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Courts, Corporatists & Other Criminals…

While the corporate media distracts the public with their trick-bag of dysfunctional Republican idiots, aka candidates, the US Supreme Court pulled off another three-card monte.

In a devilish compromise, the Court unanimously instructed a lower court in Texas to “take another look” at the Texas Legislator’s redistricting maps (favoring Republicans).

The Texas court had redrawn the Congressional voting maps in line with the Census count (as required by the Constitution).

That remapping included fair representation by the affected Hispanic communities. The USSC effectively killed that plan.

The Gang of Five on the US Supreme Court have zero interest in “fair representation.” For them, it’s simply a partisan “technical” power issue…who has it and who doesn’t.

The irony in this case—unexplained in the corporate media—is that the issue was already a compromise by the Texas court to undo some of the criminal conspiracy of which former House leader Tom DeLay was convicted back in November of 2010.

The criminal conspiracy was simple enough, even “house negroes” like Clarence Thomas should have little trouble comprehending it…

(Of course, Tio Tom had to issue a concurring opinion to throw some more mierda en el juego, alerting his corporate sponsors as to his plantation overseer loyalty: He said he would have simply “instructed the coming elections to proceed under [Tom DeLay’s] Legislature’s maps.” Of course he would…)

In shorthand, DeLay, a former pest-control, bug-and-rat-killer from Texas, became one of the top corrupt Congressmen on the Hill. Conservative Republicans even elected him as their Houseman.

In any event, he went from killing rats to working for them.

The crime that got him convicted (rarely ever prosecuted) was soliciting and accepting $190,000 in order to finance a group of Texan Republican legislators. He funneled the money thru the Republican National Committee, and then had them launder the money to select state candidates.

Of the seven candidates he selected for payoffs (“campaign contributions”), six won in the election. The Republican Legislature then gerrymandered Texas according to DeLay’s instructions, effectively redistricting Hispanics and those prone to voting Democratic into electoral oblivion.

Thus, for awhile, DeLay became king-rat…until he was convicted and later sentenced to 3 years in prison (having been facing up to life). He’s never done a day and probably never will.

At sentencing, DeLay openly bragged that what he did was “just business,” and that it cost him some $10 million in legal fees (which came from guess where).

Of course, if the case gets as far as the USSC, we can expect results that confirm the Court’s actions in the instant redistricting case.

The Texas court tried to redraw the redistricting lines to reasonably represent the given populations. Regardless that the Texas legislature’s gerrymandering was the fruit of a criminal conspiracy, the US Supreme Court found in their favor.

How the 99% and the Texas lower court responds waits to be seen…

Dr. Publico

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