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Truth, Justice & the American Way…

Why should there be any sense of justice in a nation that fosters and promotes ethnic, sexist, and class murder? It’s as American as apple pie…

Trayvon Martin (17)…

While corporatist Republican bottom feeders race to the depths of the bigoted cesspool, honorary blue-dog Democrats, Obama and his attorney general, are busy promulgating security laws worthy of a police state.

Their incessant promotion of ever more paramilitary powers against American citizens makes their liberal legislation appear as after-birth on the public service scene.

Meanwhile, 17-yr-old Trayvon Martin was being murdered for walking-while-black. There was no Homeland Security or “Protect & Serve” for Trayvon. There was no arrest, no detention and no real investigation of his predatory killer.

Jay Jurie, a resident of Sanford, FL, where Trayvon was murdered, reports that the middle-aged white woman on whose property the “altercation” took place, told a mass gathering at the Seminole County Courthouse that it was the black youth who was crying for help.

The police, she said, ignored her. In fact, as reported by others, the police and prosecutors seem to be acting as defense counsel for the killer.

In keeping with Southern traditions, it was as close to a lynching as one can get. The only difference would be the police calling together the neighborhood to hold a barbeque and a cross burning and the corp-media advertising the coming event.

But they had the next best thing: George Zimmerman, a 28-yr-old gusano practicing for a job with the police…a Florida/Batista secret police tradition.

But where this was the norm in the Old South, today that Jim Crow golem is being visited upon the entire nation…indeed, visited upon the world.

If the US Justice Department takes up the case, you can guarantee it will only come from massive public pressure. Otherwise, corporatist Lady Liberty is busy giving blowjobs to the 1%.

I’m reminded of two incidents from an earlier time of police conduct that could very well be today. In terms of police action and non-action, they parallel the America that Trayvon experienced on Sunday, February 26th, 2012.

Back in ’66, Edward Waniolek, a Detroit Cab driver, traveled to NYC with a cache of guns and applied for a visa at the South African embassy in order, he told them, “to kill niggers.”

When declined (they already had enough), he said that he would return to Detroit “to kill some communists.” They notified the US Secret Service, who in turn informed the Detroit Police of his intent. The Detroit police “red squad” interviewed his wife briefly, but she told them that she was terrified of her husband’s reaction and declined to cooperate. The cops dropped their inquiry.

On May 16th, 1966, Waniolek walked into Detroit’s Deb’s Hall headquarters of the YSA-SWP and gunned down those present, killing Leo Bernard and critically wounding Jan Garrett and Walter Graham.

A court-ordered psychiatric panel found that he suffered from “delusions of persecution from a communist conspiracy.” (That could include half the nation and practically all of the police and gov’t…)

He was sent to Ionia State Mental Hospital, and apparently released in 1974 when the facility closed.

In May of 1970, after Nixon ordered the invasion of Cambodia during the Vietnam War, American universities erupted in protest. The Ohio National Guard murdered four and wounded nine students at Kent State University.

Ten days later, police in Mississippi murdered two students at Jackson State. At Wayne State in Detroit, protesting students and faculty seized control of the university.

At 2 am on May 8th, 1970, Arville Douglas Garland walked into the Stonehead Manor commune around the corner from our antiwar offices.

Finding his 17-yr-old daughter, Sandra (I knew her as Theresa), in one sleeping bag and three teen males in other bags, he executed them all with a Luger, reloading at one point to pump more bullets into his daughter.

Theresa Garland was a remarkable young woman, beautiful and intelligent. At 16, she graduated high school with high honors and at the time of her brutal murder was in her third semester of pre-med at Wayne State University.

It was all lost to her fundamentalist-Christian father whose southern sensibilities (Tennessee) were offended by her lifestyle and choice of friends (black and white teens).

Walking into the 2nd Precinct, Garland turned over his pistols and told a detective that he had shot his daughter and three of her hippie friends. He was allowed to go home. That reflected the racial and “hippie” consciousness of the state at the time.

When he was finally arrested and tried, conservative judge Joseph A. Gillis sentenced him on the jury’s four counts of manslaughter and second-degree murder to concurrent sentences ranging from 10-to-40 years. He served 10 years.

During the entire case—given national attention due to its similarities to the movie “Joe”–Garland received many hundreds of letters from families across the nation in support.

People aren’t born with sociopathic beliefs; they’re nurtured. Later (1973-89), I was a criminal/civil investigator out of Detroit. We had a standing joke concerning the Criminal Justice System:

If you’re looking for justice in the Halls of Justice, you’ll find it in the halls.

Dr. Publico (Nick Medvecky, PsyD), 20 March 2012…

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  4. Danny says:

    American Tribune

  5. sheila gavit says:

    My brother, Anthony Brown was murdered by. Garland…..a horrrible injustu e in our system…I have a story to tell if you want to contact me….May 8th 1970 changed my life forever……please call me as I have info re: this case that has never been told

  6. Dr. Gary May says:

    Dear Ms. Gavit,
    I’m very interested in talking to you for a book about the 1970s that I’m writing. I can be reached at or 302-598-9696. Thanks,
    Gary May
    Professor of History (Emeritus)
    University of Delaware

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  8. Jay Henry says:

    To Ms. Gavit and Dr. May: I was living at Stonehead Manor when Tony was murdered. I used to share some food with him and loan record albums to him. I don’t remember him well, but I want you to know that in the brief months that I knew him I thought he was someone with a good attitude. We never talked about Whitmore Lake. Tony seemed to me more focused on the future. I’m sorry that you could not share more days with your brother. Jay.

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