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No Shame in Their Game…

At least two justices (probably five), and hundreds of US federal judges routinely sell their souls to the corporate devils.  Afterall, what do they get for deciding for the underdog?

FCI Butner, North Carolina

Last Thursday, July 28th, Federal Judge Jed Saul Rakoff (68) shot down the court trustee, Attorney Irving H. Picard, who was attempting to recover some of the $billions from a Ponzi scheme in which a number of corporate players were involved.

As any con-wise prisoner can tell you, the fix was in

Bernie Madoff (73), a story that this site has covered at some length and who remains at FCI Butner (Med-1), North Carolina, with an out-date of 2139, is the only member to date of the Wall Street banking and financial conspirators to see any prison time.

When the financial collapse of 2008 occurred due to a variety of schemes on the Street, many of these frauds could no longer tread the financial waters, including Bernie’s. All Ponzi schemes—including higher capitalism itself—require the constant flow of fresh capital.

In the case of “legal fraud,” many corporate profiteers are able to have their legislators dip into the public treasury for funds on their behalf, or otherwise soak the investors directly—mostly individuals, 401Ks, charities, municipal funds, etc..

Bernard L. Madoff, #61727-054…

Bernie, cut loose by J.P. Morgan chase and the others, started cooperating with the court bankruptcy trustee, Picard.

He fingered those who knew about the scheme (or consciously looked the other way) and had profited from it.

A number of them settled out of court. Others were able to get it before a “friendly” judge and detour the legal avenue.

HSBC, part of the global banking empire, got Judge Rakoff to throw the case out and signal the rest of the Good-Ol’-Boys that they didn’t have to play Picard’s game.

Now I’m not suggesting that Judge Rakoff was on any direct payroll; the game is usually more subtle than that.

The way it works is that these corporations set up and finance some private group (usually with a patriotic name, like Americans for Prosperity), or a media outlet, or even a university law school, to hold “seminars” for the judges.

Of course, these seminars include beaucoup freebies, airfare, and they’re held at luxury resorts.  The smart judges simply chuckle their way thru these gifts which are concealed by the corporations paying all the bills to the sponsoring group…not directly to the jurists.

While right-wing and corporatist cadre have grown quite bold at this game recently, they’ve actually been doing it in one form or another for many years. One can understand their chutzpahWho’s gonna stop ’em?

Thru campaign donations and other largesse, corporations and their front groups outright control over 2,000 state legislators (almost 1/3rd of the US total), routinely write the laws that profit their corporations, control 26 state legislatures, 29 governorships, own more than 90% of the US mass media, the majority of Congress, and the US Supreme Court.

Bernie, FCI Butner, North Carolina…

What’s left? Not much.  They fully expect to have the rest by 2013.

It was Mussolini who clarified, “Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power.”

This is not Rakoff’s first “conflict of interest” ethic’s violation (if, in fact, that’s all it is).

Back in ’98, after he dismissed suits by Equadorian and Peruvian Indians against Texaco for pollution of the Amazon rainforest.  He and 11 other federal judges then attended one of those free luxury vacation seminars.

One of the environmental speakers was former Texaco Chairman Alfred DeCrane. Along with horseback riding, fishing, hiking, golf, dinners and cocktail receptions, they got to schmooze with a pack of Texaco lawyers.  Professional courtesy.

All of this was fronted by the Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment (FREE) and paid for by Texaco, Proctor & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Exxon and other corporations.

When the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals kicked that case back to Rakoff, he refused to recuse himself despite being in violation of specific ethics and being advised who paid for it all (as if he didn’t already know).

I mean, think about it…What would he have got from a pack of poor Indians?  That was some 13 years ago.  Let’s face it, some crooks roll for chump change.

NOTE: Special thanx to Bob Sloan for help in research…

Dr. Publico

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