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History & Social Consciousness…

Someone I am proud to call a friend, Hans Post, is fond of using the famous quote by George Santayana: “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Hans should know.

Corporatist choices (click to enlarge)...

In World War II, he was in the German Wehrmacht SS of the famed Skorzeny Kommando. (They were an independent command and radically different from the other murderous legions of SS.)

As a teenage behind-the-lines Kommando, he fought on a number of combat fronts, including the East against the Russians and the West at the Battle of the Bulge–in American uniform behind the lines, but quite different from the movie version–earning two Iron Crosses (Silver Stars) in those campaigns.

(Note: While Hans’s commander, Col. Otto Skorzeny, was scheduled for prosecution at Nuremberg, all charges were dropped.  Allied commanders were prepared to testify that he was guilty of nothing that they had not done themselves. Skorzeny went on to become an intelligence operative for the Americans.)

One can find Hans’s autobiography, One Man in His Time, online. After the war, Hans became a miner and union organizer, and today he is the grandfather of the Australian antiwar movement. Quite a transition.

Unfortunately, it seems that many of those in position of leadership, or having achieved great wealth, turn a blind eye to history.   You’d think they’d know better.

There’s a major political change aborning in America at the moment. The corporatist ruling class and their supporters continue to seek greater wealth and power thru all means…gutting democratic gov’t and impoverishing all in their path.

To paraphrase Ecclesiastes, here’s nothing new in this historical process. All ruling elites eventually create their own enemies, which sooner or later rise up against their masters. At least that’s been the socio-political history of earth to date. Perhaps they believe that they’ll be the exception…

As I witness the growing mass rebellions around the globe, I also perceive the pangs of such birth here in America. That includes us in the prison gulag—now approaching some 3 million.

The objective key is the creation of ever more impoverished communities throughout America. The subjective key will be a spark that will ignite a firestorm of protest and reaction that will have the potential of sweeping aside all the excess wealth and power that stands in its way.

Given history’s lessons, I think I’m on solid ground predicting that we’ll have a significant rebellion in the US at some point, and then you can count on a vicious reactionary backlash by corporatist forces (Klan, Aryans, militias and other “patriots,” Republicans and Tea-Party types, fundamentalists, etc.).

At that point the critical historical factor is what then occurs. Being 69, I probably won’t be around then, so y’all are gonna have to go on without me.

But using the principles and strategies of Sun Tzu, Alexander, Napoleon and Clausewitz, there will come a point of exhaustion (or drunken “victory”) in the momentum of the reaction that an all-out revolutionary democratic counter-offensive will sweep the opposition from the field.

This is not an utterly unique potential in history. As with previous elite rulers throughout Earth’s short human timespan, they believe themselves fully entitled and even sanctioned by Higher Powers.

On previous occasions, neo-liberal forces stepped in disempowering the more egregious monopolists and diluting their corporate property. At least breaking it down to manageable portions to allow free enterprise to secure a balance.

But today they’re filled with such greed and hatefulness—literally, a pathological form of conservative, arch-authoritarian obsessions—that they are even destroying the very nets that have proven to keep the masses pacified.

The more they impoverish the consumer, the fewer purchases can be made.   Fewer purchases equal less jobs. No business (even assuming they actually produce something) creates jobs in a vacuum (the current dilemma).

High profits for corporations are breaking all records–but they’re doing it at the impoverishment of the working class and destroying small business. It’s a form of Ponzi scheme. In the end, the rich will have the wealth and the rest of us will be left to wallow in the financial gutters.  And, to add insult to injury, their corporatist propaganda media depicts the victims to bear the burden of blame for our own condition!

Certainly there are some of the ultra rich who realize this. But—and this is significant—the quest for greed (profit and power) is a compulsion and obsession that most of these elite have no control over.

They need severe psychological counseling. Intervention. Well, here’s the good news. They’re gonna get it.

Just as surely as Marie Antoinette believed that the impoverished masses should “eat cake,” they are the ones baking that cake…creating the very ingredients to build their scaffolds.

Allow me to give you my personal guarantee (he humbly said…). This scenario will come to pass. What the ultimate outcome is…well, that’s up to you. The question will be: Freedom or slavery?

But, shhh…that’s another secret of history…

Dr. Publico



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