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Elections, Selections & Joe Mammy…

In November there will be a choice to vote for Obama and a continuing slide down the slippery slope toward corporatism, or a Republican and an accelerated slide down that same slope. Take your choice.

Naturally, they’ll be third party candidates, such as Jill Stein for the Green Party, and Rocky Anderson for the Justice Party.

Corporatist-Republicans will certainly encourage such third parties as that would nullify votes for Obama.

There’s every likelihood that the next president of the United States will be a Republican. (Naming which one is irrelevant. The party’s long been captured as CRABS—corporate racist bigots.)

That’s not to say that Republicans will win in a free election. There’s simple not enough people in any given society with reactionary conservative pathologies for them to capture a majority of any vote. That’s where their ultra-rightwing cadre and strategies come in.

For over 40 years they’ve been diligently working to capture state power and influence. They’ve been very busy beavers…

That includes, state legislators (3890, 53%), state governors (29), a majority of the US House of Representatives, the Supreme Court (Gang of Five), and over 90% corporate ownership of the national media, sports and entertainment industry.

They’ve largely succeeded in centralizing “model” reactionary legislation (ALEC), redistricted numerous states, which reflects Republican domination in Congress, and engineered the largest prison gulag population in the world.

One of many examples...

They’ve gerrymandered the prison populations to disenfranchise urban votes, enhance rural Republican districts, and privatized many prisons and related industry to gut some 600,000 free-world jobs.

They largely own and operate the voting apparatus and politically control most state counting procedures. They’ve done their homework.

Ironically, a surprising number of their central cadre are former radicals from back in the ’60s and ’70s, or paid very careful attention to their tactics. Of course, they’ve twisted the ideology to suit their individual profit-oriented logic.

The fact is, they need not “win” any majority in an election; all they need to do is get close enough, they can steal the rest.

Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004 were only minor examples of what they’ve achieved. Were a free election (and count) ever actually held, most of them would be handed their hats and pointed to the exit.

The hour is probably later than a lot of us think. Ultimately, if civilization and free republics are to succeed, masses of people are going to have to become socially conscious of each other and the revolutionary role that such consciousness can achieve.

Kucinich: The latest fraud…

One of the greatest frauds perpetrated on humanity has been the idea that private property and personal freedom are synonymous.

In fact, that propagation in its extreme expression, monopoly capitalism, is the impoversishment of both individual and social freedom.

Those of immense wealth and the socio-political power that it buys (the so-called 1%) understand precisely this false polemic.

They hold no illusions that their individual wealth and power continues only upon social domination and control. In a sense, they could justifiably be called the only existing “communists.” Their socialized cooperation with each other at least deprives the masses of its wealth.

State-capitalism of Soviet Stalinism, the corporatist fascism of the Axis, and even the blockaded islands of “revolutionary socialism,” are all distortions and manifestations of capital expression.

They understand that aside from a few communal, utopian, temporal projects from time-to-time that no such relationship could long survive while capital-relation, market dictatorships prevailed.

In fact, without the control and periodic transfusion of the public treasury into the 1% state-capital coffers, they would simply be another classic Ponzi scheme.

Democracy is at a disadvantage…probably always will be. Privilege and power-seeking individuals, generally defined as conservatives, will always be driven to acquire wealth at the expense of those around them.

Most people in the world are not so driven. Most people are perfectly happy to live modest lives, raise their families, and seek relative respect and comfort.

As pathological individuals are free to pursue their dreams of wealth and conquest (they create the rules), they prey upon the docile population, turn them into overt consumers and a source of cheap labor (the only true source of wealth), and increasingly turn to draconian enforcement to achieve security for themselves.

Some are driven to greater ambitions than others, hence the difference in flavors of the current quadrennial campaign over the sheep’s meadow.

I suspect real answers will only arise from their Phoenixian ashes. Ultimately the mass fire will set them free…

Dr. Publico

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