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Massa & Tribal Politics…

After 22 yrs of federal prison (including 2 yrs of draconian home arrest), one might think I’d be grateful to be free. All I see is increasing poverty and political enslavement. Y’all call this freedom? We call it minimum-security…and growing worse by the day.

Maybe it takes a few years in prison to see the reality…a good dose of the Naked State without all the frills and propaganda will do that for ya.

At the very top of this concave-sided pyramid is less than 1/10th of 1% of the population living off of the impoverishment of the whole.

To hear them and their lapdogs, you’d think they actually created or produced something other than their own wealth and power.

Nevertheless, they’ve been successful in convincing many people–mostly authority-discipline types–that they honestly represent an ideological alternative to mobocracy (the rest of us call it representative democracy).

The conservative ideology that has evolved—assuming one wishes to grace it with such elegance—has become quite complex in our culture. At heart, it’s not all that complicated to understand

Let’s start with an example from an earlier and simpler time, say, the Neolithic Age (cavemen to the tea-bagger idiots). Imagine an extended family-tribal group of some 1,000 members. Also consider that one of them “owns” and controls most everything.

Maybe there was an external threat and an alpha male was able to pull together a group which assumed total power.  Of course afterward, they continued to invent “threats”…

The greatest fear of that leader or master (or master class in the case of larger populations) would be any potential threat to his own security and control. 

To ensure that continued power, it would be to his advantage to partner up with male Sky-Daddy spiritualists (as opposed to the far more ancient natural Earth Mother females).

He would do much the same with the Medicine Men (again, as opposed to the herbalist midwives). Partnering with the females is not an option; they represent half the population. Keeping people divided at all potential levels serves massa’s self-interests.

Today’s partnership between rulers/gov’ts and mainline religions and doctors/medicine (and the power of licensing and prescriptions) carries that conflict forward.

He would see a need to create a military/police force to serve his will and security, and a means to control the appointment of prosecutors and judges to dispense his “law & order.”

He would also need informants and “journalists” whose paid task is to circulate among the tribe learning and spreading “news.”

But the master touch is the idea of representative democracy to the tribe. A stroke of sheer brilliance!

The system of course, soon breaks down to two factions. One serves the main interests of the master, benefiting from his support, with the illusion that in doing so one can even become a master themselves! (How does that benefit the rest?)

The other faction is paradoxically even more delusional. It believes in the ideal that it is in fact in control. Not realizing that it’s they’re own collective labor that is the central engine all wealth.

There are a few who have the idea that the tribe could rule itself equitably with total democratic control. That’s an idea that massa can’t allow to run loose.

But for the most part with massa’s illusion of democracy things tend to usually run along rather smoothly. Most of the tribe is content to make a modest living, raising their families.  And he’s usually content with his relative wealth living the life of a lord.

A few laws are necessary for social defense against predators.  But practically all of the laws are moral and consensual codes, and potential security threats (to massa and his rule).

(Click image to enlarge)...

Criminalization is also an opportunity to divide them from the public and forbid their being able to vote. It becomes a convenient way to minimize democracy.

On occasion, masters do arise who become so obsessed with greed and power that they figure they no longer need the illusion of democracy at all.

Most masters most of the time just chuckle at their subjects and their gullibility. But on occasion, some of the masters begin to believe their own propaganda. All that tribal mobocracy becomes a real pain in the ass. Who needs it?

Me? I think everyone outta do a few years in prison to get a real good understanding of what’s happening out here.

But then, the way things are going, its all coming to a theatre near you…and your home…

Dr. Publico

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