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9/11, Bin Laden, Bush & Company…

When 9/11 occurred, I was working in a prison factory at FCI Jesup, Georgia. After lunch, as I was returning to the factory, 3 lieutenants stopped me and I was locked down in the hole for the next 50 days incommunicado. Never charged or accused of anything, no explanations…

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By the time I got to hear of what occurred, the conspiracy theories were also running rampant…confusing the issues more than illuminating them. I suppose those who profit from 9/11 kind of like it that way…keeps the focus off themselves.

Some believe that the jets that hit the Towers were remotely guided. That the plane wreckage outside of the Pentagon was dropped there by a C-130. That United Flight 93 that went down in Pennsylvania was shot down by a US missile.

Given the power grab by the White House to enact significant martial law (Patriot Act) over America, and foment wars of retribution and profit throughout the Middle and Near East, it’s no wonder people will believe these irrationalities.

I suppose that Deep Throat (Mark Felt, former Deputy Director of the FBI) could have supplied some answers with his insistent “follow the money” philosophy. Many of the same players, moral mentality and political ambitions were clearly involved.

If one looks at the historical record and strips off the conservative propaganda and media disinformation, we might have a pretty clear and coherent picture. After these past 10 years, there’s certainly no shortage of evidence.

After the Russians went into Afghanistan in 1978, Ronald Reagan (1980) directed the CIA and others to embark on a campaign to create an Islamic Mujahedeen opposition.

Today it’s easy to see that the CIA’s organizing, training and arming a fundamentalist Wahhabist Al Qaeda is a project that Mary Shelley’s Dr. Frankenstein could have told them is easy enough to start, but impossible to control and stop.

Usually, it's the other end...

The CIA tapped Osama, one of the leaders of the Saudi BinLaden Group (an international contracting cartel with business connections to the Bushes [former CIA director] and Cheneys) to head the anti-Soviet project.

For US politics and business it was simply a logical and profitable extension of the Cold War. But when Osama & Company were finished with the Russian infidels they turned on their handlers and, thus, here we are.

The pretenders to the throne in America are perfectly comfortable with working class sons and daughters fighting incessant wars, the multi-$billions in profits to be made from such procurements, and the excuse for national security it provides to control the homebase population.

Private corporate enterprise is even extending the convict leasing industry to the nation’s gulag…the largest in the world’s history.

Napoleon, once presented with an extensive explanation by a scientist asked, “What part does God play in your picture of the universe?” The scientist responded, “I have no need of that hypothesis, Sire.” And indeed, corporations need hardly resort to such superstitions…not that they won’t exploit it.

The same might be asked of Bush-the-Lesser and his Dr. Strangelove VP whether they anticipated Osama bin Laden’s pulling off a 9/11. Certainly they had volumes of warnings, both from the Clinton Administration and from the agencies they inherited.

But just as the conservative mentality of the ATF, DEA, FBI and CIA relied on profiteering CIs and entrapment in crime, which is easier to bust and convict than freelance street criminals, the Administration sought to play out the ropein order to create the conditions and need for further controls of their American subjects.

Corporatist daydreams...

I honestly do think that they were initially stunned at the spectacular success of the Al Qaeda op on 9/11. But they didn’t lose any time crying over their spilt spunk.

After all, what’s a few thousand lives if the American and world’s population comes to realize the need for their superior authority and rule, not to speak of the vast fortunes to be made.

Indeed…look around you. It took the South a dozen years to finally win their political victory over the North…thoroughly corrupting the Republican Party and forcing the removal of the Union Army and Freedman’s Bureau. That led to no less than 100 more years of Black Codes, neo-slavery and Jim Crow.

Today’s corporatist elite and their Republican lapdogs (with no small measure of “compromise” by neo-liberals), have accomplished all that and more in less than 10 years.

What we witness in America today, insofar as the Corporatist World Order, Inc. is concerned, is merely a mop-up operation.

So when you think of or attend the 9/11 memorials, you hardly need pity those who have already passed…

Dr. Publico

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