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Good Kops vs. Bad Kops: The 1% Solution…

No one can say that I’ve not been blessed with a variety of acquaintances and circumstances throughout my life. Two of them are Michael and Robert Meeropol, the sons of Julius & Ethel Rosenberg, murdered by the state as Soviet spies in 1953.

Julius & Ethel Rosenberg

The release of hundreds of thousands of gov’t papers since, document that, indeed, they were both ardent members of the CPUSA (allies to the US during WW-II). Julius (37) was an electrical engineer and Ethel (Greenglass, 35) was a union organizer. They lived in NYC.

They were both scapegoats of the anti-communist hysteria whipped up by J. Edgar Hoover and Senator Joseph McCarthy (R-WI). Somebody had to be publicly burned at the stake for the Soviet’s developing their own atomic bomb (1949).

Klaus Fuchs, a German physicist working on the Los Alamos project, pled guilty to that espionage in 1950. In return for his “cooperation,” Fuchs served nine years in prison. At best, Julius passed on diagrams that have since proved to be worthless. Ethel refused to “cooperate” against her husband.

Fuchs went to East Germany after his sentence, served as a nuclear physicist and apparently helped the Chinese develop atomic weapons, and was a decorated Communist Party leader, dying in 1988.

I met Michael and Robert back in the early ‘70s in the antiwar movement. Michael Meeropol(68) graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a PhD in economics and so taught for many years.

Michael, 1974

Robert Meeropol (65) graduated from the University of Michigan with a master’s in anthropology and later acquired a law degree. He has since founded the Rosenberg Fund for Children, which serves the children of progressive political activists who have been targeted by the gov’t.

Robert remains active in the Fund and in writing on a variety of progressive topics. The most recent to come to my attention concerns the arrest in Southern California of Occupy Los Angeles activist, Sergio Ballesteros (30).

Ballesteros is an activist in a variety of progressive issues, including Habitat for Humanity, mentoring Los Angeles and Appalachia kids, and a student in urban education at UCLA.

What is particularly strange about this arrest in the continuing paramilitarizing incorporation of the nation’s police forces, is the use of California’s anti-lynching statute.

This felony was ostensibly enacted to protect minorities in police custody from vigilante lynch-mobs, which were prevalent against blacks and Hispanics from the 1800s thru the 1950s.

This is yet another clear example, as this site continues to point out, of how legislated right-wing corporatismfirst enacts laws against popular majoritarian targets (terrorists, mafia, predatory criminals, etc.), and ends up overwhelmingly using them against minorities, surplus workers, and left political and environmental activists.

Robert, 1968

In fact, against anyone they choose. Have no doubt: What is used against “the others” today, will be used against you tomorrow…a valuable lesson attributed to the Reverend Martin Neimöller during the period of fascism in Nazi Germany.

A group of Occupy protestors were on an “art walk” when one of their drummers was forced to step into the street from the crowded sidewalk. This was all the excuse needed by police to riot and attack the peaceful demonstration and arrest the drummer.

Ballesteros, perceived as a leader of the demonstration, was singled out for arrest and is now charged with the anti-lynching statute.

As the movement grows, the corporate ruling elite know that they face only one effective enemy: Mass protest and action. Therefore they will stop at nothing to prevent that collective reality.

As Robert Meeropol aptly points out, this is an ongoing, concerted effort by the state to put fear into the Occupy protestors and promote a “radical” view of them to the public. The police are well aware of their own role: There is no crime that they commit for which they will be duly prosecuted.

For the “good kops” in this enterprise, their only role is to “keep their f***ing mouths shut” and support their comrades on the thin blue line. Every society has them.

But every society also has examples of extraordinary courage…

Dr. Publico

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