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Trials & Tribulations (1)…

(NOTE: Given popular request, the following 3 articles over this next week will speak to the preceding circumstances, trial and some commentary concerning the origins of my case.)

Nick Medvecky 2011

Nick Medvecky 2011

On April the 5th, 1990, I started a 25-yr sentence in federal prison. On Friday, July the 8th, 2011, I will have completed that time.

I served 16-yrs in high and medium-security prisons, another 4-yrs in federal prison camps, and the past 2-yrs on restricted home arrest. I was 47 when I started this journey. (Now in 2015, I’m 73.) In many respects, I might as well have been off-planet.

While on home arrest and since, I’ve published a total of 425 articles (edited as of 2015). I’ve used the pseudonym of Dr. Publico (having earned a PsyD; Doctor of Psychology, forensic not clinical)).  As many of you already know, my name is Nick Medvecky. Many of the stories relate to my prison experiences, are contained and Indexed to my blog site:

While I’m now relatively free to resume my life, in the meantime the so-called free world is not so free any longer. I’m not sure who won the War on Terror–Al Qaida or the Corporate Elite–but it’s clear that the rest of us lost.

In part, the genesis of this tale commences on February 11th, 1989. I was walking out of my apt in downtown Detroit with my daughter (29) and my granddaughter (7). They were driving me to the airport to catch a flight to Miami, Nicaragua and Cuba.

Penthouse Suite, Detroit...

Penthouse Suite, Detroit…

SEMCO, a heavily-armed, ninja and camo-clad task-force of local, state, and federal cops, had other ideas. Striking at the elevators, they forced us back into the apt and tore the place apart. At the time, I assumed it was political as all they seemed concerned with were guns, bombs and booby-traps.

After a couple of hours, when the search warrant arrived, they informed me that I had been indicted for cocaine conspiracy. The archival warrant was for any previous illicit activity (they already knew from 2-yrs of intense surveillance that I was not then involved in any criminal activity).

I recall feeling relieved as I believed that they were using that as an excuse, and I would soon resume my journey.  That was over 26 years ago. I’m still waiting.

I’ll start this narrative in early 1988 when I found out that I was under surveillance by one or another police/intel agency. It included two years of wiretaps, mail cover, and informant/agent monitoring. I knew about it but I wasn’t overly concerned as I had not been involved in any underground activities then for over 5yrs.

I already had possession of extensive files retrieved thru the FOIA from the FBI’s COINTELPRO, the CIA’s Operation MhCHAOS, the DEA, the Michigan State Police Intelligence Division, the Detroit Police Red Squad, Army Intelligence, the US State Department, and others.



It goes with the political territory.  Hard to say who’s violating their laws more…them or us.

Also, having been a criminal/civil investigator since 1973, I had then recently covered two major cases in ’88 as a Criminal Defense Investigator (CDI).  In one I was the CDI in a major state cocaine case involving a good friend, and the other involved the retrial of a convicted client who had served 11-yrs in prison.

The coke case was dismissed by the state judge and the retrial of the other resulted in an acquittal.  Unknown to me, that former prisoner-client went to work for his sister’s crack organization and also had become a confidential informant (CI) for the FBI.

It’s a common FBI practice that when faced with at least two major crime organizations, they often befriend one to snitch out and compete with the others. The recent Whitey Bulger case is one of the more egregious examples.

My former client, Norman Richardson, came up with a bizarre plan to rob and kill drug dealers and share the proceeds with me.  He insisted that I give him the names and addresses of my dope clients.

When I continued to refuse, he attacked me and I shot him in self-defense.  While not charged, Detroit PD Homicide warned me that the FBI was furious…apparently the weasel was working for them. Opps…

Fast forward some 7 months.  December 21st, 1988, Pan Am 103 was bombed out of the sky over Lockerbie, Scotland.  It had taken off from Frankfort, Germany, and its final destination was Detroit, Michigan.

Pan Am 103, Detroit bound…

At the time I realized that several of the local area law firms were almost surely going to be handling plaintiff cases for the families of Detroit victims.

Being a pilot myself, and having been a journalist in the Middle East (1969-71), personally knowing many of the political players, I contacted former political and NBC associates in Beirut and Cairo in order to set up further contacts in neutral territory (neutral to them). I was attempting to secure the first chair in any subsequent plaintiff investigation. (My investigative instincts were correct; it later turned out to be a multi-$billion case…)

When I was scheduled to fly to the meet in February, SEMCO hurried up the bust, perhaps believing that I was escaping their jurisdiction. Of course, up to that time, I knew nothing about them or the secret federal grand jury indictment (only the investigation).  They had apparently inserted me into one of their other cases as payback, I suppose, for knocking off their meal-ticket weasel.

In the next article, I will reference the trial. The third article will be commentary on what I surmise was behind the murders of Pan Am 103. The Libyan connection is only a small part of the story.

Maybe after all these years someone better than I can connect the dots. But as you may perceive, trying to do so may be hazardous to your health…

Dr. Publico (Nick Medvecky, PsyD), July 2011


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