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Trials & Tribulations (2)…

(NOTE: This is the second of 3 articles on the gov’ts original case against me. The first spoke to the preceding circumstances leading to the bust. Here, I speak to the gov’ts case at trial.)

Probably the greatest error that I committed in the case was in briefly becoming a fugitive.  The second error was returning.  But that was all now 26 years ago… (This article is updated as of August 2015.)

Detroit: Wayne County Jail…

Despite a written surrender agreement, the feds threw me in the Wayne County Jail. Normally, federal prisoners are held at FCI Milan outside of Detroit.

One of the Sheriff’s Deputies I knew (where, as an investigator I used to visit clients) told me that the feds ordered the “special treatment” because I refused to “cooperate.” Well, they got that right.

I was kept in brutal conditions from April to December thru 1990. Severely beat twice by deranged inmates and denied medical care, I was not in the best shape when the August trial rolled around.  I was represented by a public defender.

The trial consisted mostly of a patchwork of assorted snitches facing natural life in the state prison system. They agreed to the gov’ts deal to put me in their group in return for shorter time and probationary sentences.

Don't we wish...

Don’t we wish…

In the search all the “evidence” they found and confiscated was $56,000 in bank-banded $100 bills, an O’Haus scale, several old phone books, and a number of personal, antique and military weapons—all legal. They put $40,000 in their pockets and stole most of the weapons and other property.

One of cops testified that after securing (the remaining) $16,000 in their evidence safe after 5-days, they then put it in a paper sack and took it to the airport for drug testing. A K-9 officer testified that his dog “hit” on the money.  Surprise!

To counter this “evidence,” we demonstrated that the money had come from my jewelry store bank account at Coamerica Bank.  The money had been withdrawn from the account in bank-banded cash after the business was closed.  That’s why I had it at the apt.

One of the officers, apparently not coached well enough, agreed that originally the money had been found wrapped in stamped bank-bands. By trial, they had been “lost.”

The prosecutor also made a big show of prominently displaying the electronic O’Haus scale on his desk in front of the jury. He clearly needed props for a weak case.  And the judge, an ultra conservative Reagan appointee, never disappointed.

My daughter, as manager and accountant for the store, testified with receipts that the jewelry scale had been in California under repair during the period that one of the testi-lyers claimed she witnessed coke being weighed on it years earlier.

That was the first and last time in the gov’ts case that they had their witnesses testify to any specific dates…where I could then refute them.  Also, despite the money-coke ruse, and the fact that the search warrant specified retrieving possible “residue” of drugs, they admitted never testing the scale for cocaine.  (Or more likely, found none, eh?)

The old personal phone books (they only used one at trial) were another big show without any substance. The prosecutor listed a number of its names and numbers on a bulletin board.

A visit to Cancun, Mexico, 1974…

The personal phone-book they used was from the early ‘70s, some 15+ years earlier. The names the prosecutor chose were from a 1974 trip to Colombia.  They were restaurants, jewelry stores, and various tourist spots.  No direct accusations of drugs or drug dealers, but the inference was there…

Also listed were two of the co-defendants who were friends and musicians.  (In addition to investigative assignments, I had a music-agent business, La Mothe Productions.)  The case, in fact, was the very same case dismissed by the state over two years earlier … only this time I was added as a defendant.

During the two week trial there were several occasions when I was paraded in front of the jury in chains. On one occasion the trial had to be postponed due to my injuries (the US Marshals got a good laugh when the judge ordered that I be given medically treatment when returned to the jail).

And when I testified on the stand, extra marshals were called in to straddle me and the jury box. At one point, as I testified directly to the jury, one of the women broke down and became semi-hysterical with—what?—fear? It was quite a show. Old Joe Stalin would have been proud…

In the next article, I’ll speak to my political defense at trial and sum up my commentary.

Dr. Publico (Nick Medvecky, PsyD), July 2011…

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  1. Nick says:

    They had no heat and hot water. It was a nightmare

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