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Nader & West Take Obama to the Woodshed…

When Fox News uses the motto “Fair and Balanced,” they’re not referring to news reporting. In fact, they’re not referring to news at all.

They claim that virtually all of the “liberal” (corporate) mainstream media are biased, so they “balance” this out by only reporting conservative opinions and propaganda.

I won’t bother arguing the point. Basically, it all comes down to which side you’re on: Over 97% of the people on Earth simply want a good life. That could be a reality if there were some semblance of equitable social distribution.

Some three percent only care about themselves, their profit, privilege and power. They create most of the problems the rest of us have to face, and currently they’re making a big play for ultimate power.

The world has been plagued by such types since at least the first formations of extended family groups. These alpha-conservative males have simply graduated to larger venues…in fact, to the entire planet. And today they’re close to actually achieving it.

Among the recent variety of democratic mushrooms sprouting up in opposition is the Arab Spring, the worker-student rebellion in Wisconsin, the Occupation of Wall Street and DC, and Palestine at the UN (with substantial Israeli support).

Another one brought to my attention is the CCNY’s Action for Justice Committee (AJC). Ralph Nader and Dr. Cornell West are organizing progressives to challenge Obama in the Democratic primaries.

They’ve gathered over 45 notables and endorsed a letter to other like-minded activists to seek a slate of six candidates, proven progressive Dems who have held national and state offices, to run against Obama.

Their idea is not to unseat him as the Democratic candidate, but to debate him on the issues he’s already ceded to the corporatist right. No shortage there.

These include, labor, poverty, military & foreign policy, healthcare, the environment, financial regulation, consumer protection, and civil, political and human rights. (I would add his failure to prosecute the previous criminals in the White House.)

(Click image to enlarge...)

In addition to Nader and West, initial signers are James Abourezk, Norman Birnbaum, Chris Hedges, Nicholas Johnson, Jonathan Kozol, Lewis Lapham, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Michael Parenti, Gore Vidal and many others.

“The president [should] have to explain to his supporters why he directly escalated the war in Afghanistan and broadened America’s covert war in Pakistan…

“Why he has maintained the Bush Administration’s national security apparatus that allows for the suspension and abuse of constitutionally protected civil liberties….

“He [should] have to answer questions on how his Administration completely failed to protect homeowner’s losing their homes to predatory banks, or even mention the word ‘poverty,’ as he failed to do in his most recent State of the Union Address….

“He [should] be challenged to fulfill his pledge to actively pursue a Labor-supported card check, and his promise to increase the federal minimum wage and why he took single payer off the table….

“There [should be an] opportunity for the Hispanic and other relevant communities to speak out on immigration reform even as the Republicans continue to use it as a weapon of political demagoguery.

“The slate will collectively give voice to the fundamental principles and agendas that represent the soul of the Democratic Party, which has increasingly been deeply tarnished by corporate influence.

Personally, I think Obama, assuming he’s not completely sold out, would welcome the “challenge.”  (1) He’s been calling on the people to petition Congress for his job’s plan.

(2) These Party candidates would voice what he can’t, or won’t.  And (3) he’ll have someone to blame when he loses.  And lose he will.

But whatever happens to Obama is probably irrelevant in the long term. There’s blood in the water and the sharks are circling. The corporate fascists have nothing to lose…neo-liberal Democrats have seen to that.

Corporatists are using what I call the Bonhomme Richard strategy. Vastly outnumbered, they grapple themselves to the gov’t in order to impoverish and destroy it. Eventually, their goal is to force democratic gov’t to surrender and privatize or self-destruct.

Of course, there are alternatives. Wealth per se is not the problem. Free enterprise is not even the problem. But when one group–any group,”God’s chosen” or self-chosen–decide to dispossess and impoverish others in order to enrich themselves, they step outside of the social compact.

When enough people learn that they themselves, their genius and their labor that are the true source of all wealth, they’re going to start asking the real question:

What do we need these leeches for?

Dr. Publico

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