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Alien Inductions, an Academy Award…

As I witness this world, I’ve come to feel like an alien Robinson Crusoe…marooned on this planet and damned if I can figure out how to get back home, or at least some rational alternative.

In any event, as you requested Theophilus, here’s my promised report on earthlings. I realize that this section has been quarantined, so I might be here for awhile longer…

As you know, humans are a relatively recent species, being roughly only some 200,000 years old (a minuscule fraction of our galactic year).

They’re a classic case of psycho-projected catastrophism.

Few sapient species across the cosmos have been discovered that harbor such savage and superstitious behaviors and beliefs. Their social maturity, even by their own potential at their current evolutionary stage, largely remains developmentally infantile.

Those who study such examples understand that planets which have undergone relatively recent, catastrophic histories (of which Earth is an excellent example), often give rise to species that tend to exhibit pathologically projective behaviors.

These psycho-sociological projections include incessant intra-species aggression, mystical superstitions of cosmology and geo-ethnic superiority, and inter-personal relations that are dominated by considering the Earth and each other as private property.

From this, one can easily see how their perceptions and behaviors play out.

As we know from other such examples, they’re well capable of highly clever technological intelligence, which usually ends in destroying themselves by a variety of means (thus saving the rest of us any bother).

Unfortunately, their uneven and combined development leaves far behind any sense of social consciousness and connectedness in self-rule or perception of others.

They remain a serious threat to each other and any contact or commerce beyond their solar system—at least for the foreseeable future, I agree, would be psychic suicide. Initial contacts between their own species always conclude with the subjugation and destruction of the technologically inferior.

Their aggression is so pathological that they even consider the female of their species (just over 50%!) as not much more than chattel, sexual slaves to the males, and socially as domestic animals for reproduction.

The vast majority of the human race accepts the existence of a “god” (in their own image, of course), which sanctions any belief or action they deem appropriate to their desires. This provides them with a psychic scapegoat for their aggressions and personal ambitions.

As you can easily surmise, these conditions form the basis for a mere 1% of the population to rule practically all life and commerce on the planet. This includes the almost exclusively privileged ownership and use of its collective wealth.

Earth is easily the most severe example of the vast disparity of wealth versus poverty–all artificially created and enforced.

One of the fundamental means by which the 1% controls wealth is thru the rhetorical device of “ideology.”

At the summit of their rationality is the proposition that personal liberty and social freedom are actually the consequence of private profit, privilege, property acquisition and the application of personal power.

Any and all means by which they acquire wealth is projected as normal, even superior. They’ve long sanctioned the distinction between overt predatory criminality and “private enterprise.”

This ultra-elite who rule thru such controls are favored by all enforcement systems that impose order on society. Almost any of their behaviors are generally not prosecuted under criminal sanctions.

Sanctions are primarily imposed upon the subject classes in order to maintain production and consumerism, civil reproduction of the next generation of workers, and as a means to warehouse vast sections of surplus producers.

In a very real sense, one could describe Earth as a social prison colony.

While catastrophism is at the foundation to this ideological development, as stated above, there is a rather clear and easily discerned mechanism borne at the individual-family level that perpetuates the violent cycle.

Apparently enough of them project onto their young extreme discipline and personal authority, physical and emotional punishment, or the dichotomous opposite of excessive entitlement. The predatory nature of property relations thus follows.

Many of these victims become fixated at a pre-social stage of psychological development. They don’t grow up (socially). As extremely individualistic, self-centered adults, they tend to become social predators in one form or another.

Not that I’m under the influence of the “Stockholm Syndrome,” Theo, but I would like to point out that this report should be balanced with the fact that this Earth species is not altogether incapable of rational social behavior.

In fact, raise the young to develop their full social potential and I suspect they’d be quite normal.

Given their catastro-ideo history, humans are simply subject to the fixation of ultra-individualization from infancy. One of the most interesting ways in which they’ve found to manifest their social side (short of actual whole consciousness) is thru the vicarious device of drama. Quite fascinating…

They’ve highly developed a mechanism to literally split off their self-centered fixation by living thru and aspiring to the lives of others…either thru identity-impersonation or dramatic-mythic projection.

Strange, even ironic. It would seem that they would figure out that social consciousness and connection itself would achieve this totally on their own.

Dr. Publico

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