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Tim Allen: Actor/Snitch…

Of all those charged in federal court, some 96% “accept responsibility,” plead guilty and opt for some form of plea-bargain.  Many also “cooperate” and snitch out their co-defendants to get extra consideration for themselves. The actor, Tim Allen, is one of those examples.

Timothy Allen Dick was facing natural life in prison in Michigan back in 1978 under the prevailing state law. Instead he turned state’s evidence — the legal term for ratting on your cohorts.

Allen stated that he was fortunate, that he knew 21 others involved as co-conspirators and snitched them out in exchange for a sentence of five years.  He served 2½ years, dropped his last name, and became one of America’s most successful actors. Wonder what happened to all his former “friends.”

The fact is, only 4% of those convicted in federal court plead innocent and face trial.  The alternative is usually a far greater sentence.  Placing the blame and weight on others is the coward’s way out.

Given my own experience with 17-yrs as a criminal investigator in Detroit and another 22-yrs as a federal prisoner, I’ve found that very few defendants are totally innocent of their charges. In my own case, I admit that I was involved in marijuana and cocaine distribution at various times between the yrs of 1966-’83.

The reason I went to trial and was sentenced to 25-yrs by an ultra-conservative, Reagan-appointed judge, was that I was falsely charged with being a member of another conspiracy in 1989.

When the CIA was involved with gun-running and crack-cocaine distribution during the Iran-Contra period in order to finance Reagan’s Contra-War against Nicaragua (Congress had refused), they popularized the marketing of crack cocaine. Prior thereto (1983), coke was largely distributed as an expensive powder that was snorted. 

Crack was smoked and sold as $5, $10, and $20 “rocks.” Far more instant, devastating, inexpensive and mass-targeted to poor communities without the social safety nets available to the privileged social sections.

All of those who I was aware of on the left quit coke by 1983 given those social conditions. Nevertheless, by the time the gov’t got around to focusing on a variety of my professional and political pursuits circa 1989, and given my refusal to name previous participants, they chose to place me in a conspiracy of which I was never a member.

Why would a group of coke dealers who were caught in their own case falsely accuse me of being a source of their drug?  Easy, they were literally facing natural life in prison vs. a deal they could hardly refuse: Testify against me (that was what the feds offered).  In turn, the max any of them got was 3-yrs.

At my 2-wk show-trial: No drugs, no evidence; totally testi-lying, and the judge quashed all of the subpoenas to the DEA and CIA in my defense. (The trial is a matter of public record: #89-CR-80041-02-DT.)

I suppose I picked up a little attitude—not that I didn’t already have one.  Aside from the snitches, I understand why those who copped a plea did so. I often heard, “They had me cold, had all the evidence and testimony, etc. I had no choice. If I went to trial they threatened me with a lot more time.”

While I may understand the rationale, I question the moral and social ethics of such a “justice” system and one’s socio-amoral decision.  The system dogs love to run that “acceptance of responsibility” rap.  To me, “acceptance of responsibility” is NOT putting the crime and time on someone else.  It’s taking your own weight. 

I understand that there’s not a whole lot of people that are willing to commit to that sacrifice up front . . . but I agree with the axiom, “If you can’t do the time, then don’t do the crime!”  Sometimes the Fates just reach out and tap you on the shoulder….

This, in fact, is the essence of the struggle today throughout the world of so many fronts . . . none moreso than in the Class War waging against parasitic and predatory capitalism.

The world is made up of givers (90+%) and takers (3%). If you can’t take the weight, stay home . . . because I guarantee you, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet….

Dr. Publico (Nick Medvecky, PsyD), June 2011 (updated 2017)…


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