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New Orleans August 5th: Democracy vs. Corporatism…

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), will be holding their 2011 annual meeting at the French Quarter’s New Orleans Marriott August 1st thru the 6th. This is no ordinary public-policy organization.

New Orleans, Louisiana…

Paul Weyrich and others founded ALEC in 1973 as an agency designed to channel gifts and “donations” to right-wing legislators in order to enact “model legislation” that empowers corporate profit and control. We are today witnessing that reality in full bloom.

New Orleans Labor Council, Catholic Worker, the Student Labor Action Project at LSU, and others are sponsoring a rally at the Hale Boggs Federal Building on August 5th, then a march to protest the annual meeting of ALEC at the Marriott.

One of the featured speakers will be Robert Sloan. Bob is one of the nation’s foremost investigative prison consultants, as well as an expert on ALEC’s “model legislation” designed by private prison corporations to keep their cells full and prisoners profitably employed in their neo-slavery industries.

Robert Sloan (63)…

Sloan has also been a significant source of research on ALEC, PIECP, and industry corruption to this site and recent exposés in the independent media.

If you’re looking for a “legal” mechanism to give and take bribes, ALEC is your best bet.

Almost one-third of state legislators in the US, some 2,000, are members of ALEC. They pay $100 per 2yr membership. Corporate membership runs from $7,000-to-$12,000 annually. These include the top names in health care, energy, telecommunications, and other industries.

They submit “model legislation” for these state reps to enact thru their legislatures creating laws favoring these corporations, which have paid out hundreds of $millions in “donations” to their political campaigns.

These include, anti-immigrant statutes (SB-1070) and other criminalizing laws (3-strikes, etc.) to fill private prisons and replace state and free-world workers with the involuntary servitude of prisoners.

Also included are a variety of deregulation energy bills, gutting environmental safety, gutting financial controls, privatization of gov’t services, suppress liberal voting, corporate takeover of public education and even cities, and the elimination of corporate and wealthy taxes.

Many of its members have graduated to Congress and governorships and, as one can see in the daily news (mostly owned by a handful of these corporations), creating havoc from the White House to the foreclosed homes of jobless workers.

However, if reasonable and rational people think that this is simply a political swing to the right, they’re going to be rudely shocked. This is nothing short of a counter-revolutionary movement .

Among the ultra-conservative architects of this movement are Leo Strauss and Paul Weyrich. It doesn’t take too much research to discern their plan. In fact, they’re so advanced in its success, that they’ve detailed it in publications.

Weyrich’s 2001 ghosted book, The Integration of Theory and Practice: A Program for the New Traditionalist Movement, is a how-to guide that would put Joe Stalin’s version of the Bolshevik Protocols to shame (or Mein Kampf, take your pick).

Their strategic manifesto is the express purpose “to destroy” the existing institutions of liberal democracy, which they perceive as “left socialist.” They call for the need to “first clear away the flotsam of a decayed culture….to undermine the legitimacy of the [democratic] regime.”

The Yunika Report quotes Weyrich’s own goals for the “use of deception, misinformation and divisiveness to allow conservative evangelical Christian Republicans to gain and keep control of seats of power in the government of the United States.”

It is no hyperbole to point out that the world has witnessed these tactics used to success in the 1920s and ‘30s in Italy and Germany. Total and constant conflict, is their mass strategy of frustration.  The eventual terror by “inspired” indviduals with that very same racial/evangelical “faith” came to its logical conclusion in Tucson and the other day In Norway. Such madness does not exist in a vacuum…

We’re watching it being played out at this very hour in Washington, DC, as the designed intent of the right-corporatist Republicans is to frustrate and reject all budgetary offers in order to give them their real victory—the destruction of representative democracy and all public gov’t services.


We’re witnessing it in their legislation from Congress, 26 state legislatures, and the 29 governorships that they control. Their Gang of Five has  even captured the US Supreme Court.

All that remains is the White House and the US Senate, and they’ve all but surrendered in pre-planned “compromise.”

I recall an event a number of years ago concerning Ronald Reagan (who fully served this strategy as a corporatist cat’s-paw). He demanded that the gov’t of Nicaragua accept his 5-point demands in order to stop the US’s illicit Contra-War. They publicly accepted. The US made it 6-demands. They again accepted. The US made it 7-demands. They continued to accept.

When a member of the White House press corp asked Reagan’s spokesman what the Nicaraguans could do that would be acceptable to the US, he responded, on camera, “They could shoot themselves!”

Make no mistake…this is the only answer they have…and the only one they intend to have…

Dr. Publico


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3 Responses
  1. Rogue says:

    Love it – keep up the good work…

  2. Bob Sloan says:

    Dr. Publico you have once again said it much better than I could – and in less words! Thanks for the kind words and attribution to my work on these issues. I’ll send you a full and personal report on the Protest when I return on August 8th or 9th.

    I’m saddened that others do not see the spectacle that is our Congress as a clear battle ground in this ongoing war for dominion. We have seen how over the past months that the Republican/conservative/evangelicals had their running shoes on in January when they took such majorities all over the country. They have followed Weyrich’s treatise to a letter, keeping everyone agitated so they can’t concentrate on one issue, due to several more being thrown at them simultaneously. They have bought the Economic’s department at FSU and several other public colleges to create the next wave of faux economics to continue their insistence it is not revenue – but spending that is always the problem.

    The Debt ceiling argument in DC is more smoke and mirrors designed to instill fear in Americans, make them husband their retirement accounts, switch 401 (k)’s to T-Bills to avoid another financial meltdown and loss of the rest of their retirement accounts. It is not only the U.S. they hold hostage with their stubbornness – led by ALEC Alumni, Boehner and Cantor – the rest of the world holds their breath hoping this will be quickly resolved to avoid another financial problem universally. Through Weyrich’s teachings a small band of several hundred Republicans in the U.S. hold sway over the world’s financial systems and through that the financial fate of many around the world. It is no wonder ALEC has exported their agenda to so many countries over the past decade – including China…oi vey!

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