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Social Revolution Sans Culottes…

You’d think that after more than 10,000 yrs of social evolution that people would get the idea that with great wealth and power comes great responsibility.

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You wouldn’t know it by examining the current crop of super-parasites riding the back of the dog-eat-dog corporatist system.
Maybe when the masters-of-the-universe like the Koch Bros can’t show their faces in public for fear of being spit upon or worse, then it will dawn on them what they’ve lost: Humanity.
The way they’re currently acting, you’d think they could live without us.  Well, my friends, it’s comin’, and you don’t need a Weatherman to tell which way the wind is blowin’.
Having the academic training of a psychologist (PsyD), and more than 50 yrs of political activism, I tend to pursue these questions within the framework of both the ideas and the mechanisms for change.  Marx has as much to contribute as does Freud.
Were I to suggest liberal change within the current system, I would advocate a few relatively simple reforms, such as, President Teddy Roosevelt’s (R-NY) admonition to Congress back just over 100 yrs ago:
All contributions by corporations to any political committee or for any political purpose should be forbidden by law.”
(And while I’m on Teddy:  The Republican reactionaries and their neo-liberal stooges should keep their hands off the National Parks he started, and fund them properly.  They’re there for all of us.)
While we’re at it, repeal the exception clause from the 13th Amendment (which currently allows the involuntary servitude of prisoners).  Work should be voluntary and paid just as you would wish to be paid.  Why impoverish them and their families?  Who does that serve?  Why equate work with slavery?
Want to help the economy and the political system all at once?  Have the federal gov’t give everyone at and below the poverty line $100 who votes in the national elections.
We’re now close to 50 million such persons.  That’s only $5 billion every four yrs!  Far, far cheaper than the bank and Wall Street bailouts, and practically every dime of it will go directly into the economy.  Democracy!
I’d also advocate a Constitutional Amendment entitling every citizen to a job, a home, healthcare, basic food, utilities and education.  In other words, a life.
Essentially, conservatives believe that people are basically evil (if not prevented by law) and lazy.  That’s an unconscious projection of themselves.  Most of the ultra-rich create nothing.
I believe that people will pursue higher objectives when given the opportunity to do so.  I’m speaking to cleaning out the sewer that’s being daily created by the ruling class.
How to pay for all this?  Easy.  America is the richest nation on earth.  Everything I’ve spoken of is perfectly plausible within the current economy.  The problem is not wealth but its distribution.
One percent of the population takes in over 25% of the nation’s income—YEARLY!  That 1% controls over 40% of the nation’s wealth.
If even a simple majority of the people were represented in gov’t, we could enact working tax law.  First, for everyone in the US I would advocate a income tax deductable up to the poverty level.  For a family of four that’s around $24,000 at the moment.  Where would that extra cash go?  Right smack in the economy.
For the ultra-rich, if their taxes were rolled back to the period of President Dwight D. Eisenhower (R-TX), there would be no deficit—and they’d still be super-rich.
The fact is, their rise is extreme while all other levels of society are being lowered and impoverished.
Sans réformes, other changes will come to pass…count on it.  One of their own, Warren Buffett, was perfectly honest when he recently warned:
There’s class warfare all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”
The time to cry and change is now.  Don’t believe me?  Of course not.  Had they such capacity, things would hardly have come to this…
Dr. Publico

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