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Beauty vs. the Beasts…

I try to resist being a male chauvinist…or at least being called one. But there are occasions when someone of the opposite sex (my personal abiding preference) is so astonishingly beautiful that the concept of “doll” tends to override the knowledge of “person.”

Katrina Voss

Katrina Voss (with apologies to her husband) is one such being.  Her clear beauty is exceeded only by her intelligence and the work she produces.

While the “prison connection” is tenuous at best, I can place her well within the category of wishful thinking…that’s about as “prison” as one can get.

Katrina was born in 1971 in North Carolina to a biologist mother and an attorney father.  She spent seven years living in Spain and later graduated with a BA in Spanish Lit and a BS in Geosciences and Meteorology.

Working for 10 years as a bilingual TV forecaster for AccuWeather, she also is engaged in a variety of science, humanist projects and writings.  She lives and works at Penn State University with her population geneticist husband, Dr. Mark Shriver, an Associate Professor at Penn State.

Katrina is a distinguished member of the National Association of Science Writers.  As a regular columnist for one of my favorite magazines, Free Inquiry (“Celebrating Science & Reason”), I look forward to her articles.

The current December/January issue has her Op-Ed entitled, “Let Us Stand in Judgment of Judgment Day.” She speaks to the proclaimed end of the world predictions by the Christian radio broadcaster Harold Camping.

Camping made such “prophecies” for May 21st, 1988, September 7th, 1994, and May 21st, 2011. We’re still here.

A different weather front...

All of these prophecies came and passed with the mocking attention they deserved. As we now approach another year of such predictions, the current big one is that of a global catastrophy by December 31st, 2012, as the Mayan Long Count calendar comes to the end of it’s vigesimal 3600-year period.

There are those who willfully share such ignorance (the definition of stupidity) as dupes of these prayerful predators.  Some send in their life savings to promote warnings to other “believers,” and there are past examples of those who kill their children or pets as such dates approach.

As the current crop prepares for the end, Katrina advises fellow secular humanists, “Let us once again exercise our skeptical obligation to ridicule such [leaders] on the off-chance that such ridicule might encourage the moderately less stupid to at least come up with a “Plan B.”

Katrina Voss.  What a beautiful person…in ALL respects.

Dr. Publico

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  1. Steve P says:

    Hey there, I am afraid you have a photo from the wrong Katrina Voss’s MySpace page. The Katrina Voss you refer too in the article has a MySpace page located here:

    Steve P

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