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Method to Their Madness…

When I began writing this article in the aftermath of last Friday’s terror massacre of 77 souls in Norway (22JUL), my initial focus was on the widespread nearly universal racist and Islamophobic reaction of the corporate news…led by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.  Madness does not prevail in a vacuum.

Another Murdoch pooper-scooper...

I couldn’t help but be reminded of the first 3 days after the April 19th, 1995 bombing of the federal bldg in Oklahoma City. Watching from our prison TV, we witnessed a parade of the usual suspects–Islam and Al Qaida–identified as almost certainly the culprits.

At one point, the TV news did a breathless running account of authorities pursuing a “fleeing Middle-Eastern man” from the Oklahoma scene, to Canada, and thence to England, before he was “captured” and interrogated.

Of course the perp was being held all along, home-grown terrorist, Timothy McVeigh, a white, Christian, Army combat veteran—a sergeant with a Bronze Star—and a member of the militia right (which contained a significant number of law enforcement, including many BOP prison guards).

In 2003, the Pew Research Center issued a report demonstrating that during occasions of breaking news, those reporting the events then reveal their personal and corporate biases.

Humans are vicarious social beings. Among other effects, when profoundly shocked by tragedy one’s amygdala complex (the emotion center of the brain) becomes deeply receptive.

Speaking of which, let’s drag out the local idiot to the front of the class. Herr Einsatzleiter Glenn Beck. (My apologies to the legitimately retarded.)

As a doctor of forensic psychology (PsyD), allow me to point out that Beck’s reactive narcissism (or any number of other disordered reactionaries) is, diagnostically, child’s play. Simply reverse whatever projections he’s playing at.

Right-Christian dreams: Israel with nukes...

True to his anti-social disorder, Beck lost no time accusing the victims of right-wing racist, Anders Behring Breivik, as themselves being akin to “Hitler Youth.”

Actually, Norway is a social democracy. To conservatives, this is anathema to their “faith.”  Norway already had a taste of fascist corporatism and its racist ideology.  They were occupied by the Nazis in World War II. The Norwegian traitor, Vidkun Quisling, ran the nation for his German sponsors.

After the war, the homegrown fascists (Skinheads, Boot Boys, etc.) never quite fully went away. Neo-Nazis, like Breivik, are on the rise again using immigration and multiculturalism as their foci of hate.

The conservative leaders of Europe are abetting this process—including Angela Merkel of Germany, France’s Sarkozy, and England’s Cameron—by accusing (in an echo of Breivik) multiculturalism as the cause of a multiple of corporatist-created conditions.

Nevertheless, Norway vows to keep its open, democratic, inclusive society.  But there’s a bit more to the story here. Breivik didn’t simply pick the youth camp on Utøya Island at random.

The youth, including immigrant children from Sri Lanka and North Africa, were members of the Workers’ Youth League (AUF) of Norway’s ruling Labor Party. (The Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg, is a former leader of the AUF.)

Just days prior to island massacre...

The AUF had rallied with considerable news for the BDS campaign (Boycott-Divest-Sanctions) against Israel.

Norwegian gov’t boycott and divestment of Israel was already significant.

Norway’s Foreign Minister, Jonas Gahr Støre visited the island a few days earlier in support of the AUF rally.

Norway also supports the pending Palestinian petition for UN membership (of which the US has vetoed for the past 40 years). Of course, Oslo was also the site of the 1993 Israel-Palestinian peace accords.

Also prominent in the news, in addition to the Norwegian arms ban on Israel, was their refusal to allow Germany to test their Dolphin Class submarines being sold to Israel in Norwegian waters.

According to the bible of the arms world, Jane’s Defence Weekly, as well as the Federation of American Scientists, and, these Dolphin Class subs are capable of launching nuclear-armed Popeye Turbo cruise missiles some 1,000 miles.

The Sunday Times and Haaretz, Israel’s afternoon national newspaper, reported in May of 2010 that Israel keeps at least one nuclear-equipped sub on permanent station in the Red Sea as a “deterrent” to Iran and others.

Birds of a feather…

Dr. Publico

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