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Immigration & Marijuana History…

Fleeing Drug Violence, Mexicans Pour Into U.S. By JAMES C. McKINLEY Jr. 

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In addition to the above article…sorry for the cliché, but George really is one of the nicest guys you’d want to know.  A throw-back to the hippie generation with long blond locks and matching trim beard.  Soft spoken, educated without a lot of formal schooling, and friendly to a fault…too trusting in fact.  His “crime”?  Cultivating and selling marijuana.  But it didn’t start with George…

Drug Victims...

Drug Victims…

One of the first marijuana prohibition laws in the United States was enacted in 1903 in Brownsville, Texas.  It pertained at the time exclusively to Mexicans.  The troubles south of the border were apparently causing many Mexicans to escape the growing hostilities by crossing to the U.S.  

By the Mexican Revolution of 1910-20, Mexicans were pouring over the border, much as they now.  (Ironically, that border was created during the earlier Mexican War when the US simply took most of Mexico (everything west of the Missouri River.)

The preferred and economical drug of choice by Mexicans was marijuana—a ubiquitous plant that could grow practically anywhere.

Stirring up opposition and prejudice, certain authorities in gov’t and the tabloid press, especially the Hearst newspaper chain, popularized “brown Mexicans” as using the drug to “sexually enslave white girls.”   This site will revisit this issue from time to time.

Well, it all comes around, sooner or later.  Today, over 50% of the “criminals” in the federal prison system are in here for drugs and drug-related offenses.  The states aren’t far behind.  For every law that is imposed on this or that group, sooner or later that snake comes around and bites you right in the ass.

Of course, who would have imagined back then that today there would be over “26 million daily reefer users and another 30-to-40 million occasional users” here in the good ol’ US of A?

...Prohibition Victims

…Prohibition Victims

Now, George?  He’s okay.  He’s out and about.  And I imagine all those sex-crazed, reefer-smoking girls just can’t keep their hands off him.

                                                                                                           Dr. Publico

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