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Occupy Valley Forge…

Once again, due to health issues (sciatica and degenerative arthritis of the lower back and left leg)), I have to apologize for failing to post my regular articles on this site for the past month. Fortunately, I have VA/Medicare coverage and hope to be up and running normally soon. Meanwhile, I’ll do my best to address certain commentary on topical events that I find informative and of potential interest to y’all…

Coming projections...

I’m sure most everyone is following the news related to the awakening of popular protests across the nation, indeed, around the world in the form of numerous “occupations.” In the US, that process started in NYC (Wall Street), September 17th.

An anticipated hard winter threatens these urban encampments, along with certain police and provocateurs. The psychology of most cops requires “shit on their sticks” to validate themselves. Little wonder that the FBI cites some 40% of police in the US are guilty of family violence. It all starts at home.

Meanwhile, an inchoate revolutionary force is being created in this crucible… To date, over 6,000 protesters have been arrested across the nation–future cadre for change. In a number of instances, police have assaulted, maced, beat, and injured many, including two Iraq war vets in serious condition.

Given my own experiences and witness to a lifetime of protest, it would be safe to bet that we’ve hardly seen anything yet. But that’s part of the dynamic of revolutionary dialectics.

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Back in the winter of 1776-77, while the British luxuriated in Philadelphia, American militia at Valley Forge, PA, was literally dying by starvation, disease, desertion and a frozen death. But in the spring a Continental Army emerged…

Just a few years earlier at the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party of 1770-73, few American colonists were calling for Independence…for Revolution. Their demands started with simply justice and fair political play: “No taxation out representation.”

The English aristocracy and their puppet Parliament—like the mega-rich and gov’t today–shut their senses to those protests. The dynamics of social evolution eventually carried a critical mass of colonists (about 1/3rd) to consider and insist on Independence. I have no doubt that we could well be witnessing that embryonic development aborning today.

I’ll wager that by the time enough of the current ultra-rich ruling class (the 1/10th of 1%) sees the writing on this historical wall, it will be too late for them to harness the events. Despotic rulers rarely learn anything from history.

The occupations have left open the door to democracy and have purposefully—thru their General Assemblies—left wide the issues to evolve. Sooner or later, the greater revolutionary dynamic will arise.  What do we need of these parasites?  They produce nothing and own practically everything!

Of course, there’s no Fate in the universe that guarantees success for one side or the other. We haven’t yet begun to witness the ends that a ruling power will go to guarantee their own profits, privileges and power and those who foolishly seek the same.

The movement is clearly headed to the task of tearing down the edifice of the corporate state. Such logic will inevitably arise as the corporate State escalates its drive to channel or crush all mass-based rebellion.

The Constitution was a contract for a representative democracy of, We the People. All the people, not any 1% or their corporate Ghūls.

Certainly the freedom of enterprise guaranteed to individuals did not include a private license to monopolize trade and destroy democracy.

Dr. Publico


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