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Dr. Publico & Wild Wild Left Radio…

The author of this site, Nick Medvecky, gave an hour interview on Diane Gee’s Wild Wild Left Radio last night, December 16th, 2011.

Some of the unspoken facts and issues are that I consider myself a connoisseur of incarceration. I’ve had occasion to do time in over a dozen US states, Mexico, Turkey, Uganda and throughout the Middle East.

Occupy Reality...

In my case, this has included crossing paths and swords with the FBI, CIA, DEA, etc., Colombia’s DAS, Mexican Federales and their Indian Police, Idi Amin’s secret police, the French Sûreté, the Brit’s MI6, Syria’s Mukhabarat and Russia’s KGB, the Palestinian Al Assifa, Israel’s Mossad, ad nauseam.

Perhaps given my extensive contact with such forces and my formative, bottom-up view of society (the poor side of working-class), I see most “political” problems as more analogous to a criminal conspiracy. I don’t understand why people tend to give them “political” credit?!

This also suits my subsequent acquisition of an academic discipline in forensic psychology. Psychs recognize transference and projection pathologies as diagnostic: You perceive what you project.

The corporate ruling elite perceive the masses as a mob. They perceive democracy as mob rule. Hence they’re hell-bent criminalizing the “lower classes” (sic).

Abraham Lincoln (circa 1861) said it clearly enough that even Wall Street parasites should fathom:

“Labor is prior to and independent of capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital and deserves much the higher consideration.”

In other words, in modern union parlance: We should put profits on the collective bargaining table first, then negotiate down from there! Wouldn’t that be a revolutionary concept to put on the mass agenda!

Future Museum of Wall Street Rule...

In the final analysis, the corporate “elite” are simply a criminal conspiracy by their own projection. What to do about them? Easy. They themselves provide their own answer (social parasites always do). Do to them as they do to others.

Analyze and define their actions and content as a criminal enterprise, their membership as a crime (as was done with the Nazis and SS). Then charge, convict and incarcerate them. (Some of them will even recognize the irony…)

I might suggest that we open up zoos to include a section for them to be on public display. Moneys they earn from performing and begging (and pimping their own wives and daughters) could pay for their upkeep.

Of course, all this will entail a glorious revolution to accomplish. But it all starts with a cultural muse, a meme, if you will, that defines who and what they truly are: Criminals.

Other aspects I’d love to cover in future interviews, as I have in these pages, are the remarkable variety of cellmates and workmates I’ve had over my 20+yr tenure in the federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP).

These include Peter MacDonald, former chief of the Navajo Nation; Gene Gotti, Nove Tocco, Tony DeMeo and other mafioso; former Congressman and father-in-law to Chelsea Clinton, Ed Mezvinski; and a host of Colombian Cartel members, fellow pilots and doctors, lawyers, police, judges, intelligence operatives, contractors, bankers, CEOs, and even a NASA supervisor and an Air Force general.

Where else can one get such a free education?

I recall an interesting exchange I once had at the Pensacola Naval Air Station with a Marine Gunny and her squad. (One hardly expects a Marine sergeant to be drop-dead gorgeous, but these are the times, eh?)

My work mates were fellow pilots, in fact, former jet-fighter officers from that very base. One of them had numerous decorations and 73 combat missions over Vietnam…even survived three aircraft being shot from under him. (Their “crime”? Something to do with taxes…)

The Gunny kept a running flirtation with me (initially assuming I was a ranking officer, not a federal prisoner; in my haz-mat uniform, one couldn’t really tell) and I got a lot of ribbing from my workmates.

Prison life can have its own ironies… (One should bear in mind that I’m speaking here of federal prisoners who are in a camp; it took me 16 years behind the razor-wire to get to one…)

What I especially appreciate about the American gulag (now over 2.5 million strong) are the vast number of international representatives (about 30% of the BOP population), mostly Hispanic. In some ways, federal prison is like an international Athelete’s Village (in fact, one used to be).

(Click on image to enlarge...)

In a very real sense, this is one of the more coherent and influential ways in which corporate America and its lackeys are really spreading democracy throughout the world.

I look forward to seeing and meeting these comrades in the future as the “occupy movement” grows… They already know the REAL America.

Finally, another discussion issue are the prison jobs I’ve held. These include not only landscaping, kitchen details and factory production lines, but clerical management, dog training and prison maintenance (who do you think really does all the work?).

Where else would we get these experiences and meet these fabulous folks? Criminals? Hardly…not when you consider Wall Street and what’s out there running the “free world” show.

Karl Marx (one of Lincoln’s favorite columnists, a correspondent for Horace Greeley’s New York Tribune at the time) wrote that every system creates the conditions of its own demise. Boy, he got that right!

Hope I live long enough to see a piece of it!

Dr. Publico

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