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Layin’ in the Cut…

There’s a saying we often use in prison, “Layin’ in the cut.” It describes a situation where one quietly awaits further time and opportunity for “payback.”

I’ve witnessed the American gulag become the largest prison system on earth…and a corporate model for future society. Welcome to my world…

The Arab Spring, Levant Winter, and the Occupy Wall Street movements are an objective reality whose time has come.

This mass development foreshadows a growing revolutionary process of class consciousness. Once wholly developed, it will become an irresistible force.

On the other hand, corporate cadre and their allies are not idly standing by. Proto-fascists historically score big in the beginning. The polyglot of democracy is easily manipulated, giving the ultra-conservatives the illusion if not the reality of control and popular support…at first.

When Naomi Wolf of the Guardian UK and others write that “the first salvos of a civil war [have been] initiated by political and allied economic elites,” it’s no idle observation.

The nation’s civilian police forces routinely co-train with the military. Special Forces, SEALS, and other military veterans are being actively recruited into private employment as corporate mercs.

Gov’t programs are arming these and other forces with military-grade weapons. Guess who all those goodies are for? Ask not for whom the bell tolls

Another force that’s extremely familiar to us behind the razor-wire and walls, are snitches, paid Confidential Informants (CIs), and professional provocateurs.

The growing mass movements in the US and elsewhere are no exception to these bottom-feeding vermin. Their tactics and goals are timeless. These “anarcho-libertarians” purport to be direct action politicals…and no doubt a few of them are simply that (fools).

A current article by Chris Hedges entitled, “Black Bloc: The Cancer in Occupy,” well documents the role these feral functionaries lend themselves to. Thru ignorance or design, they serve the interests and strategy of the security and surveillance state.

No one, including Hedges, denies the proper use of anarchist action tactics in ripe conditions and circumstances. We’re far from that stage.

To be “Fair & Balanced,” I’ll also suggest a reading of Don Gato’s “Facing Reality” defense of current anarchist tactics (albeit, I wonder how well he actually read Chris’s piece).

Disclosure:  After numerous movements across 45 years of struggle, and some 25 years of jails and prisons domestically and internationally, my experience leaves me with zero tolerance for mass consciousness and action being replaced by individual navel-gazers, much less snitches and police agents.

In addition to being of special interest and manipulation by police agents provocateurs, “winning hearts and minds” is difficult enough without handing the enemy all the propaganda they could desire.

(Try some Sun Tzu and Diem Giap.)

This paints the movement as a radical minority, criminal, and to be avoided by the masses., thus further serving the goals and interests of the corporate state.

Conversely, while Obama’s craven cave-in to the corporate conspiracy to date speaks volumes to where his loyalty lies (Surprise!), I’m not so sanguine about shooting myself in the ass because some neo-liberal wants to play lawn-jockey to his conservative masters. That’s his contradiction, not ours.

Back on 9/11, the criminal usurpers who had been selected into the White House, did all they bureaucratically could to allow a terrorist attack on US soil.

In their conservative pathology, they knew that such a Reichstag Fire would personally profit them in both treasure and political power. It’s been done before…

They lost no grief using the “Fire” to pass draconian security laws over the public, including the Patriot Act and Homeland Security.

Ignoring the obvious criminality of the Saudi Wahhabist nut fringe that perpetrated the crime (a group created and armed by the CIA to fight the Russians in Afghanistan, and with which Bush & Cheney have direct business ties), they thus enacted two imperial wars for corporate profit and further political power.

Bush, Cheney & Co. are themselves simply a criminal conspiracy. Political ideology is just a part of the scam. Nice scheme when you have practically all the players—even the military, cops, prosecutors, and judges—at pretty much the same table.

Total corporate-political power in their own name—the definition of corporatist fascism—is their ultimate goal.

The social media is one of their top priorities at the moment. As with the mass media before it, if they can’t outright buy it, then they will legislate means to control it. ACTA is their current gambit.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), of which Obama put on his corporate knee-pads and signed into law, has only one definite function (national defense is already a given), the crushing and indefinite detention of “domestic terrorism.”

The media, quoting corporate-sponsored (ALEC) legislators, has already labeled Occupy protestors as “domestic terrorists.”

The corporate conspiracists have already well stacked the courts, gerrymandered districts, effectively disenfranchised millions of non-conservative voters, and rigged many of the voting machines and count processes.

There better be a whole lot of us layin’ in that cut

Dr. Publico.

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