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The CIA & Other Terrorist Orgs…

When I caught my case back in ’89, I was on my way to the airport to catch a flight to Managua. I was working on an investigation involving the bombing of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, some 7 weeks earlier.

When the OIC informed me of the initial charge, I was actually relieved. Little did I know that a year later I’d find myself in a federal trial for cocaine conspiracy.

Cocaine? Hell, I can beat that, I remember thinking. I had quit doing all drugs back around ’73. And I had quit any “business” with them by ’83. Nevertheless, I was convicted and got a 25-year sentence.

President George Bush Sr. prohibited the DEA and CIA from testifying in my case. The DEA I could understand. We ran across each other’s operations a few times down Colombia way.

We were both engaged in certain fund-raising ops–for opposing sides, of course–from some of the same sources. We came to a working “understanding.”


My first tangle with the CIA (that I became aware of) was at the Istanbul airport in Turkey during the Black September War of 1970. Sitting on an Israeli El Al airliner waiting for takeoff I was arrested.

A Turkish Army group, along with a variety of intelligence agents, drove a portable stairwell out to the aircraft on the tarmac, ID’d me, and took me off.

Taken to an area below the terminal, the agents took turns questioning and accusing me of trying to blow up the aircraft. I wasn’t really worried. Silly drama came with political territory.

When they talked to each other in Turkish, I recognized some having Israeli and American accents. To make a long story short, the accusations turned out to be a ruse.

The CIA was deep into their Operation CHAOS program (as I was to discover thru an FOIA petition and the Senate Select Assassinations Committee hearings in 1976).

Having failed to entice Yasser Arafat’s Al Fatah organization to eliminate me (by fabricating “evidence”), the CIA then tried to get the Turks or Mossad to do the deed.

(Unlike today, the CIA didn’t then have direct wet ops or paramilitaries to do their own dirty work.)

They were apparently hoping that the Turkish secret service (MIT) would lock me up in one of their notorious prisons.

By a Mossad Case Officer...

However, when I produced my journalist ID, and they found out that I was then an active combat-stringer for NBC Beirut, the Turks wanted no part of it. Israel’s Mossad, part of the El Al contingent, was pretty much left holding the bag—me. They also decided they wanted no part of it.

Left with jurisdiction, Mossad offered me a deal I couldn’t refuse. Go with them to a downtown hotel and await the next transport to the US, or go to a Turkish jail. It was an easier choice than when the Suffolk County DA offered me jail or the Army back in ‘59.

The catch was, no contact…with anyone. Three days later, they put me on a Pan Am and I was back in the US. It would be ironic if it was Flight #103, eh?

When I returned, there was a rampant rumor that I had, in fact, been in Israel for those missing 3 days being debriefed by my “Mossad masters.” The hand behind all this only became apparent when I got my CIA files some 6 years later.

It turned out that at least one of the members of the group I was initially with in the Mid-East at that time, Rufus Griffin, was an informant-agent for the CIA and was a party to the CHAOS operation from the beginning.

Ol’ Ruf’ later became a judge in Detroit. I was never able to fully figure out whether he was simply an opportunistic fool or a conscious player.


Today, the CIA can cut thru all that informant/false flag rigmarole. They’ve been given virtual carte blanche in the world to develop the corporate private power option.

In addition to the CIA’s paramilitary and killer drone ops, they have their own detention and interrogation facilities, kidnap targets anywhere, anytime they choose, transport (rendition) them to foreign torture prisons, and disappear whomever they wish.

They spend $billions of public funds employing private contractors fueled by Special Forces, Seals and others trained by the US military on the public dime.

The reality is that they are a central tool and vanguard increasingly to empower the corporate elite building their own forces toward the goal of corporations ruling completely in their own name.

Corporatists, conservatives, Republicans, tea baggers, and fundamentalists (of all the religions) are all involved or used in this belief system and quest.

They have no intent to cease until they’ve totally destroyed any semblance of a democratic republic.  For them, the greater public is only a “mob” for their own profit.  We’ve seen it all before.

Dr. Publico




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