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40th Anniversary of The Drug War…

Friday is the 40th anniversary of the Drug War.  “America’s public enemy No. 1 in the US is drug abuse. In order to fight and defeat this enemy, it is necessary to wage a new, all-out offensive…”  Thus declared the chief conspirator of one of America’s criminal administrations, Dick Nixon, on June 17th, 1971.

1895 advertisement…

Since that time, over 40 million drug arrests have been made.  Over 50% of the close to 3 million souls in the American prison system are incarcerated on drug charges.

Of course, the Drug War existed before Tricky Dick tried to pull off his bit of mis-direction from his own crimes…

There was a racial and nativist foundation to this aspect of the Class War going back at least to the 1910-20 period. “Class War” because there was in fact a corporate motive and money-trail to follow–as there usually is.

Up to that earlier time, there were no significant laws related to drugs. All drugs were over-the counter and the medical profession did not yet have a licensing and prescription partnership with the gov’t.

There were cocaine toothache drops for children, Bayer Heroin for pain and coughs, even Mariani cocaine wine (blessed by the Pope!).

The sad fact is, there’s always been those amongst us who endeavor to control the beliefs and behaviors of others in the name of their own abusively warped “morality,” and those who seek personal profit and power from it.

To wit: Three of the central players in that earlier period include, William Randolph Hearst & his media empire (the Rupert Murdoch & Fox News of the day); Andrew Mellon & the the Mellon Bank; and his nephew-in-law, drug czar Harry Anslinger.

After Hearst almost single-handedly fomented the Spanish-American War, he turned his attention to the Mexican Revolution and the immigrants pouring into the US. But to catch the tabloid attention of the public and lawmakers he needed a causus belli. It became Race & drugs–and white women.

The linch-pin in the inchoate drug war was hemp (cannabis). It’s one of the most ubiquitous and oldest natural products on the planet. And it bore a critical relationship to these three privateers.

One can go back to 7-to-8,000 BCE in ancient Sumer and find where it was used to make fiber, fabric and rope. By some 1,000 years before the Christian deity was invented, hemp also produced lighting oil, incense, food and medicine. Its psychotropic properties were even used in certain sacraments.

In more modern times, the throw-away hurds were found to make paper. Literally, all aspects of the plant were used in one profitable form or another.

The Hearst corporate empire included the Hearst Paper Mfg. Division. Along with other paper suppliers like Kimberly Clark and St. Regis–in return for pennies in profits–contributions to politicians secured virtually free access to the nation’s forests.

Dupont Chemicals were the chief means to process wood pulp into paper (also polluting the land and rivers). Dupont also had a vested interest in making plastics and other oil-coal processes (the primary source of their chemicals).

An early Bayer product…

The chief financial backer of Dupont was Andrew Mellon. Mellon’s fanatically racist and arch-conservative moralizer nephew-in-law was Harry Anslinger. Mellon was also Secretary of the US Treasury.  He secured Anslinger to head the Treasury Department’s Bureau of Prohibition and later Director of the Department’s Federal Bureau of Narcotics.

Hemp is far easier and quicker to grow, is a renewable resource, produces four-times as much paper pulp as trees, and is far less polluting. Clearly, it was a dire threat to Hearst-Dupont-Mellon profits.

Hearst’s tabloid media empire went to work. Black Americans were associated with alcohol and cocaine, yellow Asians with opium, and brown Mexicans with “marijuana.” And all were tied together thru the racist gambit of the sexual enticement and slavery of white girls.  Once the racist-nativist-cultural foundation was established, the rest is history…

It’s no coincidence that blacks remain incarcerated for drug offenses at 10-times that of whites, despite whites engaging in drug offenses at far higher rates.

The UN’s Global Commission on Drug Policy has found that, “The global war on drugs has failed, with devastating consequences for individuals and societies around the world.”

Welcome to corporate America…

Dr. Publico (Nick Medvecky, PsyD), June 2011

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