaboration often turned to active intervention against anti-Nazi Jews in other nations, especially America. Most of this Revisionist history has been scrubbed and sanitized, but much of it remains well documented.

The reality of politics in Israel today demonstrates this was no simple aberration…

It’s axiomatic in clinical psych that children who are abused and bullied in their formative years, often become abusers and sociopaths themselves. This diagnostic pathology is true for social groups and much as it’s true for individuals.

Former leaders of the terrorist Betar-fascist Revisionist movements, such as Menachem Begin and Yitzak Shamir, were wholly folded into official Israel and even took their turns as Prime Ministers.

Today, Betar Revisionism has made a full comeback as the Likud Party. It’s not the threat of war that drives the ultra-right-wing Likud Party of Israel. It’s the threat of peace.

Polls in Israel indicate a majority of its citizens oppose the continued assaults on the native population and the theft of their lands.

The Israeli peace movement has grown significantly over the past year in conjunction with the Arab Spring and American Occupy movements. This is a serious political problem for the racist, American educated Bibi Netanyahu and his Likud Party.

The recent rounds of Bibi-Obama race-baiting, the AIPAC-conservative alliance in Congress, drum-beating for war against Iran, and the weapon-testing war crimes in Gaza are only the latest events in the Bibi-Likud quest for an apartheid Eretz Yisrael.

Most of these settler-colonial shock forces squatting on Palestinian land, with estimates up to 500,000, are not native-born (Sabra) Israelis. Some 78% of them are European and American immigrants.

Of course, right-Zionists claim that those in opposition are “self-hating Jews.” The fact is, the vast majority of Jews are like most everyone else on the planet: Normally adjusted, socially mature citizens.

Last August, at the height of the peace movement in Israel with massive demonstrations, a terror attack was launched in the Eilat-Sinai area. A number of Israelis and Egyptians were killed.

Israeli journalists Alex Fishman, Richard Silversteinand Idan Landau, showed that the culprits were an al-Qaeda group in the Egyptian Sinai. They were arrested by the Egyptian authorities.

Gaza Requiem…

Of course, the Likud gov’t used the excuse to blame the Gazans and killed 30, mostly civilians, in attacks.

This provoked an ineffectual rocket barrage by Hamas (who the Israeli Mossad have long since infiltrated–having created Hamas in the first place as a counter-weight to the PLA–and employ at will).

Needing further “provocations” as an excuse to soften up the Israeli population, they assassinated the Gaza PRC leader and used the predictable rocket barrage from Gaza to test their new weapons anti-missile system (in preparation for war against Iran?).

The new system worked quite successfully and murdered another 26 Gazans in the process. Allow me to repeat an earlier claim:

If the Likud are successful in creating war with Iran but fail to destroy the deep bunkers with the new bunker-busters that Obama just gave them, or the Iranians retaliate with their own missiles, the Israelis will not hesitate to use tactical nukes. In fact, they probably prefer to.

Israel’s hypocrisy over nuclear weapons is not lost on everyone.

Given the history of the Israeli right, and their arrogance and contempt for international law, with American conservative, corporatist support and quest for profit and power, we have a nexus of insanity previously unknown in the world.

We could well be on the brink of a whole new period in planetary warfare.

Dr. Publico (Nick Medvecky, PsyD), April 2012…

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