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Trials & Tribulations (3)…

(NOTE: In the first of this 3-part series concerning my case and charges, I spoke briefly of my arrest by SEMCO (SouthEast Michigan Criminal Org task-force) in Detroit, February 11th, 1989, and the year leading up to it. In the second article, I reference the two-week trial by jury in August of 1990.

Nick Medvecky 2011...

Nick Medvecky 2011…

Certain commentators have remarked on my admission of being involved in the drug business while also denying guilt.  Circa 1983, when the CIA and its contractors popularized crack on the West Coast to finance the White House Contra War, most of us on the left soon got out of that business.

Crack cocaine* was devastating to the black and poor communities; there was no longer any political justification for including cocaine in our fund-raising and certain leadership made the decision to forbid further Movement involvement in that trade.

By the time 1989 rolled around, we had been out of that business over 5-yrs.  This conspiracy case involves the gov’t (failing to entrap me with their informant) inserting me into a conspiracy of which I was never a member.  I make no other claims of “innocence.”

To continue from the previous article: At trial, by the time the gov’t rested its case they had relied exclusively on inferences (no valid evidence) and the bought and paid-for testimony of professional snitches.

These “witnesses” had been facing natural life in prison under Michigan’s 650 Lifer law.  In return, they received minor time or probation, if anything at all.

I have no doubt that certain police, prosecution and the court knew that I was not a member of the conspiracy charged. Nor did they have a clear idea of what I had ever really been involved with (the Justice Dept didn’t even know I was a pilot until some 4-yrs after my conviction!).

Tony "The Pope" Scalia, the New Mafia...

Tony “The Pope” Scalia, the New Mafia…

I can only assume that they followed the dictum of one of today’s Supreme Court’s Gang of Five, Anthony Scalia, once commented from the bench, “What difference does it make if the defendant is innocent? He’s surely guilty of something else, anyway.”  (Talking to the mirror, Tony?)

Associates on Detroit’s Homicide had also told me to be aware. The feds, they said, had accused me of “assassinating” one of their top drug informants in Detroit (a former investigative client of mine).  The state refused to prosecute, ruling that it was self-defense, pissing off the feds even further….

Come trial time and the defense turn, my appointed attorney from the Public Defender’s Office opted for what was left:  A political defense.  Of course the judge in Detroit, Bernard Friedman, a right-wing hack appointed by Reagan, shut that down at every opportunity.

We subpoenaed the usual suspects, the FBI, the CIA and the DEA. At trial, the FBI–my being a target of COINTELPRO over a number of years–testified that they had no information that I was ever involved in any drug activity. They had the most extensive files.

The CIA sent a letter to the court thru the US Attorney’s Office that they had no idea who I was and had no files on me. When my attorney produced the CIA’s MhCHAOS files from the 1970s documenting their dirty tricks over my Mid-East activities as a left journalist, the judge went ballistic.

1st day of testimonyHe accused us of unpatriotic behavior and quashed the subpoena to the CIA. “Besides,” he claimed, “this is a drug trial, not a political one!”

(Some eight months after my conviction, the CIA informed me to stop pestering them for further files. Under a presidential order, “they have all been destroyed.”)

The DEA, we were informed in court, was also under a presidential order (George Bush Sr.) to not testify in my trial. The court quashed that subpoena as well.  My attorney did manage to elicit from the DEA spokesman on the stand—before the judge shut us down—that he had already given “two of the seven international files that relates to this instant case to the prosecutor.”

The prosecutor jumped up sputtering that pursuant to the “president’s order” he had returned the files to the DEA, and which, “In any event, the files contain no information that we don’t have from other sources.”  All of these political arguments and testimony were taken without the jury present.

True to script, the jury found me guilty and the judge maxed me out to 25 years (293 months).  The rest, as they say, is history.

I could end the narrative here, but I always had that nagging little suspicion, as related in the first article in this series to the aborted investigation of Pan Am 103

As far as I know, it only played a role in escalating the timing of my arrest.  The aircraft was blown out of the sky over Lockerbie, Scotland, on its way to NYC and Detroit, on December 21st, 1988. Seven weeks later, the feds rushed ahead w/their secret indictment as I was on my way to the airport to fly to Nicaragua and Cuba pursuant to that investigation.

Pan Am 103 dragged on over the years. Eventually, a couple of agents from Libya were blamed.  Libya paid the families of each victim some $10 million, and the oil game was allowed to resume.

The oil companies will pick that up and, of course, pass it on to the consumer—us. Everybody’s copacetic, eh?  As the investigator-that-wasn’t, I have my own ideas about what really happened.  I believe it was a classic triple-cross.

The Frankfort CIA group were heavily involved in drug trafficking “disguised” as hunting terrorists (and the other way around). The Beirut CIA was investigating them.  Five of the Beirut CIA traveling back to Langley w/their documentation is purported to have been on Pan Am 103 when it went down.

CopTrue - Copy-001Probably the key to the whole matter—as I suspected from day one—is that the PFLP-GC (or a false-flag Mossad op) convinced the Frankfort CIA group and/or the Detroit DEA that a radio being put on the aircraft (by Libyan agents in Malta) contained heroin (not explosives).

The DEA was anticipating busting the deal when Pan Am 103 arrived in Detroit.  In any event, they fell for it, and all the rest is a cover up. “Embarrassing,” eh?  Feel free to fill in the blanks…

(* Suffice here to know that there was a radical difference in the marketeering of drugs. Given class differences (i.e., how the state treats each), Whites are generally dealt in weight, and Blacks are dealt in volume measure designed for lower pricing to greater masses. For instance, “crack” is sold in rocks of $5, $10 and $20 sizes. I could write a thesis on the subject. Again, suffice to note that the difference has a remarkable (and devastating) effect on the Black and poor communities.)

Dr. Politico (Nick Medvecky, PsyD), July 2011...

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