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Palestine & Georgia…

On one occasion, I recall strolling up the walk and hearing guys shouting from both wings of the prison housing unit. It was pretty intense, so I curiously raised my head.

President Obama at the UN...

Clearly they were hollering and waving at me but I didn’t know why. In any event, I didn’t get to be an Old Head by expressing too much curiosity.

I usually pace cracks in the sidewalk as I walk along minding my own business. But as I looked up in front of me, I almost stepped on a skunk.

He was smack in the middle of the sidewalk presenting his rear, about to give me a good blast. I was startled, but kept my pace around him. To an observer I probably appeared to be fearless, unhesitating.

The other prisoners thought it was the coolest thing they ever saw, either that, or I was nuts. My own instant reaction was to not react and startle the creature, that and my own shock, momentum.

By the time I could react, I was practically on top of him. A simple half-step to the left brushed me by him.

That’s what came to mind yesterday while I was watching two events on the Internet. One was Obama at the United Nations playing lawn-jockey to Israel’s ultra-right leadership, and the other was Amy Goodman’s live-stream on Democracy Now! from Georgia on Troy Davis’s execution.

I could have predicted both results. In fact, I did. The 7pm execution passed with a temporary delay for consideration by the US Supreme Court. When it was reported that Clarence Thomas was the justice reviewing the case, I had to shake my head.

Thomas’s butt-buddy, Antonin Scalia, had already weaighed in on the Davis issue back in 2009.  Scalia claimed that “federal courts would be powerless to assist Mr. Davis even if he could categorically establish his innocence”…. “This court has never held that the Constitution forbids the execution of a convicted defendant who had a full & fair trial but is later able to convince a habeas court that he is ‘actually’ innocent.”

There was only one reason I could fathom why Overseer Thomas would do that: In order to control its outcome, and for another opportunity to prove his undying love and loyalty to Massa. I wasn’t disappointed. Four hours later Georgia lynched Davis.

President Obama’s pitiful prostration before the UN was required by Israel.  Palestinians are about to commit the one greatest sin that the Israelis and their only remaining ally, the US gov’t, absolutely cannot tolerate:  A peaceful political quest of unity and world recognition as a state by the United Nations.

The irony is not lost on Israel; the Palestinians are tearing a page right out of Israel’s own genesis. UN recognition was the Holy Grail itself that the early Jewish separatists knew would be the linch-pin in their own creation of a homeland.

My own working visit to Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan back in ’69 as a journalist (and subsequently thru 1970 and ’71), led me to conclude at the time that the Palestinian quest for self-determination thru armed struggle was correct. I was wrong.

While revolutionary socialists supported such a strategy for Vietnam, Cuba and others, we utterly failed to calculate the identification of much of world Jewry with Zionism, despite its apartheid colonial character.

For the US and its ruling corporations, Israel represents both a strategic and military foothold in the Middle East, as well as an effective means to keep the oil producers divided. The greatest threat to a corporatist-apartheid Israel is peace.

US-corporate support perfectly suits the supreme goal of hard-line Aryan Euro-Zionists in their 115-year quest for Eretz-Yisrael. That quest is today in its direct colonial-settler phase. For them, peace negotiations with Semitic Palestinians are simply a ruse.

NYC UN demonstration...

As some of my Israeli hosts explained to me 43 years ago, “Whatever else may seem to be going on, we stay focused on ‘making facts.’”

The fact that the Israeli state has turned from its earlier quasi-labor/communal farm role into its current corporate elite form, is no accident of history. Even most of its own kibbutzim have been privatized.

In any event, Obama had his script and dutifully parroted the line that the conservative-corporatist, American-educated Bibi Netanyahu gave him.

Palestine should continue to make empty “peace treaties” with the long-knives. It worked for the US, Bibi figures, why not Israel?

Of course, the Palestinians can also read history. And unlike me, they can see the skunk in the road.

Dr. Publico


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  1. Linda Novenski says:

    A very good read, Dr. Publico! Especially like the way the skunk made it back, at the last moment, to illustrate how the stinking politicians are still blocking the road to peace and independence for Palestine.

    Peace and Rage,

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