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Israel, Iran & I’m-a-Geddon Outta Here…

Since before I crossed over the River Jordan into Occupied Palestine in the summer of ’69, I’ve been an interested witness to Israel’s march into history. I’ve found that there are two Israels:

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One is a normal state of secular and religious Jews, Christians, Palestinians and other assorted folk. The second is a colonial-settler state ruled by fanatics hell-bent on an aparthied state of Eretz Yisrael.

The first group rightfully demands–as do all of us–freedom and equality throughout the world. The second has been on a single-minded quest since the 1890s to possess a racist state to the exclusion of all others…or at least it has so morphed.

Not to be the purveyor of gloom and doom, but I think we are entering a new period in world politics: The potential use of nuclear weapons in a regional conflict.

Allow me to be clear. The rule of Revisionist Zionism combined with fanatical religionists is every bit as mad and evil as it is here in the US between right-corporatists and fundamentalist Christians.

In the United States, the ultimate corporatist goal is the impoverishment of the working class to Third World wage slavery and the destruction of the democratic republic as such. Hyperbole? Look around you…

In Eretz Yisrael–from Beirut to Damascus to Basra to Cairo (by their own maps)–their rule is not all that much different.

Internal dissent and organized opposition by masses of Israelis, and the radicalization and disaffection of their population base in the world poses the greatest threat to Bibi Netanyahu and his Likud Zealots.

As I write this article, they’re engaged in another Mossad/Zealot distraction, a vicious conflict with Hamas in Gaza. As usual, the Palestinian population are the targets. Mossad/Hamas informants and provocateurs are very busy indeed.

War with Iran is a done deal, only a question of when not if. The US neo-liberal administration has abundantly demonstrated its perfidy in the face of domestic corporatist conservatism. Likud Israel is a logical partner and extension.

The blockbuster bombs that Israel demands today will not achieve the desired result…Bibi knows that. Nor can Israel actually occupy Iran, at least not for long. There are two major items on the Revisionist table:

(1) The enticement—politically and militarily—of the US into the war, and (2) the probably logical need and desire–once the course is launched– for tactical nuclear weapons on the Iranian targets.

Bibi & Co., figure that they have one last great opportunity to deploy their weapons, setting a clear example of their will (as did the US in 1945 to their true target: Russia) before Obama is reelected in November (assuming there’s a half-assed reasonable count of the votes).

The potential for peace and political reform is their greatest threat. Meanwhile, where that will lead internationally is anyone’s guess.

But you can bet that the storm of protest throughout the world will be the opportunity for Israel, Britain, America et al. to clean house for full-blown corporatism as the only viable “alternative.”

It’s probably no coincidence that the American gov’t is fine-tuning its laws, military and para-military forces at home to deal with the inevitable protests, whatever their causality.

Given any semblance of this scenario, you can count on the use of all the security edicts issued since 9/11 being deployed, suspending the Constitution as emergency decrees that will make Operation Condor in Chile (1973) seem like a pale fore-echo in history.

Israeli subs & tactical nukes...

The gov’t, military and right-wing corporatist plutocrats have plenty of contingencies.

Forget going to a ballgame for the duration, the stadiums will be used as concentration centers for the Final Solution as they were in Chile.

Militias, the Aryan Brotherhood and other right-wing libertarian forces will be deputized and folded into the state apparatus–gleefully.

Some 25% of the colonial-settler forces of Occupied Palestine are Americans. That shouldn’t surprise anyone; they aren’t shy about reminding their chosen brethren that they already have a winning history of native genocide, slavery and Jim Crow.

War, nuclear devices, territorial power and expansion, corporate profit and privilege, all combines in this scenario as the Perfect Political Storm.

Just as in Israel, the greatest threat to these designs–or whacky prophecies, if you prefer–is the democratic reaction of the overwhelming masses. Corporatists and their conservative/fundamentalist running dogs don’t intend to wait for that development…

We may well see 1984 arrive before 2013…

Dr. Publico

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