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A Good Beginning? A Chain of 100 Corporatists at the Bottom of the Ocean…

Here’s a few wild ideas that came to mind while I was waiting for the cell door to open over the past 20-plus years. Of course,

little did I realize that the free-world itself was becoming another level of minimum security.

After I got out, Detroit friends held a Welcome Home party for me. Perhaps I should have welcomed y’all to MY world…

At the top of the news today, in addition to the racist murder of Trayvon Martin, is the health insurance “debate” in the US Supreme Court.

Having witnessed Court games over the past 25 years, I think I can assure you that the corporatist ideologues (footmen flunkies)–the Gang of Five–will make their ruling based upon:

Whatever most impoverishes the public; whatever privatizing/profit is best served; whatever most undermines democracy in favor of corporatocracy; and whatever most inhibits the reelection of Barack Obama.

To the corporate-conservative mind, all their decisions are based upon what best serve wealth and power for the ruling elite. The fix is a done deal…that’s why they were put in there.

If I’m right, they’ll strike down the “Affordable Healthcare Act” (known to racist-conservatives as “Obamacare”) by a 5-to-4 decision in the next few months.

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Meanwhile, for some more pleasant thoughts, when the Occupy movement gets around to formalizing demands we might consider some of the following…assuming some semblance of democracy ever does return:

> Require that all minimum wages and taxes return to 1960 cost-of-living rates; this should include annual tax deductables set to the poverty rate ($22,350 for a family of four).

> Paying all poverty-level citizens a $100 voucher when voting in the quadrennial presidential elections.

The 2010 Census sets the poverty rate at 15.1% (46 million). Assuming 50 million, the costs ($50 billion) can be drawn from the defense budget, which for four years at current rates would be $2,656,000,000,000. In another words, a few bombers.

In addition to increasing democratic representation, 99% of those voucher moneys will be reinjected into the economy overnight. Poor folks have zero interest in predatory financial manipulations and “investments.”

> Eliminate the “exception clause” from the 13th Amendment, thereby outlawing ALL forms of slavery and involuntary servitude in America.

> Enact Constitutional Amendments to describe only natural born, living persons as viable citizens (not corporations) for all purposes at law;

guaranteeing a living wage for all who seek such with our gov’t as the employer of last resort;

This Amendment should include a clause that employment emphasize the public infrastructure of parks, recreation, public transportation, emergency services, and clean air, water and energy enterprises.

outlawing private property that prohibits public access on all shorelines (most nations, like Mexico, already have such in their respective Constitutions);

> Amend the 15th Amendment from “previous condition of servitude” to record of public offense” (thus granting the vote to ALL);

> and requiring the decennial census to count all persons where they normally reside irrespective of their temporary lodging or condition of imprisonment.

And while I’m at it: Reinstate Glass-Steagall thus prohibiting banks from engaging in Ponzi-capital investment schemes, and bust up all corporations that have a record of anti-trust criminality—civil or otherwise. Let’s spread the wealth around…

All prisoners should be free to vote and earn a living wage if they so chose (like all viable citizens), as a condition of their positive rehabilitation. Why condemn them and their families to the public dole and conservative masturbation?

If they refuse social change or choose to remain in a predatory status (currently some 3-to-6%)—their choice—they can do so without any exceptional privileges other than the ever-present opportunity to change and humanitarian incapacitation from the public.

I expect these suggestions to be an ongoing contribution to Occupy the Criminal Justice System.

Meanwhile, I’ll consider this a work-in-progress…

Dr. Publico

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