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Commentary: Political Consciousness…

When I was first asked for my opinion of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement last October, I responded that the most significant factor was their central issue of 99% vs. 1%, and that this was, objectively, an anti-capitalist call.

She replied that she didn’t think that the OWS movement was making such a lofty statement nor that such would development.

“We’ll see,” I said, but also thought, That’s the difference between subjective and objective analysis.

Back in the 1960s when I was in the thick of civil rights and antiwar organizing, we had much the same political dichotomy framed essentially by  what I term as anarcho-individualists (the “ideal” character of American society) who argued for grassroots’ community organizing vs. mass demonstrations.

We countered that mass rallies around a common issue (the war) attracted all kinds of participants with a vast variety of other issues. Once engaged, demonstrators often found commonality.

While they’re complementary, one is clearly an engine of the other; social enterprise is an objective influence and force over and above any individual activity. (That’s also the fundamental issue between individual alienation and social consciousness.)

It was the central focus of the war issue that brought them together and influenced further consciousness and action.

Today, the OWS and its call–99% vs. 1%–cuts right to the quick. There is no higher issue on the agenda.

The one great lesson in social human activity is how such action can create a cultural meme for the masses. Witnessing the struggles and successes of the Arab Spring, inspired the creation and call in turn of the OWS movement.

The continued development of the OWS’s central issue in public social consciousness is the ONLY strategic factor that can ultimately defeat corporate rule…in my humble opinion.

Public consciousness and the rule of democracy (“mobocracy” to the 1%) is such a threat to corporate rule that they ultimately resort to their time-worn tactics of employing paramilitary police reaction to isolate, provoke, confront, criminalize and incarcerate members of the movement.

Their objective stupidity (in fact, helping to create the movement) is duly noted.

We’ve now witnessed the Occupy movement and its slogan of 99% vs. 1% capture the attention of the masses.

A recent Pew Research Center report documents that, whereas just a few years ago (2009) an estimated 47% of the public perceived “strong conflicts between classes,” today that number is 66%…a 19-point increase just since the advent of the OWS movements. Income inequality is now a majoritarian factor in America’s consciousness.

While the record fraud and theft by the 1% were also objective factors, the masses had no independent response until the Arab Spring and the OWS movement presented them with a cultural meme of popular revolt.

Another example is that as the personal competition heats up in the Republican primaries, candidates are getting so desperate as to even resort to class warfare themselves.

Little are they conscious that such a development could only have occurred due to the objective effects of the OWS movement.

Rick Perry seems to have discovered the Dark Side of capitalism in Mitt Romney—accurately, as it turns out—as a “vulture capitalist.” I could only laugh as I watched him on TV mouthing the epithet while he pumped his fist in the air.

His own hypocrisy is that Perry is in fact a life-long junior vulture himself. The central difference is that Romney is an actual member of the corporate club, and Perry and the others are merely political flunkies for sale (and cheap at that). Yo, Comrade Rick, go for it!

Of course, what’s aggravating them is that while the corporate club will certainly accept practically any of them as their CPO (Chief Political Officer; i.e., POTUS), the club’s putting their big bucks on one of their own: Romney.

Romney outstandingly proved himself as the Gordon Gekko of Bain Capital, even as he extols himself as a businessman/job creator needed by America.

That’s true only if one accepts the “need” for America to be bought and traded for profit by destroying domestic industries, jobs, unions, “privatizing” all public gov’t services, and impoverishing the population down to third-world wages.

This is the corporate model for “America, Inc.” that Romney proposes.

America is NOT a corporation, nor do its citizens fit the model of corporate ownership, rule and profit. (Unless, of course, one accepts the 99% as being the owners, which may well objectively develop.)

The irony of having the vulture (monopoly) capitalists inaugurating state socialism (for themselves, which is their aim, whatever they call it), is just too rich.

The rest of us (99%) will inevitably come to the clear conclusion that we simply don’t need them at all; all wealth is already created by labor, they create nothing.

While corporations and their propaganda apparat are quite successful at inventing the myth of “trickle down economics” to the willfully ignorant (“greed is good”), the fact is: It’s only another version of Joseph Goebbels’ dream of the Big Lie.

Take heart: The dawn is always preceded by the darkest hour

Dr. Publico

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