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9/11 & Conservative Freaks…

“Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”   Ben Franklin

On 9/11, as the rest of the world was learning of the Saudi-Wahhabist terror attack in NYC, I was taken from the federal prison factory at FCI Jesup, Georgia, and locked down incommunicado in the punitive isolation “hole” for the next 50 days.

Just business...

That was only one minor beginning of the power-security grab and the Patriot Act that was enacted by the Bush-Cheney criminal administration (and continues to this day).

I later learned that while they shut down the nation’s air traffic in the initial hours of the attack, Bush-Cheney did make an exception for their Saudi-bin Laden business partners to fly out of the country.

They directed the FBI to collaborate in the exodus, but forbade them to be interviewed.

As a journalist, civil/criminal investigator, and a political activist, I have no evidence that Bush-Cheney were direct conspirators in the attacks.

To paraphrase the great scientist, Pierre-Simon Laplace, in answering Napoleon (regarding the existence of God), “Sire, I have no need of that hypothesis.”

But the record is pregnant in Bush’s refusal to recognize the threats, and his collaboration in suppressing all such information.

It is obvious, however, given a reasonable analysis of conservative Machiavellianism, that the senior levels of the administration generally welcomed an attack.

They perceived of it as their Reichstag Fire. To their thinking, a terror attack on US home soil would enhance their purposes for increased political power. The wild success of its scope surprised all–even the Wahhabists.

This article was inspired by a Sunday opinion piece in the NY Times by a Guantánamo survivor. It documents the rot in America down to the military, intelligence and medical thugs who are “just following orders.”

Murat Kurnaz (29)...

Murat Kurnaz (29) is the German-born son of Turkish auto-worker immigrants. He was 18 back in 2001 when he married a devout Islamic Turkish girl. Seeking to learn Islam, at 19 he accepted the advice of his community elders to study with a group in Pakistan.

Soon after 9/11, the US offered bounties for Al Qaeda suspects, “enough money to take care of your family, your village, your tribe for the rest of your life.”

Paki police pulled Murat off of a public bus as he was returning to Germany. A foreigner studying Islam? They sold him to the Americans.

Taken to a prison in Kandahar, Afghanistan, Murat was interrogated and tortured for information about Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, of which he knew nothing.

The torture included beatings, drownings and being hung by his hands for long periods. Military and contract psychologists and medical doctors participated by facilitating the torture.

After two months, Murat was transferred to Guantánamo and spent the next five years under further conditions of torture and deprivation. Even guards later spoke out.

After his location was discovered by his family and his gov’t, Murat was finally released back to Germany. By that time, the US military was apparently convinced of his innocence.

As it turns out, even the former Guatánamo commander, Col. Terry Carrico, among a number of other officers and doctors, agree the prison should be shut down. Some call for the return of the base to Cuba.

They’re quite outspoken about how they feel about torture and indefinite detention without trial on secret evidence (often, none at all).

Murat was transported back to Germany at a reported cost of more than $1 million, the only prisoner on board a C-17.

As with his arrival, he was shackled hands to waist to ankles and bolted to the floor of the aircraft. His ears and eyes were goggled, head hooded, drugged and guarded by 10 soldiers.

When American officers perp-walked Murat off the aircraft in shackles at Ramstein Air Base, they offered to re-shackle him in plastic cuffs.

The German officers declined disgustedly, stating, “He has committed no crime here; here, he is a free man.” So much for the “hearts and minds” we continue to influence around the world.

Murat has since been interviewed on 60 Minutes and published Five Years of My Life: An Innocent Man in Guantánamo.


Actually, there was one other prisoner with me on that day back on 9/11 when I was locked down in the prison’s Segregated Housing Unit (SHU).

He was a Turk named Alex—we later became good friends. I was already an “old head” at 59 with 11 years in prison. I usually ignored most of the guards’ irrational hatefulness.

Alex was another story. I quickly realized that the staff, including the Deputy Warden who visited the cell on several occasions, had no idea what a Turk was. They had assumed he was an Arab. Their ignorance frustrated poor Alex to no end.

Alex’s insistence that he was not Arabic, did not speak Arabic, was a Christian and, in fact, Turkey was a NATO ally of the US, fell on deaf ears. They were beyond willfully ignorant.

So, after 20+ years in America’s gulag and now out here in the “free-world,” I find it ironically amusing that “security” has replaced freedom–what little there actually was to begin with.

The running dogs of both the conservative and neo-liberal variety are well on their way to impoverishing the nation under the guise of a budgetary crisis purely of their own design and theft.

I recall a time that when banks were robbed they actually pursued the robbers.

In any event, I’ll be 70 in June. I’ve done my share.  Your turn…

Dr. Publico

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