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Social History: 99% & 1%…

“One class-conscious prisoner is worth 1,000 lawyers.”

Twenty-years in federal prison tends to give a person a certain je ne sais quoi into crime, law, and state control. Since extended tribal families were formed some 10,000+Y.A., associations of humans have come to general agreement that certain common laws are needed.

Anthony V. Mangione, ICE

Initially, I surmise that these social agreements tended to centralize around common issues of physical predation. Family-society came to generally view murder, assault and theft as such universal crimes.

Of course, exceptions to these edicts (social, religious, political and military dominants) can take up this entire article and a lot more. But generally, we can label these predatory crimes as basic social law.

America today is the most outstanding polyglot of laws and sanctions. The US is and has the largest internal prison gulag in the history of the planet.

We have even surpassed Nazi Germany and “Soviet” Russia in the criminalization and imprisonment of one’s own citizens and residents.

One of the metaphors that I often used in prison conversations was in describing a net being thrown at random over any busy street corner in America as generally representing those who are in prison…certainly federal prison.

I’d guess that no more than 2% of the general population are social predators and/or seriously sociopathic. Depending on how one defines predation, I’d estimate that some 3% of the federal prison population are so.

The vast majority of prisoners are merely consensual statutory “criminals” of one stripe or another.

Virtually all drug crimes, gambling, consensual sex, most of the property and political crimes are not predatory. Most don’t even appear on the FBI’s “reported” crime stats. Such inmate’s files don’t even contain any “victim impact” statements.

I estimate that you could release some 85% of the nation’s prisoners tomorrow without any significant increase in reported crime. The unemployment rate will probably rise, but that’s because unlike Europe and other societies, only the US does not count prisoners in unemployed statistics.

On the other hand, you could release a certain 3%-or-so and predatory crime would go thru the roof.

I’ve found over the years that there are several agencies that most lend themselves to an inchoate form of fascism. (All forms of ruling corporatism are, by definition, fascism.)

In my experience, these include the DEA, ATF, practically all SWAT, drugs, and vice elements, and ICE, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency of Homeland Security.

They enforce laws on others that largely target otherwise innocent citizens and residents, afford the greatest theft possibilities, and allow and encourage violent attacks that attract the lowest form of predators to their ranks (those who have at least escaped having criminal records).

Nor do I excuse the “good” agents. Most officers within these groups are well aware of what their predator brethren are up to. The thin blue line of gang loyalty hardly excuses their looking the other way during much of the theft, mayhem and murder associated with these organizations.

Make no mistake, a future will come when membership alone will be a valid charge as it was with the Nazis. CYA is their formal code. One might wish to realize this before it’s too late (not that I expect them to).

I can give many examples from my own experiences, but I’ll use one reported in the media that the reader can easily Google.

ICE is an apt nomenclature of a particularly vicious crew of racist, nativist vigilantes (police volunteers) given a state badge and armed to their Klan teeth.

It’s a rare occasion when they’re taken down for their numerous crimes. One who was exposed is Anthony Mangione, 50, the director of ICE for South Florida since 2007.

Mangione was arrested in April of 2011 on a number of child pornography trafficking charges and faces up to 50 years in prison.

Apparently, he has a particular pathology related to immigrant children. Locking them up and shipping their asses back south, in addition to glomming their naked parts is how he gets his jollys off…

While the gov’t prosecutor cited his potential to go ballastic and as a continuing threat to the community, the conservative judge released him on a mere $75,000 bail. Mangione has 27 years in law enforcement, expects to retire with his pension this summer, and in the meantime remains on paid administrative leave.

Mangione, as a director, was often the on-camera spokesman during high-profile child pornography busts. His charges as a director in ICE and the judge’s enabling decisions are perfectly in keeping with predator hypocrisy.

Like most conservatives, Mangione was drawn to punishment and spanking depictions—in his case, of nude children. He is accused as both a collector and distributor of child pornography.

Lest conservative or neo-liberal apologists for felons-in-blue excuse this behavior as an exception, the fact is the only exception is their being brought to justice…as little and as late it may be.

Even the FBI has testified before Congress on the incredible statistic of up to 40% of the nation’s police being involved in domestic violence…a stat that the nation’s imprisoned felons don’t match.

ICE and other such fascist organizations are central collecting points for such behaviors and predators, not exceptions.

Dr. Publico

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