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Why Obama Will Not be the Next President…

In 2008 I was wrong.  Obama won, not Hillary. I hope I’m wrong again. I mean, what’s the alternative? The most likely candidate to take the oath in 2013 is Mitt Romney. He’s the flavor-of-the-hour of the corporate elite.

Boner & his Lapdog...

Whoever the Republican candidate is, he’ll win in any event (or she, for that matter). The fix is in. Even if Obama wins the popular vote in a landslide, he’ll lose in the Electoral College.

The best the gulag population has to look forward to (2.5+ million prisoners in the US), is a whole lot more “austerity.” That translates to fewer privileges for inmates. Not that things are so great to begin with.

Higher prices at commissary. Paying for meds and med visits. Zero recreation and education. But, not to worry, Jesus and all that crowd of ghouls, ghosts and goblins will remain eagerly available for worship.

You can always look forward to walking the track. Let you work off all those empty carbs they’re gonna load you with. The weight pile will be history, so y’all can also look forward to going home looking like pasty Pillsbury Doughboys. (Exercising is already forbidden in most prisons, weight pile or no.)

And, oh yeah, I almost forgot, look forward to a lot more convict leasing with private industry and prisons. Maybe 40¢ an hour, maybe not. Maybe the promise of a time cut.

You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ll be doing your bit to help corporations destroy unions and further impoverish the so-called free-world working class. Hey, what the hell. Many of them are soon gonna be joining you anyways…

(Click on graphic to enlarge...)

Of course, we know that even if Obama does somehow win, he only gets another 4-yrs at kneepad training. And us? We’re still just gonna get a whole lot more of the same.

Whoever’s in El Casa Blanca come 2013, we’ll still be in the mud holding up the ladder…watching all the squabbling on the first and second rungs for the crumbs falling off the top.

In addition to all the voter ID ordinances and laws they’re creating to suppress all non-Republican voters, corporations led by the Koch brothers and their bribery/model-legislation mill, ALEC, is the current electoral vote scheme.

Short of invoking Homeland Security and treason against these right-wing corporatists, there’s no way to stop them. Nor do the Democrats have the cajones to try. After all, they’re junior partners in corporate largesse.

It goes like this: Forty-eight of the states apportion their electoral votes (the only votes that count in presidential elections) in an all-or-nothing system. Whoever wins the popular vote in a given state, wins all the electoral votes for that state (equal to the number of their respective Congressional members).

Well, guess what? Twenty-nine of the states have Republican governors, and 26 of them have majority Republican legislatures. The first task they accomplished was to gerrymander new Republican districts.

Now change the numbers in PA, OH & MI...

Several of the large-vote states—PA, MI, OH and WI—are implementing a split-vote system. They’ll delegate their electoral votes to the winner of each Congressional district instead of an at-large winner-take-all.

By this manner, a candidate could win the popular vote in the state and still lose a majority of the electoral votes. If this system had been in force back in 2008, Obama would have lost the election despite his overwhelming popular win.

Large cities tend to be Democratic, but the countryside has enough conservative rural rats, especially after they’ve been creatively redistricted, to make a synthetic majority. That’s where they all fled when democracy became halfway real for minorities in America.

Oh yeah, you can soon kiss that goodbye as well. As Tea Bagger types need to blame others for their misery, guess who the corporatists are gonna be scapegoating?

So, just as they’ve gerrymandered prisoners and all of the areas that they control in the states, now they’re in the process of gerrymandering the Electoral College. Clever little rascals.

You might wanta start making other plans… I heard they inaugurated flight service between Ft. Lauderdale and Havana.

Dr. Publico




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3 Responses
  1. I just think your predictions are all too conventional. You are choosing among the obvious but the election campaign has a long, loooong way to go. I predict West Point Slam Banger, Davey Petraeus. Does it really matter that right now he says he is not interested?

  2. George says:

    What about Ron Paul? I noticed that you never seem to talk about him on this site and he’s definitely NOT what most people think of when they’re talking about the Tea Party. Do you really think that he would be no different than any other candidate? Call me naive, but I tend to think that at least we’d have someone in the White House that didn’t lie about every single thing and is willing to take on the Federal Reserve and out-of-control spending. Although it would probably be short-lived as the last two presidents who tried to issue their own money were assassinated. However that could be just the thing to send the ever growing number of people who are waking up to all of the atrocities that we endure everyday over the edge, into an inevitable revolution!

  3. Brian says:

    I’m interested in what your response to George (above) would be. What about Ron Paul?

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