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Zombie Politics & Corporate Rape…

Apparently while Congress was being held hostage, President Barack Obama surrendered to the kidnappers Tuesday afternoon, August the 2nd. Describing his capitulation as a compromise, the president signed the bill authorizing their ransom.

Republican relief...

The editor and publisher of one of the few media in the US not outright owned and operated by the ruling corporations, Katrina vanden Heuvel of The Nation magazine, noted that “Negotiating with fiscal terrorists only encourages them.”

The Speaker for the corporatist conspirators, John Boehner, gloated to CBS News that he got 98% of what they originally demanded and far more than they expected.

His Senate Minority leader co-conspirator, Mitch McConnell, was equally ecstatic. He laughed along with Fox News that since the hostage-taking had worked so well, “It set the template for the future…we’ll be doing it all over [again].” Soon.

What do the rest of us lose in this debacle? According to vanden Heuvel, “schools, clean water and energy, mass transit and public health,” will be cut by $1 trillion over the next ten years. Corporate and wealthy contributions? Zero.

Further, she explained, the surrender sets up a bipartisan super-committee “with the explicit mandate to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.”

The president spoke in the Rose Garden very briefly after signing the bill. He didn’t address a national audience or even his own weblog base after the event as he usually does.

One of the proctologists, losing his position due to the closing of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, disclosed that the president was recuperating from a torn asshole after meeting with Boehner and McConnell.

For all of his education and intelligence—far more than any of his political opponents—Obama has a significant blindspot (either that, or he’s willfully ignorant). I can understand why Boehner & Co., have an abiding faith in high capital corporatism, they sold out long ago.

But like many who accept the corporate ideological propaganda, there is a vast difference between free enterprise and monopoly corporatism. Liberal democracy serves the interests of the former, not the latter.

As the president signed...

Monopoly capitalists, which is what corporatism and its allies serve, have only one goal: profit, and the power to acquire more and keep it. That quest leads them invariably to the destruction of democracy, which in any event, they only perceive as mob-rule and a hindrance to their profit, privilege and power.

Personally, I don’t perceive capitalism at that level to be an actual economic ideology. That I reserve for its free expression as individuals and the middle-class to pursue as open-competitive (free) enterprise.

Corporatism, as Mussolini accurately defined it, is the definition of fascism. It was no accident of fate that Hitler’s rise was heavily financed by American major corporations.

Granted, his racial policies and extreme militarism was over-the-top for many of them, but racism, nativism, and imperialism are endemic to the process.

The fact is, corporatism is the extreme criminal expression of private enterprise (as opposed to free enterprise).

The vast theft by the major banking and financial giants of 2008, their looting of the US Treasury, their impoverishment of America second only to the Great Depression, and their continuing record profits and wealth, is all due to their criminality.

The “legality” of this process is another issue…attesting to their power and subversion of the criminal justice system, perceived by many as “politics,” or “ideological consequences.”

At least the corporatists have one thing right:  The solution won’t be found in liberal gov’t…

Dr. Publico

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