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Morality & Pathology…

On it’s current course, conservative hypocrisy may well become America’s most lasting legacy. Ironically, if they did nothing, perhaps that would be their greatest good.

FBI Director and "Partner" 1939...

A mature personality is one that has attained consciousness of the basic rights and integrity of others.

An adult that has become pathologically fixated at an earlier developmental stage, is at best relegated to perception in technical terms—not having the real capacity to consider and judge others empathetically.

They substitute a technical explanation as the closest they can come to such consciousness. Like a person blind from birth, they never actually realize what they miss. Like how color is perceived by a sighted person.

Also, nature abhors both a physical vacuum as well as a mental one. People don’t have holes in their head; they fill them with something.

Take Darwin’s biological evolution, for instance. Understanding the concept takes some work, some study. Not all the answers are apparent and probably never will be.

1913 mailed postcard...

Creationism takes no knowledge, proofs or testing at all. Whatever they wish to believe or what someone tells them is “the Word” is all the truth they need.

Gross conservatives have learned to obey…the central component to blind belief. Mature people rise to the challenge of education; immature believers have no such need.

Mature people tend to look to positive connections, ways in which to serve the greater good, empathy for others, and basic rights that extend service and protection to citizens. This can take some thinking…some work.

Believers can be “moral” of course, but for them its a part of some rote catechism, not innate to normal moral maturity.

Conservatives perceive all “rights” as conditions to be earned. The concept that certain fundamental truths are “self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed…with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,” is merely an archaic expression for them.

In practice, conservatives oppose all this with epithets of a nanny state, welfare and coddling. Their laws and rules are always of the negative form…taking something away, making some consensual liberty illegal, and advancing draconian retribution & punishment.

They project on society what their daddy-authority abuse drove into them, or that they otherwise obtained by excessive self-entitlement.

For conservatives, it’s not an obsession, it’s “needful discipline.”  It’s not a compulsion, it’s “honest competition.” It’s not a mental disorder, it’s a “superior form of earned entitlement.” Ad nauseam…

An example is the US Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. the Federal Election Commission. Citizens United is the ultra-conservative front-group of arch-corporateer and OCD sociopath, David M. Bossie.

The like-minded Gang of Five shills on the US Supreme Court (Kennedy is an occasional exception) perceive this as political dichotomy–as do many conservatives—as class warfare.

WaterTorture, SingSing, 1860

The Gang of Five rules in favor of corporate power because it’s what they ideologically identify with, and that (in self-projection) they believe that liberals rule as a function of corporate opposition. They have no concept of fundamental social rights.

For them, the US Constitution is a technical document that they totally interpret in terms of their identity with “corporate benevolence vs. mob-rule.”

Another example is when a death penalty case comes before them where the issue is the proof of innocence of a defendant. Again, for them the question is only a technical issue.

Did the client get “his day in court”? Did he get access to all the rules and regulations? Then, what’s the problem? The conviction and sentence stands. For them, otherwise would be anarchic psychic anxiety.

If they feel the need for any justification, they simply note that, “Well, if he’s not guilty of this, then he’s certainly guilty of something else!”

For a conservative, justice is a function of the “just world hypotheses.” Anyone who finds themselves in jeopardy (finances, health, the law, etc.) has only themselves to blame and deserve what they get.

Today, most of the loonies are neither in asylums nor prisons, nor begging for existence on street corners…

Dr. Publico


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