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Corporatist Armageddon: Class War…

I suppose with most of my 50+years in progressive political action, along with a few combats, a chain-gang, and over 20 years in federal prisons, my silly-talk neurons have become jaded.

Funny conservative, John Wayne Gacy…

Some people simply love to argue; it gives them the illusion of intelligence.  And so-called conservative-libertarians, etc., few having any grounding in social consciousness or empathy, substitute the vacuum with manic polemics.  Of course, they stay perpetually frustrated–and all the more dangerous.

The illusion of democratic, intelligent Conservatives is an example; there’s no such thing. Certainly within the parameters of the psycho-social academic disciplines, by definition, a “conservative” is a person who’s rooted in the past, who identifies w/the prevailing systemic authority, and whom has never progressed into the normative stages of socio-moral development (despite any seeming history of youthful shallow identification otherwise).

For instance, I would never consider for a moment arguing with, say, the shrub, George Bush Jr. He’s quite simply an over-indulged, self-entitled, drunken frat-boy with a silver spoon up his ass (and that’s being generous). What’s to argue with?

(Disclosure: This article, originally published in July, 2011–a prophecy of today’s reality–has been updated to include further developments re RePig political strategy herein described, and the [s]election of Herr Donald J. Trump as the Der Neue Reichsführer. Hyperbole? Stick around and observe for yourself . . . you won’t need wait long.)

In Congress, RePigs selected this whacky belle as an overseer of the CIA and NSA.

In Congress, RePigs selected this whacky belle as an overseer of the CIA and NSA.

Such arguments or appeals, including petitions to the likes of these clowns would be as much happy-happy fun as a discussion with John Wayne Gacy or Michele Bachmann.

Aside from Rupert Murdoch (a latter-day acolyte of Joseph Goebbels and his Propaganda Ministry), the latest real news in America is the belated exposure in the independent media of ALEC . . . the Skull & Bones center of the corporate class war on America.

When Nixon and his madcap conservative crew were facing criminal justice, right-wing ideological cadre, such as Paul Weyrich, had long figured out that representative democracy wasn’t going to let them break the house. The needed to achieve TOTAL power over what they considered to be nothing more than “mob rule.”

Unlike the left–which largely remains confined to appeals to mass idealism, social empathy, service programs and institutions, and representative democracy—the right is cut from the same conservative, profiteering cloth as the ultra-rich they serve.

In 1973, Paul Weyrich and a gaggle of other arch-rightists created the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

alecALEC is in direct line with the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), created in 1895 to support corporate industry and products, to prevent unionization (which they stated would lead to “despotism, tyranny, and slavery”), and to enact the US Department of Commerce as their gov’tal voice.

ALEC was created to launch a long-range plan to sponsor and capture young conservative politicians at the state legislative levels. It’s a bill-mill and a quasi-legal means to enable bribery of elected officials. (Of course, Wehrich, the future Justice Powell and others, had come to this conclusion back as far as 1960.)

Membership includes over 2400 state legislators (one-third of the total in the US, who pay a two-year fee of $100), and much of right-corporate America.  They even sign special pledges over and above any oath they take to the US Constitution.

In return for sponsoring “model legislation” churned out by ALEC, the legislators receive gifts, travel, vacations, and direct contributions to their campaigns. They also attend special conclaves to “get adjusted.”  Today, many of these legislators have advanced to governorships and Congress.

trumpmusso-001(PS: Since I wrote the above stats, today these cadre–now spearheaded by Trump et al.–have firm control over some 33 US States, both Houses of Congress, and in a few weeks, the WHITE House, the US Supreme Court and EVERY agency of the US Gov’t, intel agencies and military.)

Perhaps you might have noticed their concerted attacks across the nation in the guise of “reducing taxes” (for the rich), criminalizing immigrants, privatizing prisons (and everything else), deposing unions, and impoverishing communities—all in the name of “fiscal and criminal justice.”

Funny thing about their economic policies…they always enrich the corporatist class and impoverishes the rest of us… Is that just a conservative coincidence? (Not to entirely excuse the Clintonian neo-liberals [in truth, neo-conservatives], Bill & Hill’s policies of “reforming” criminal justice, welfare and the financial empire opened vast doors for their reactionary partner-competitors.)

newworld-orderBy 2001 (on the heels of the 1999 World Trade Organization protests in Seattle), their class warfare was so advanced that they felt emboldened enough to openly publish their scheme in The Integration of Theory and Practice: A Program for the New Traditionalist Movement, a ghost work by Paul Weyrich.

This manifesto is nothing less than the ultra-conservative movement’s Mein Kampf. Its purpose is to recruit and provide its acolytes with clear instructions to avoid “ideological error.” (Interesting that Herr Trump–according to Ivanka’s mother, one of Daddy’s former blow-job queens–his well-read bedside tome was Hitler’s published speeches.)

It calls for a complete re-education of the overall character of “the American popular culture”; “the development of a highly motivated elite”; and “the development of institutions” that serve that elite and its “small minority” (the wealthy and corporate deserving).  Sound vaguely familiar?

They write that they have no intention of “reform[ing] the existing institutions…. We only intend…to destroy them.” In other words, their task was to USE democracy in order to be able to DESTROY democracy.

trumpettes“We need to break down before we can build up. We must first clear away the flotsam of a decayed culture….We will use guerilla tactics to undermine the legitimacy of the [democratic] regime.”

The Yunika Report on these writings notes that they call for “the use of deception, misinformation and divisiveness to allow conservative evangelical Christian Republicans to gain and keep control of seats of power in the government of the United States.”

All of this was precisely (and more) what the Weimar Republic of Germany faced with the Nazis in the early 1930s. Mad? You bet. Yet thousands of these laws—all documented in recent days—have been disseminated throughout the nation over the past 35+ years, and many passed. Unionization has been reduced from a high of 35% to some 8%. And ALL of this conservative “model” legislation is ALWAYS termed in euphemisms . . . exactly the opposite of their true intent. How stupid can people (well, conservatives) really get?

Bringing it all forward to the New AmeriKKKa...2017!

Bringing it all forward to the New AmeriKKKa…2017!

When you watch and wonder why this or that Republican politician seems to be unable to “compromise,” or the recent jump of in-your-face attitude of rich and “entitled” people, then this becomes clear:

They seek no less than the destruction of democratic society and their own rule. They are not even in the same book as you and I, much less on the same page . . . the best faux-theory their “conservative intelligencia” (an oxymoron) can come up with is the total socio-moral antithesis of true science: Social Darwinism.

Dr. Publico (Nick Medvecky, PsyD) July 2011.

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