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Is there any there there?

I’m of the opinion that there is more than ONE way to get from here to there…

America’s prevalent national characteristic, as anyone who does any traveling can attest, is individualism.

This is a two-sided dilemma. While good for personal profit, privilege and power, it also makes us the most internally alienated society on earth.

Americans tend to believe that private enterprise is the same thing as free enterprise, and that they have the liberty of owning the world to the exclusion of others. Property replaces social connection.

Some believe that the individual liberty to do as one pleases, for example, the “liberty” to exclude others from their property (which often translates into their lives), is positive, sacrosanct and inviolate.

I recall reading about a previous occasion back in 1927 of a devastating flood in New Orleans when a half-full steamboat paddled away from shore leaving hundreds of black families behind. The calliope was playing “Bye Bye Blackbird,” just written in 1926.

There are some who describe themselves as libertarians, who support the idea of this sacrosanct freedom of property. This is a social perversion; there’s something fundamentally wrong with their foundational beliefs.

Societies, like individuals, grow up thru stages of moral and cognitive development, from a pure self-focus (infants to a certain age) to social consciousness…or not. The “or nots” are defined as conservatives or sociopaths…or both. It’s a pathology, a lack of normal human social development.

Carrying the individual moral stage development concept forward, we find that the general state of ruling society throughout the planet is probably the equivalent individual social age of 5-or-6-years-old, stage 2 out of 6 stages. We have a long way to go.

Civil societies on Earth are only some 10,000 years old. Infants in the grand scheme of the universe. Other species and civilizations have no doubt grown beyond their infantile stages…or self-destructed.

Out here on the rim of our galaxy—billions of star systems far far older than our own, among billions of other galaxies beyond measure—we’re only the latest in the evolutionary process.

Why don’t they contact us, assuming they can? For what purpose? To sit around a polluted, privately-owned seashore babbling baby-talk? If anything, they’ve probably put a sign out there somewhere warning: “Careful! Children at play!

It’s estimated that 108 billion people have lived on earth. There are 7 billion living today. By 2054 that number is expected to double.

Extreme individualism is the foundation under the concept of private wealth and power to the exclusion of social justice and responsibility.

Arch-conservatives are social Darwinists. They are totally committed to the idea that individual survival-of-the-fittest selection is a superior form of civilization and offers the best opportunity for growth and success.

Those who directly profit in wealth, privileges and power would certainly argue that it’s all for the best, and that this “best” trickles down to the masses…

However, there comes a time when the family cave, the tribal field, the nation state, and planetary exploitation becomes reasonably complete.

Whenever that has occurred we either expand out, often dispossessing and destroying other cultures, if not entire societies of the less technologically superior, or turn internally to exploit each other to mutual self-destruction.

I suggest that as a planet we have reached that latter point…or pretty damn close to it.

The limits of individual wealth and power is turning so far inward and mutually destructive that the relative equity we enjoyed just a few short years ago is already being rolled back.

Universal morality is more than self-centered personal profit. Motivations of nurturance, empathy, trust and social concern become the result of projecting that others are much like ourselves and just as deserving and responsible.

We are indeed our brothers and sisters keeper; no island unto ourselves…

This philosophy of course needs to be reflected in the systemic social justice that we create (or not). Personal freedom as more mature social consciousness can carry us to the next level of humanity…or not.

Monopoly corporatism evolves inevitably into corporatist-fascism. Self-destruction is the product of the accumulation of wealth and power of an elite few by para-military means and their ever-increasing security-state necessary keep it.

In order to preserve these ever-narrowing privileges (after all, productive wealth is derived from labor; those who accumulate that wealth essentially produce nothing), the circle of exploitation and impoverishment has to grow.

All empires arrive at the point where they destroy themselves. All empires, in the final analysis, are only another form of Ponzi scheme…if they don’t continue to expand and exploit new circles, they collapse.

That process will destroy us all…in the end, even those wielding such powers.

After all, what do slaves really have to lose?

Dr. Publico

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