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Dumb & Dumber…

Before graduating from Wayne State University in Detroit, I had to pass courses in American Gov’t and English proficiency. All accredited universities require certain knowledge in these areas (math and computer literacy have since been added). Sometimes I wonder…

I still can’t figure out why any social progressive (including so-called Libertarians) could actively fail to understand at the minimum the basics of a civil republic and the long-term advantages of a representative democracy with constitutional guarantees for individuals and minorities.

Think of it as a transitional program…certainly the corporatist enemy does…

Did daddy shove a conservative cactus up their asses, metaphorically speaking, that gives them a demented view of society and their fellow citizens?

Did they fail to graduate from a 3-yr-old’s expression of rank individualism? Witnessing the current child-cohort of Republican candidates is difficult to define otherwise.

Their obvious open shilling for big-brother corporatism, willful ignorance and hateful bigotry certainly appeals to some–perhaps many–in a nation still steeped in Jim Crow. Witness the corporate media response to Trayvon Martin…whatever the ultimate facts of the case.

But when it comes to distortions of democracy and the Constitution, Democrats should also be held accountable by a public they’ve sworn to serve. In fact, even more so…what’s their excuse?

Special criticism has often been wrtten here of Big Bubba Clinton and Barack Obama. These are politicians who won their victories with promises and appeals to the mass of Americans.

Instead, they moved to the right to appease conservatives by appointing corporate foxes to the people’s gov’t, by preserving right-corporate legislation, and by advancing a para-military security state even further than the right-wing bottom-feeders.

President Clinton gutted much of unionized manufacturing thru NAFTA and GATT, thus giving corporations more motivation to export jobs to third-world nations, killing jobs and driving down wages at home.

He killed the Glass-Steagall Act, which had prohibited banks from engaging in financial speculation since 1933. We’ve seen where that culminated in 2008.

Clinton enacted 3-strikes, a massive prison construction program, and continued expansion of the largest prison gulag in the history of the planet.

He enacted AEDPA to convert “terrorism” from a crime to a “war” (wars are more profitable and give the gov’t more powers), while suspending habeas corpus for the first time since Abraham Lincoln.

He opened religious teaching in public schools, enacted welfare-work “reform” programs (but increased corporate welfare), escalated the “war on drugs,” initiated Plan Colombia, , and started the bombing of Iraq for their non-existent nukes-chemical-biological weapons programs.

(The gov’t had good reason to believe the Iraqis had them because it was the US that supplied those materials during the Iraq-Iran War–including poison gases. But apparently, as Sadaam Hussein stated, the stockpiles were destroyed.)

What? Did he believe going to bed with the right would buy him a free pass on blowjobs in the Oval Office?

He gave American-educated Bibi Netanyahu carte blanche to open Palestinian lands to massive colonial-settlerism in the Wye Accords, and to destroy the Palestinian Authority with complete impunity. As if Bloody Bibi and the Likud-American maniacs needed any further incentive.

And that’s hardly to even mention the most continuous massacre of urban citizens (Gaza) since Sarajevo. Peace is the greatest enemy to Bibi’s version of Israel.

All in all, one could argue that Clinton created the expanded template of the Bush-Cheney criminal presidency. And Obama wants to follow in that example? Well, so far he’s right on schedule…

No doubt, the strategy will continue to work. But I have a sneaking suspicion that a clear majority of the American public is going to hand the Republican right their hats in November (assuming they can even vote and that it’s counted).

Democracy without participation is merely an empty ideal. For the right, any means to dissuade liberal and progressive voting serves their direct interests.

For the left, any means that opens opportunity for articulating systemic change, organizes resistance, and raises the social consciousness of the public, advances the day we sweep them all from power.

Mohamed Bouazizi...

However, by itself, voting is at best only an indicator of where those masses are at in any given political moment. The lesser evil…the more efficient evil…Quien sabe?

Conservative corporatism is a criminal act. It’s not simply a political alternative any more than rape, theft and murder is a viable “lifestyle.”

Perhaps history will credit a 26-yr-old street vendor in Tunisia, Mohamed Bouazizi, with sparking a massive democracy movement worldwide to cage the 1% and their lust for personal profit, privilege, property and power at the expense of the rest of us.

Perhaps not…

Dr. Publico

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