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Gods, Ghouls & Goblins (II)…

The Abramic Brotherhood is comprised of the three central faiths in the Western world: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Peas in a pod…

Too much Goddess for Abraham...

Abram (later Abraham) was the son of Terah, the High Priest of the Temple of Ur in ancient Sumeria (the area of the Tigris-Euphrates River Valley in current-day Iraq). They worshipped the celestial warrior-god, Marduk. Cuneiform was their writing.

The Sumerian religion was the worship of an ancient extra-terrestrial race of rulers. (Hell, it even makes more sense.)

After failing to succeed his father or overthrow the prevailing rulers in Sumer, Abram fled with his wife, Sarai (who was also his half-sister) and entourage north. He later invaded the lush and peaceful land of Canaan where his progeny eventually destroyed that culture and took their land.

Much of the early Book of Genesis passed on by Abraham was borrowed from the Sumerian epics of the Garden of Eden, Noah, etc. Naturally, Abraham “edited” the stories to suit his own needs. All religions “borrow” from previous cultures.

Abraham also took one of the Sumer “gods” and promoted him to the “one and only true God,” who’s “chosen people” were–you guessed it–themselves!

Christianity is a Hellenized sectof Judaism. Basically it was invented by Paul, who was not a disciple nor had he ever even met Jesus (in life). As a Roman citizen he could get around spreading his own version of the “true belief.”

Adam & Eve...?

Islam is a still later sect of Judaism that took one of the ancient Genies named Allah (Jinns were ancient supernatural creatures that inhabit a parallel universe with humans) and Mohammed declared him the “one and only true God.” Why not? Everybody else got one.

The Celtic barbarian tribes of Europe became Romanized and adopted Christianity (the official state religion of the Holy Roman Empire), or had spears shoved up their asses and hung on crosses. Some choice.

Of course, their lust for blood and war was simply carried over to Christianity (and vice versa) thru the Crusades, the Inquisition, and the witch hunts (right into the Americas).

American Christians are by and large descended from this “Western” history along with the official Bible of the Nicene Creed. The conversion of the Gospels’ socialist Jesus to plantation and wage-slave capitalist overlord was a logical extension.

After the Emperor Constantine became a Christian, he created his own group of “bishops” to sanction an official state Bible at a Convention in Nicaea in 325 BC.

This is what Christians worship by today. All other versions were declared heretical and burned (usually with their authors). Foremost on that hit list was the Gospel of Thomas. But, buried in a sealed jar in the sands of Egypt, it didn’t surface until 1947.

Evangelical Christians in America, with their own racist brand of “chosen” superiority, have allied with right-Zionists for their own reasons: Supporting wars in the Levant as a precursor to Armageddon, the rule of “Christ,” and the utter annihilation of all non-believers (including their erstwhile allies).

Political Zionism, founded circa 1893 in Europe, was no exception to these religious revisions. They composed a tiny faction of Jews who accepted the fundamental tenets of anti-Semitism (separatism and racial superiority). Of course, in reverse.

Initially allied with the Ottoman Empire and Germany-Austria, they continued this arrangement right into World War-II, even fielding a number of fascist groups of their own (Betar, Brit HaBiryonim, Brith Hashomrim, the National Jugend Herzlia, ad nauseam). Their chief enemy were assimilationist Jews and those groups opposed to fascism.

More than "collaboration"...

Two of the most extreme fascist-terrorist leaders were Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir. They were later wholly legitimized by Israel and even assumed their own tenure as Prime Ministers of the State. They founded the ultra-right Likud Party, which today rules Israel.

Begin was head of the Polish Betar (a Jewish fascist youth group) and later the terrorist organization Irgun against the British and Palestinians (and any Jew who had commerce with them).

Shamir also joined Betar and was later one of the central leaders of the murderous Irgun and their Stern Gang.

Current right-Zionist propaganda strives to dilute this fascist-terrorist history by describing their previous activities as only a collaboration solely for the purpose of saving European Jews from the Holocaust.

Exactly the opposite is the reality. Their quest for an apartheid Eretz Yisrael, and the genocide or total expulsion of the Palestinian people thru the shock forces of the ultra-right colonial-settlers, remains their overriding goal.

The greatest achievement of the Zionists to date is in convincing much of world Jewry that political Zionism is synonymous with Judaism.

It’s no accident that many of the arch right-wing Zionists of Israel are emigrated American Jews. We have a history that the Zionists admire and wish to emulate: Slavery, Jim Crow, and the genocide of the native population.

(Click image to enlarge...)

Jefferson had an answer to the Bible’s superstitions: He comprised the “Jefferson Bible” devoid of all the “miracles” and other personal-god nonsense. Most of the early Founding Fathers were, in fact, Deists, not Christians.

Many New Testament scholars believe that the Gospels of Mathew and Luke are pure myth. Thomas’s gospel ignores the virgin birth, Jesus never performs any miracles, never calls himself the Son of God, and never claims that he has to die for the sins of mankind.

Wow! Takes all the juice outta the story, eh? Small wonder they burned all copies…well, almost all.

Of course, if you can believe in superstitious nonsense, then it’s not a far stretch to believing in the 1% rule of the planet.

Their trick? Believe what you want; just don’t mess with their profit, privileges, property and power. For the rest of it…pie in the sky

Dr. Publico

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  1. Tom Schulte says:

    Nice, critical overview of the birth of Xtianity and its lingering effects. You seem to imply the validity of The Donation of Constantine (“After the Emperor Constantine became a Christian…”) which itself is pretty openly considered false:

    and elsewhere

  2. publico says:

    Hey, Tom… Sorry, shorthand…I left open Constantine’s precise contribution. I think his selection of reps pretty much did all of that. No?

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