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Georgia, Johannesburg & Jerusalem…

In October of ’59, I and a black friend sat down at an Augusta, Georgia, lunch-counter. We were both 17, from NYC, Army radio school students stationed at Ft. Gordon, Georgia, and out on our first pass in our new uniforms.

Bibi Netanyahu: American educated...

We stopped at a department store and ordered an ice cream soda. We didn’t have a clue…

Several minutes passed before the manager came over, leaned over the counter and said, “We don’t serve niggers!” Turning to me, he added, “And we don’t serve nigger-lovers! Now, git!”

Shocked speechless and turning to leave, we were surprised to see a number of people in the store attracted to the scene. It got ugly real fast.

I recall being more embarrassed for the teen girl who couldn’t serve us, she was crying.

Taken back to Ft. Gordon by the Military Police, we were confined to base for most of our deployment…punished I suppose for violating the libertarian rights of the store owners and Augusta racists.

I stayed active in civil rights in the South after the Army. After the State of Tennessee gave me another lesson respecting the freedoms of oppressors with a year on a rock-quarry chain-gang, they put me on the first bus going north to Detroit, Michigan, September of ’65.

I became active in the veterans, antiwar and human rights movements. I guess I just could never learn the higher discipline of the freedom of individuals to rip, rape and rob for their personal, profitable pleasure…or however apologists define that predatory pathology.

"That's right. You 'sand niggers' go back where you came from!"

In January of ’69, while Managing Editor of the South End daily newspaper at Wayne State University in Detroit, I ran into another of those lunch-counter moments.

I wrote a front-page editorial supporting the call for a democratic, secular state for Israel-Palestine. Man, you’d think I called for reopening the death camps at Auschwitz and Dachau.

My total Jewish exposure—in family and out—did not prepare me for the reaction to that editorial. I was given a crash course in political Zionism…actually, Revisionist Zionism.

Given the history of the Diaspora and the Holocaust, I expected a far more sympathetic audience to the plight of others.

The reaction to that editorial on Israel, unlike any of our other articles we published on numerous struggles for human rights and self-determination, was instantaneous and extreme.

Not only did we get the usual conservative reaction, but many of those whom we considered as liberals and progressives also joined in by condemning us.

The liberal president of WSU, William R. Keast, had an open letter published in the Detroit Free Press denouncing us as “disturbingly reminiscent of Hitler Germany.”

The local ACLU called for shutting down the newspaper (hell, they didn’t even later oppose neo-nazis marching thru the Skokie, IL, neighborhood of Holocaust survivors).

What the f*** was going on? Is there some special group in the world exempt from civilized behavior?

As it turned out, I ended up being invited to Israel, all-expenses paid, by the Jewish Agency to see for myself what great folks they were. What I witnessed was every bit as worthy as America’s KKK.

Delving into the history of political Zionism further informed me that they were much the same as any other racist colonial-settler force that has ravaged innocent peoples of this planet.

Perhaps the only difference is that they’ve managed to perfectly prey upon Western guilt’s long history of anti-Semitism, and convince the majority of Jews that they’re living the modern version of Exodus with proto-fascist Zionism in the role of Moses & Co.

Occupy Tel Aviv...

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not speaking about Jews, per se, nor even a majority…anymore than I would describe most Americans as racist conservative KKK, whatever. On the other hand, no ethnic group on this planet is exempt from having bigoted, running rats in its midst.

When I was a guest in Occupied Palestine, Israel was then 21-yrs-old. Today, it’s going on 64. The quest of Zionism has always been for an apartheid version of Eretz Yisrael.

The Revisionist (fascist) Zionists of World War-II have simply morphed into today’s Likud Party. And it’s no accident that some 25% of their colonial-settler vanguard in the Palestinian territories are Americans.

Given their history, they know precisely where they’re going…only this time, unlike America, they have no intention of creating a wardship of reservations, nor trying to absorb the former slaves.

The extreme conservative right in Israel has learned the wrong lesson of the Final Solution…

Hopefully, the majority of Israelis and world Jewry who oppose this development will bring the racist-colonial dogs to heel.

Two of the many Jewish groups that are in the lead for progressive policies include Tikkun and Jewish Voice for Peace, which are linked at Blogroll thru this site.

It’s the only real solution…

Dr. Publico

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  1. Roger Liebmann says:

    Well done!!

    Excellent take on the events in Palestine.

    I like your idea of a one state solution (Israel/Palestine).

    Being called anti-Semitic is a badge of courage in these debates. Like “Terrorist” it is a term that is over-used and tends to include all those who disagree with the powers that be.

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